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Chapter 2

After the maidservant girl went out Xiao Yu was left alone in the huge room. He was lying in bed feeling unwell.

“Why my luck is so bad? Anyone else who transmigrates to another world would get hugs right and left while I’m left with a fate that directs me to total annihilation.”

Xiao Yu finally got to admit the fact that he was in a situation that he couldn’t reverse so he began to ponder about ways to deal with the situation. Should he just commit suicide by hanging?

“Is there any way out? I’m a man from modern earth… I can invent gunpowder and get some guns to spray bullets at enemies. But it’s not as if I will get gunpowder and rifles in a day or two. I’m a university student but I haven’t learned anything useful in the unit I used my days playing Warcraft. If you had given me a base of Orcs then I could sweep through this world… Hm…”

Xiao Yu was entangled in depressing thoughts when a woman’s voice sounded: “You can operate the game now. Do you want to open the system?”

Xiao Yu was shocked as he looked around. There was no one.

“What’s going on? What the hell is going on? Am I hallucinating?” Xiao Yu muttered: “Open the game system? Is it possible that I can still play the game? Warcraft?”

A familiar picture appeared in front of Xiao Yu when he said the word ‘Warcraft’. It was the interface of the game Warcraft that he used to play on daily basis.

“Is it… Is it that I have transmigrated with the game?” Xiao Yu stood up in excitement.

“I’ll try.” Xiao Yu calmed down after some time. He watched the game interface and found that the familiar buildings shown on it. There were town halls for the four races and altars to summon heroes.

“Great Hall of Orcs … build … that.” Xiao Yu said.

“Please re-select the location of the building. This place doesn’t meet the requirements.” The electronic sound of the woman echoed in his mind.

“I can really build the Great Hall, Altar, Barracks and so on to call out units and heroes of Warcraft!” Xiao Yu was laughing in excitement. He looked like a madman: “Damn it! If I can summon warriors from the Warcraft world then no one can stand against me let alone Carrie! Damned idiot! Don’t you know that only this little brother can molest the sisters-in-law?”

Xiao Yu checked the interface. He found out that as long as he thought about Warcraft the information will pop up in his mind. He could see the information about the buildings too but he had to construct them first.

He did his best to talk to the electronic voice but found out that it wasn’t meant for conversation but only to convey the instructions. It didn’t even take initiative to explain anything.

However, Xiao Yu didn’t need an explanation as he was extremely familiar with the Warcraft game.

Now, I have to find a good location to build the Great Hall and then began producing warriors. Otherwise, I’ll be finished after a month.

Xiao Yu quickly ran out of his room and went outside the mansion. He found a horse from the stable and ride out.

The construction of town hall or great hall was inappropriate in the city.

He had to find a suitable location and it had to be outside. He was best using the orcs so he was planning to summon orc warriors. The appearance of so many orcs in the city would cause riots at this point.

Let alone orcs even such a strange building would attract the attention of the city and they may not accept such a thing that appeared out of thin air.

Xiao Yu didn’t know anything about riding horses but old Xiao Yu knew. So he used his memories and ride the horse. He wasn’t that fast.

He got out of the town in excitement.

Several sisters-in-law and housekeeper Hong saw his departure. They sighed.

“Coward! He knows that he has done wrong and won’t be able to bear the consequences. So he chooses to run away!” The 4th sister in law, the cold beauty said.

“Let him go. At least we can consider the blood of Xiao family will continue on.” Xiao Yu’s sister, the previous maid said as she sighed.

The other sisters-in-law didn’t even comment. They had lost belief in Xiao Yu long time ago.

Xiao Yu ride the horse towards the Ankagen Mountains.

The town was built by the foothill of the Ankagen Mountains. As a result, you could enter the endless Ankagen Mountains if you ride from the back of the town.

It was said that there were numerous orc, elf tribes and other creatures in the Ankagen Mountains. According to the legend, there was even a dragon.

However, it was only legends and tales. People only saw trolls or low-level creatures.

Xiao Yu was thinking about a good location for the great hall. He remembered a location from the memories. Old Xiao Yu used to play in a remote place in the mountains. It was a very steep location but there was a flat wide place under it. It was very suitable for the construction of town hall.

Moreover, Xiao Yu had to be careful from the creatures inhabiting in the Ankagen mountains. He wouldn’t be able to kill a chicken let alone another creature.

Xiao Yu ride along the path from the memory. After half an hour he reached the location under the steep cliff.

If he located the town hall in the space below the steep cliff then it would be very difficult for others to attack the place from the front.

Xiao Yu had lots of experience about finding the locations for building because of his game skills from the Warcraft.

He couldn’t wait to start the construction of the hall.

“Are you sure to build the Great Hall in here?” The voice asked once more for confirmation.

“Yes, begin construction.” Xiao Yu’s voice was trembling because of excitement. Nevertheless, countless people had dreamed to be in the situation that he was in. He was playing the game in real life!


A loud sound echoed. A majestic and huge red great hall appeared in front of Xiao Yu. It was impressive and magnificent.

It didn’t look much in the game. But it was so huge in reality and Xiao Yu was shocked.

“Haha … Awesome! It is a great hall!”

Xiao Yu restrained the excitement in his heart and ordered: “Construct Altar of Storms.”

A loud noise echoed as a ten-meter high Altar of Storms made out of jade appeared in the location where Xiao Yu pointed towards.

Both Great Hall and Altar of Storms were made for free. However, it was not the game but reality. So some things weren’t the same way as in-game.

“The Altar of Storms is built. You can summon a hero for free. Do you want to summon?” The voice resounded.

“So it’s like the game. The summoning of the first hero is for free. Summon.” Xiao Yu said without hesitation.

“Altar of Storms can summon following heroes – Blademaster, Tauren Chieftain, Far Seer and Shadow Hunter. Which hero would you like to summon?”

“Blademaster.” Xiao Yu said without hesitation. In his past life, the blademaster was his favorite hero. Moreover, it was the hero he was most skilled with.

“The summoning began. It will take an hour.” As soon as the voice stopped a strange green light covered the altar. A music was sung as a green person began to form above the altar.

“I’m so looking forward to seeing blademaster in real life but it takes so long. It is simply a torture!”

Xiao Yu was bored as he circled around the altar. He suddenly remembered that he couldn’t delay time but construct other buildings. An elite player like him had made a rookie mistake!

He wouldn’t be able to beat the troops just by using blademaster. At best he would be able to beat dozens of people but he wouldn’t be able to do anything if he faced troop of thousands.

“Construct barracks.” Xiao Yu ordered. He had the great hall and now he could build barracks.

“You need peons in order to construct barracks. Five peons come for free with the system. Do you want to summon them?” The voice of the system responded.

“I have to rely on labor to construct them. Ah! Alright, immediately summon them.” Xiao Yu ordered.

Not long after 5 peons came out from the great hall.

Xiao Yu curiously looked for a long time. Even the lowest level peons were more robust than him.

They had green skin, stout muscles, fangs and big eyes. They seemed like sturdy and ferocious orcs. Ordinary people would be scared and rushing away the moment they encountered them.

Xiao Yu ordered them to build barracks so that he didn’t lose time.

The construction of barracks was going to take half an hour.

Xiao Yu rubbed his hands together in torment as he waited for the building to finish.

A magic array flashed around the Altar of Storms. A roar echoed as a tall figure stood above the altar.

The figure was burly and had green skin. It was holding onto a long blade which was cold and shining. It was the blademaster from the game.

“Oh my God! It’s a blademaster.” Xiao Yu was familiar with the heroes but he was still in shock as he saw it in real life.

Blademaster leaped down from the Altar and bowed: “Grom Hellscream greets the owner.”

“I will rely on you. Unexpectedly it turned out to be Grom. First generation blademaster.” Xiao Yu was excited as he looked at the strong orc that was two heads taller than himself.

Xiao Yu saw the current attributes of the blademaster as Grom stood by his side.

Blademaster Statistics
Name: Grom Hellscream
Race: Orc
Level: 1
Strength: 20
Agility: 30
Endurance: 25
Skills (can be acquired): Wind Walk, Omnislash, Critical Strike
remaining skill points: 1 point
Xiao Yu walked around the blade-master for several laps. He was satisfied as he observed the orc. His safety would increase for several times when such a bodyguard would hang around him.

Such an appearance would intimidate anyone.

However, the sword of the blademaster was rusty. Xiao Yu was extremely dissatisfied with the sword. It seemed like a scrap of iron.

“Hero’s attributes and equipment can be upgraded. You need to construct blacksmith shop (war mill) to upgrade the weapons of hero.” The system explained. It seemed as if it knew the questions that arose in Xiao Yu’s mind.

“It’s very good that the weapons can be upgraded.” Xiao Yu laughed. Sustainable development was much better than weapons that would go out of use after some time.

“The remaining skills for the blade master is 1 point. May I ask if you want to distribute it?” System asked.

“Skills… Of course! What skills should it learn? Whatever… I’ll go with the Wind Walk. It will increase the speed of the blademaster and have stealth!”

Xiao Yu made an order to distribute the point and made blademaster learn Wind Walk. At the same time, skill appeared at the bar by the blademaster.

Wind Walk (Level 1): Increase of speed by 50%, damage increase by 10%. Stealth. Cooling time 5 seconds.

“Players can learn the skills of the hero. You have two skill points left. Do you want to learn skills?”

“What?!!! I can learn skills too!” Xiao Yu was shocked and frozen on spot.

At the same time, game interface reappeared in his mind. The interface was showing his own image. Next to himself were attributes and skills.

Name: Xiao Yu
Race: Human
Level: 1
Strength: 4
Agility: 5
Endurance: 6
Meditation: 6
Skills: None
Remaining skill points: 2

“My attributes are way too bad! 4 strength and only 5 agility. But hey I have two points for skills! I can learn the skills of hero.” Xiao Yu laughed like a madman.

People would dream about having the skills of Warcraft heroes in reality. Today such a dream was realized! But he had only two skill points.

The most critical is the Wind Walk. I have to be able to peek at sisters-in-law when they take a bath. It’s more convenient for me. I can come in stealth and escape easily. This skill was set up for peeping! Haha!

“Wind Walk.” Xiao Yu didn’t hesitate as he ordered.


I have cross-checked skill names with proper WoW translations. Omnislash is written in Chinese and belongs to paladin skill set. So I’m not sure at this point but I think author mixes up some skills. We will wait and see. Because Orcs need War Mill but it’s clearly written that it’s a blacksmith shop in the raw.

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  1. Never played WoW… But, Warcraft I played. Just curious, is it really WoW and not Warcraft? As far as I am concerned, WoW has more than 4 races, but Warcraft (RTS) has the Night Elves, Orcs, Humans and Undeads. The same for the heroes, in Warcraft III you can summon 3 Heroes, while in the expansion (Frozen Throne) you can summon 4. Since I never played WoW I am not that sure, but did the author commit a mistake? (Even Xiao Yu said that he played Warcraft and not WoW)

    1. this is defensively w3, we can see if its roc or tft, but its the arts one for shure. also the blademaster has mirror image, not omnislash. omnislash was the blademaster ultimate in dota, the original one, he basicaly jumped from target to target destroying everyone, was pretty sick

  2. Damn I thought I saw a gem. Sigh. They should place this in their description. THAT THERE IS THIS SYSTEM THING. I should have known better from the title.

  3. If you double checked and confirmed that the author made a mistake with a term as long as you make a foot note it is alright to sub in the correct term after all you are translates and editors. good story so far keep it up!

  4. Puhahaha! I dont care about the writing but as long as it brings a lot of laugh and the story goes somewhere, i love it.
    The MC is a pervert but so what? Ive seen more perverted people than him in real life.

  5. facepalm….why orcs…..why…..pervert choice should be Night Elfs……or he is that much of a pervert and swing orc(male) way?

  6. Yeah, I would have gone with elf too for the look rather than bulky orcs, I mean it’s supposed to be a RTS game, which is more focused on fast decision making and tactics but here he have one month to prepare, he can take all the time he want to build his army so not much of the rts part is still here. no point in choosing orcs “because he know how to play them” since it’s not even the same game and original game mechanics of warcraft have been changed.

    I feel like this mc is just too impulsive and immature, I mean you just got transfered but you take no time to look at your surrounding, you just rush to create an army of orc without even thinking twice about potential future consequences of doing so (I guess author will be here to help him when it happen) and your main goal is to fuck the wifes of your deads brothers.

    I was hoping for a kingdom building novel but this type of mc isn’t suited (in my pov) for this kind of novel. I’d enjoy a more cool-headed mc wich would take some time to think before acting. The idea of an RTS game system is good for kingdom building but the immature mc is just not suited for the job.

  7. If it’s warcraft shouldn’t he use those peons to gather the woods and what not? Oh well, looks pretty childish so far, let’s what it has in store

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