WOWFRD – Ch 198

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Chapter 198

Xiao Yu roamed within the Dark City for the next few days with others. He knew that he had almost taken everything but there was nothing wrong with checking again as there inevitable would be few things that would be out of reach of his eyes at first try. The other groups were in the Dark City and they were searching inside the place too. Those groups attacked each other and robbed within the last three days. However they didn’t dare to move on Xiao Yu when they met him.

Even the mysterious black cloaked people quietly retreated when they saw Xiao Yu. They had heard that Xiao Yu had used scrolls to even mess with Kennedy family. Would any sane man go against him at this point? After three days, the groups began to leave one by one.

Xiao Yu planned to go back too. There were thousands of orcs and elves waiting for him so he was worried about their well-being too. He believed in Thrall’s leadership skills but the strength of the adventurers were quite strong.

During this time Xiao Yu visited the ruins of Lordaeron with the crowd. There was a giant hole instead of the gates at the ruins of the palace. It seemed that the other adventurers had come inside from there.

Xiao Yu showed off his knowledge when they were in Lordaeron too. He told the others about Arthas killing his father and turning to the dark side. He told them about Uther and Antonidas. In addition, Xiao Yu hoped that he would be able to restore the memories of Antonidas too.

He knew that the heroes would go away if they gained their previous memories. However, he believed that it would be best for those heroes instead of being killing machines for him. Antonidas checked the place with wistful eyes but didn’t say anything.

At the end, Xiao Yu choose the hole in the Lordaeron to go out and find Thrall.

They saw defensive formations when they reached the orc camp. Xiao Yu saw that there was not much traces of battles in the surrounding which made him sigh in relief.

“Thrall, did someone attack you?” Xiao Yu asked when Thrall came over to welcome them.

Thrall replied: “Few groups tried to attack us but repulsed them all.”

There were more than 3000 orcs and 4000 elves. It would be difficult for any adventurer group if they dared to charge head on. Moreover, Thrall had chosen extremely good terrain for defense. The formations, fences and obstacles that were made by Thrall were best to retort to any kind of enemy. Thrall’s thinking was getting mature as time passed.

Xiao Yu took these groups and went back to the Lion city. Normally, it would be very difficult to find the way back. However, because of the help of the local orcs and elves the trip was an easy one. They had lived in the Ankagen mountains for long time so it was easy for them to identify the direction back to the Lion city.

They encountered beasts and monsters along the way. Xiao Yu killed them all. It didn’t take long before they left the Ankagen mountains. By this time, Cairne had already reached level 20.

Cairne could learn 4 new skills after reaching the 20th level. These skills were:

Duration Aura (up to level 3): Increases the movement and attack speed of the hero. Movement speed is increased by 10% and attack speed is increased by 5% at 1st level. Movement speed is increased by 20% and attack speed is increased by 10% at 2nd level. Movement speed is increased by 30% and attack speed is increased by 15% at 3rd level.

Ground Smash: (up to level 3): Hero smashes the weapons in his hands onto the ground forming spikes in straight line that attack the enemy. The enemies that are stabbed are subject to dizziness and great damage. The time of the dizziness increases by 2second and the damage by 30 points on each level upgrade.

Enhance Strength (up to level 3): Passive skill. Enhances the physical strength and ‘strength’ attributes of the hero. 30% increases on each level.

Brutal Impact (up to level 3): The hero turns Berserk as he smashes the enemies relying on his body and causes great damage.

“The skills are too fucking good. Increasing the movement speed and attack speed. This is best for leading small units of troops to charge through the enemies. He can wave his giant axes just to kill lots of them.. No one can block him because of his giant body too. Cairne’s skills are based on strength and power. He can smash through people just by relying on Brutal Impact… HaHaHa…” Xiao Yu was a bit envious Cairne’s skills. However, he had taken another route towards becoming strong. None of these skills were suitable for him. If he used the Brutal Impact to smash someone else, the first to fly out would be little him.

Xiao Yu added Enhance Strength skill to Cairne. He knew that Cairne’s body was tough but it had to reach the peak. He could give Cairne a T2 set and Cairne would be a moving fortress in the battlefield. Anyone who met him would have to run away.

They went out of the Ankagen Mountains and the Lion city was in sight when the sound of the system echoed in Xiao Yu’s ears.

“You have been awarded with 500,000 experience points and 50,000 merit service points for completing the question. Your rank is raised to Knight Lieutenant.”

Xiao Yu’s body was wrapped in golden light when the system made the announcement. He reached level 20. Level 20 meant third-rank strong in this world. It was a huge surprise to Xiao Yu. He didn’t think that going to Dark City would bring so much experience and merit points.

Reaching level 20 was a secondary thing. The most important thing was that the number of warriors that he could summon would increase as he reached Knight Lieutenant level. It meant that he could have new weapons too!

Xiao Yu has been looking forward for this occasion for too long. He wanted to enhance the bases and have new weapons and armors too. He wanted to attack Carrie’s father with the new weapons and more warriors.

Xiao Yu was excited as he checked the stats. He wanted to know the exact number of warriors that he could summon and control. However, the next moment he shouted out: “What the fuck? Why the hell it is 6,000 but not 8,000?”

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