WOWFRD – Ch 199

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Chapter 199

Xiao Yu believed that the number of the troops under his control had to reach 8,000 after his rank as a commander upgraded. The reason being for such thinking was that he had began with 200 then 500 followed by 1000,2000 and 4000 troops. He believed that according to this ratio he would have 8,000 troops this time. The quantity of warriors was Xiao Yu’s weakness.

Xiao yu was depress for almost half a day before he checked the options. The new weapons and warriors that he could summon were powerful. If he continued on this way then there would be no one who could resist him when he would have 100,000 troops. It seemed that the system was balancing the number of troops with the strength of equipment and warriors.

Xiao Yu began to ponder about the warriors and the second base that he was going to upgrade to level 2. He was planning to attack Solomon’s territory so he needed weapons for siege. Now, the most suitable warriors for siege were Mountain Giants.

They had huge bodies made of rocks which could smash through the gates of any city. Moreover, they could just grab the large trees and use them to smash the enemies.

Xiao Yu pondered a lot as he had to choose between human base or elven base for the upgrade. He never planned to upgrade undead base at this point. At the end, he decided on elven base. It wasn’t just about Mountain Giants but the number of Glaive Throwers would be increased to 50 too because of upgrade.

In addition he would be able to summon Hippogryphs, Faerie Dragons and Druids of the Talon. These were powerful troops that could resist an army of 100,000 if were used wisely. Quality was the advantage of the base troops. In fact, the less troops meant that the management and commanding of them was much easier. The strong mobility and combat effectiveness was another advantage. Xiao Yu tried to comfort himself with such thoughts.

At the end of the day, the upgrade of a base was always a good news.

Moreover, he could summon another hero from the elf base after the upgrade. However, he had mixed feelings about which hero to summon. Malfurion was going to be the last hero to be summoned from the elf base as his skills weren’t suitable for frontal battle. Xiao Yu couldn’t decide between Illidan Stormrage and Maiev Shadowsong. Both of them were strong close combat heroes.

After pondering for a while Xiao Yu decided to summon Maiev. It was much better to look at a beautiful woman rather than a blind man. Xiao Yu loved the pair of blades used by Illidan but his identity as a demon would bring the criticism of the population. The demons were a bit better than undead in terms of reputation. However, Xiao Yu knew that the public opinion wouldn’t be in his favor if he had such a hero in his camp. But Maiev was a different matter. She was beautiful and could help Tyrande to unify the elf race.

Moreover, Xiao Yu knew that there was some kind of unclear relationship between Illidan and Tyrande. He would be very depressed if he saw Tyrande and Illidan get lovely in front of him. Actually, the relationship between all four heroes of the elf clan was very complex. Tyrande and Malfurian had to be a couple but Illidan longed for her. Malfurion and Illidan were brothers. In addition it seemed that Maiev had some ambiguous feelings for Illidan. Was it because of jealousy that Maiev searched Illidan?.

In fact, the relationship between all the heroes were quite complex. The relationship was quite chaotic between the heroes of the human and undead bases. Uther was Arthas’s teacher while Antonidas was Kel’Thuzad’s teacher. However, Arthas was the one to kill Uther while Kel’Thuzad killed Antonidas. Pair of apprentices who had killed their teachers. That was the reason why Xiao Yu didn’t dare to face Arthas and Antonidas. He didn’t know what would happen if both of them met. Would Maiev continue to try to kill Illidan in the future?

Fortunately, he was the master and under normal circumstances they wouldn’t violate his orders. So he believed that those heroes would live under his wings in peace. They reached the Lion City while Xiao Yu pondered about many things. The adventurers who were in the Ankagen Mountains were coming back and settling in hotels in Lion territory to rest.

These adventurers were captivated by greed when they saw Xiao Yu come back with bunch of orcs and elves. Xiao Yu took the orcs and elves to the bases. He didn’t let them stay inside the city. Moreover, he ordered the patrols to kill anyone who got 500 meters close to the bases.

The orcs and elves were mesmerized when they saw burrows, barracks, moon wells, Ancient Guardians, Ancient Trees of War, Altar of Storms, Tree of Life and so on in the bases. They had heard about the buildings from the ancient times but they thought that the ones in the bases would be ‘better’ version of the things that they had. They didn’t expect to meet the real deal.

At the start, the aloof and noble elves were reluctant to leave the Ankagen mountains where they had lived for thousands of years. However, they knelt down to worship Tyrande once more when they saw the moon wells that surged with mana and magic and Tree of Life.

The elves had lived without the nourishment of Tree of Life and moon wells for many years. It seemed as if they were living in a dream when they saw the real buildings. What is an elf without a Tree of Life? At the same time, they believed that Tyrande would bring them to the era of prosperity and glory. The orcs were much simpler in comparison to elves. They just held celebrations.

Xiao Yu didn’t immediately summon heroes and warriors but went back to Lion city. He wanted to get information about recent situation.

He wasn’t anxious to attack Solomon and Carrie. He had dragged for a long time and he could wait a bit more for the upcoming battle. He was sure that he would kill Carrie and raze that territory from the surface of this world.

Mu Lee and Captain Hui met him at the gates of the Lion City. The hunters who were patrolling and scouting the area had already informed them about Xiao Yu’s return.

Xiao Yu asked: “Is Mu Ling back?”

Xiao Yu hadn’t seen Mu Ling after entering the Ankagen Mountains. Mu Han and Lin Muxue were always by his side so he protected them. They ate well and lived easily.

Mu Lee replied: “Yes, he is back. Thanks for the concern. ”

Xiao Yu nodded: “At least half of the adventurers died in the Ankagen Mountains.. How’s the situation in Solomon’s territory. Any new movements?”

“Raiders have been harassing the towns and villages causing great trouble to Solomon. Moreover, ghosts and ghouls frequently attack their territory. So their strength is declining day by day as people choose to leave their territory…”

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction as everything was going on according to his prediction.

Xiao Yu inquired about the training of ordinary soldiers. Lion City was small so there were not many problems. In addition, because of the new policies the people were full of energy and encouraged to strive for better life.

Xiao yu arranged a place for Master Alma and went to the City’s administrative hall to talk about details with Captain Hui.

The adventurers began to leave the Lion city after a few days. There were some who didn’t give up and tried to catch the elves. But all of them had bitter ending. Xiao Yu had banned female elves from leaving the base. The hunters weren’t allowed to go out alone as even they had to scout and patrol in teams.

In addition, Xiao Yu hung the heads of the killed men at the city gates. There were some people who belonged to influential principalities and families. Xiao Yu had already offended too many people so he didn’t care about the consequences. If anyone had the ability then he was going to face them.

Xiao Yu began to upgrade the elf base after the adventurers began to leave the territory. He summoned Maiev and Mountain Giants. The siege was going to be much easier after the Mountain Giants joined the ranks of his troops…

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    1. jajajaja , pero si llevaba a arthas y se traia todo limo con patas hubiera sido una marcha funebre , mejor una segunda excurcion o lo manda solo , ya que arthas es mas un solitario

    1. Based off the amount of dialogue from the females in the MC’s life, I’d say that it won’t ever be a proper harem. I mean really, if you added up all their dialogue then you would probably only have 1-2 chapters out of 200. Not to mention there has been zero dialogue from Leah during that whole mission.

  1. The human base is very much an obvious choice. Priest, sorcerers, mortar team, and siege engine if he wanted since mountain giant is viable. Best of all, anything human is compatible with the his regular army…

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