WOWFRD – Ch 20

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Chapter 20

Xiao Yu went through a grand funeral when they reached the orc and elf base. He threw the armors and weapons taken from Carrie’s army into blacksmith so that he could build some armors.

He cremated the corpses of the orcs and put them into the Altar of Storms so that they could get the blessings of shamans.

The corpse of the elf archer was buried under the Tree of Life. Their bodies returned to embrace the nature. The elves loved nature and did their best to maintain the balance. As a result, they hoped to return back to be part of nature after the death.

Xiao Yu felt sad when he saw the corpse of the elf archer get buried. He resented the proud male elves but the archer had died for him.

Xiao Yu had lots of shortcomings in his personality but he had great respect towards life and living beings. Death was commonplace in this world where cold weapons were used. However, he would get sad each time when he saw any life being burned out.

He wasn’t showing his sad face deliberately to win the goodwill of the elves. It would be hypocritical to attend a funeral if it was to act so.

Xiao Yu checked Tyrande’s loyalty level and found out that it had dropped to -5. He couldn’t help but look forward to seeing Tyrande’s loyal reach 100. At that time…

Xiao Yu couldn’t help but take a glimpse at Tyrande’s slender legs and swallow his saliva. However, he found out that Tyrande’s loyalty changed from -5 to -6 at that same instant.

“What the hell! A glimpse can lower the loyalty!” Xiao Yu immediately left the place. He couldn’t help but take a look at Tyrande when he stayed in here. He estimated that the loyalty would reach -50 if he didn’t leave this place as soon as possible.

He found another place close by to construct his third base.

Boom~ a giant castle suddenly appeared in front of him. Although it wasn’t as big as his own castle in this Lion town the architectural style of this castle was much more majestic and magnificent than his.

“What an amazing castle! This is how a human castle must be! I will have to build one for myself as soon as I have money.”

Xiao Yu ordered the system to build Altar of Kings. He was planning to get a new hero as soon as possible. Xiao Yu didn’t put much of a thought to his decision but he had determined to have Archmage as his first human hero.

During the war, he had seen the threat that a magician could play in the war. He could fight the magician of the other side if he had one.

Xiao Yu could summon and control 1000 soldiers as he had reached the rank of sergeant. However, he was almost out of money so he couldn’t summon any warriors.

No wonder a celebrity from his past life said that the most tragic thing in life was the man was alive but there was no money to spend.

Xiao Yu waited until the hero was summoned. He was expected that Lady Jaina Proudmoore would be summoned. Unfortunately, the first generation Archmage, Antonidas, was summoned.

“Antonidas greets master.” Archmage jumped down from the top of the altar using his horse.

Xiao Yu looked at the appearance of the Archmage. He was dressed in a white robe and was holding a long wand. The man’s hair had gone white and there was a long white beard on his face.

An average person who would meet Antonidas would think that he was a wise man proficient in poetry and literature.

Xiao Yu was regretting not seeing Jaina Proudmoore as he walked for two laps around the Archmage: “Your identity as a magician and this horse don’t match. Aren’t magician’s good at flight?”

Antonidas gently smiled. He looked like a grandfather from a next door: “I’m an old man and my legs aren’t good. So I’m using a mount. Moreover, this mount has been with me for hundreds of years. So it’s more than a horse to me.”

Xiao Yu almost choked. He pondered for a while and began to check the skills that Archmage could learn.

Archmage could learn only four skills until he reached level 10. They were Frostbolt (up to level 3), Ice Barrier (up to level 3), Cone of Cold (up to level 3) and Summon Water Elemental (up to level 3).

Xiao Yu was disappointed because the Archmage couldn’t summon a blizzard or storm. It was a strong attack skill which can be used on the battlefield. However, it was very normal. He assumed that that skill will be available after the Archmage reached a high level. For example, Blademaster’s Bladestorm and Tyrande’s Starfall skills hadn’t appeared yet.

Although there was no skill to summon a blizzard Archmage could use Frostbolt. It was a skill with good range and the scope of its damage wasn’t small either. However, it couldn’t be compared to blizzard.

Xiao Yu was satisfied with a number of attacks the Archmage could learn.

Eventually, he decided to make Archmage learn Frostbolt.

Xiao Yu decided to check the strength of the Frostbolt attack. Archmage used the spell Frostbolt and ice arrows passed through thick trees.

Xiao Yu almost jumped because of the initial shock. At the end of the day, magic was magic! This frost bolt was twice powerful than the Omnislash skill of blademaster.

The attacking strength of the magician was very high while his defense was very low.

Naturally, Xiao Yu was planning to level up the Archmage. He had to continue to get the bandit groups to level up the heroes and get more money.

He knew that it won’t be long before Carrie came back. This time he had come over with five thousand troops but the next time he will bring more than 10000. Moreover, Xiao Yu understood that Carrie would bring more powerful weapons and he wouldn’t be able to go against Carrie with just 400 or 500 warriors. He had to accumulate enough strength before Carrie came back.

He went to the orc burrow to find Fox.

Fox bowed as soon as he saw Xiao Yu. The life in the orc burrow with the orc had tortured him. Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes: “Fox, how’ve your life in here been?”

Fox replied in a bitter tone: “Master, to tell the truth, life isn’t so good with orcs. I guarantee that I will be loyal to you until the end but please give me another place to stay.”

Fox had seen orcs call Xiao Yu master, so he had followed them.

Xiao Yu looked at him: “It’s not a problem. I will get you another place as long as you work for me. However, if I feel that your loyalty has swayed then be aware that you will stay with orcs for an eternity.”

“No problem! No problem! Fox has given his allegiance to master.” Fox loudly swore as he bowed his head.

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction. Actually, he was planning to take Fox out of the burrow anyway. He knew that anyone who stayed with orcs would go insane one way or other.


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  1. He really isn’t a good general otherwise he would have used those 100 Hunter’s to ambush and kill that bastard while he was retreating, while harassing the rest of the survivors to exhaustion. So what if they’re weak on defense? They have mounts and SHADOWMELD for god sake.

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