WOWFRD – Ch 197

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Chapter 179

Xiao Yu didn’t care much: “What kind of disaster?”

Master Alma glanced at Xiao Yu as if he was looking at a dead big who wasn’t afraid of boiling water: “Do you know who the Kennedy family is?”

Xiao Yu carelessly shook his head: “No idea.”

Master Alma got so angry with his answer that he almost wanted to take his wand and beat the shit out of Xiao Yu.

“Kennedy family occupies an important position in the history of the continent. It is one of the oldest families within the continent. They have countless industries and businesses under their control. A lot of mercenary groups work for them. They have their men involved in politics of countless territories and principalities. You can offend the Emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty but not them!”

Xiao Yu looked back at Master Alma: “Why should I be afraid now as I have already offended them?”

Master Alma smiled as he looked at Xiao Yu. It was true that the newborn calves would never be afraid of tigers. Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of such a force so he didn’t know what kind of terror the Kennedy family was. Master Alma had been in contact with some big families. An old family was supporting the Magic Academy which he worked for. The strength held by this kind of families could suffocate the ones who knew knowledge about them. Master Alma was a fourth-rank magician but he was only a trivial existence in front of such a family.

No one knew how strong or big these families were. However, you could only speculate about their strength as you knew that they have been there for thousands of years. The emperors who sat on thrones would change. The dynasties would collapse and new ones would be born. But these families never disappeared. They were always there in the shadows.

They would be pulling the strings in the shadows when a Dynasty died. They would be the ones to support the rising Dynasty too. Even the Grand Duchy of Lancaster wouldn’t dare to offend them let alone a small lord like Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu wanted to ease down the situation: “Master Alma, I’m aware that you are saying all this because you care for me. I used Theodore’s name to threaten him because he was too overbearing. He wanted me to surrender Tyrande. Do you think I would do that? Today he would ask for Tyrande and tomorrow for Lin Muxue. God knows what he would ask for the day after tomorrow. Would I be the man who I am if I did all that for my own safety? He forced this upon myself and himself. I didn’t have the strength or I would have killed him on spot. Anyway, right now there is no other choice. He can raze down the Lion territory, kill all my subordinates but I will never let go of my dignity and honor in exchange for my life. I won’t be Xiao Yu if I did that.” Afterwards, Xiao Yu continued to search the bodies of dead mages for items.

Master Alma didn’t say anything after he heard Xiao Yu’s words. However, the students of Magic and Knight Academies were pumped up by Xiao Yu’s speech. They were all young and their blood was boiling. They almost worshipped Xiao Yu because of that speech. All of them were impressed by Xiao Yu. The hearts of the girls melted down because of the speech too. All the girls were asking themselves if their future husbands would do the same if they faced the same situation in the future. Would their husbands have the courage to stand up to Kennedy family?

They were already aware such situations as this one. They would love to have men by their side who would stand up to anyone who dared to touch them. This was a real man.

Lin Muxue was excited too. Tears rolled down from her eyes. She had made the right choice. This man could protect her no matter what kind of danger they faced. What else would a woman ask for a man in this era and in this world?

Xiao Yu was excited to see that Tyrande’s loyalty had increased by 10 points. The loyalty points of the warriors from other bases had increased too. Grom’s loyalty had almost reached 100 points.

Xiao Yu was a hooligan, a rogue and bit lusty.. However, he was a man who would never let anyone else to violate his subordinates, friends, relatives unless that enemy marched over his dead body.

At the same time, another group of adventurers came to this location because they had heard the sounds of explosions. However, they were stunned when they saw the place that almost collapsed because of the magic bombings. They turned to escape immediately when Xiao Yu faced them. They would never dare to face such a man with such power.

Xiao Yu led everyone towards the last place where the valuable treasures could be found in the Dark City. The Royal Quarter!

It was the place where Sylvanas Windrunner stayed.

Xiao Yu believed that Sylvanas was no more in this world. However, he still wanted to check the place. If they couldn’t find anything there then it would be the end of the trip to the Dark City. Moreover, he had already got more than he wanted so it was a worthwhile trip.

Xiao Yu and Grom were first ones to sneak into the place to check it. The passage to the Royal Quarter was narrow so it was useless for many to get inside at one go.

They found out that the place was lonely when they got into the Royal Quarter. There was no trace of undeads. Xiao Yu looked at the empty hall.

He had come here countless times when he played the game. He had seen the peerless beauty thousands of times… Now everything was gone.

Xiao Yu began to search the place for valuables. The moment he went to the platform where Sylvanas stood in the game he found a Wand with a red gem. Xiao Yu checked the wand. It didn’t have any magic fluctuations vibrating out of it. It seemed like a normal wand.

“Why would there be an ordinary wand in Sylvanas’s throne?” Xiao Yu was puzzled.

It wasn’t throne but a high platform. However, it could be called throne because Sylvanas always stood there. Xiao Yu grabbed the wand and carefully checked it. It was a common wand but much smaller.  But he believed that it had some kind of special use if it was there.

Grom came over: “Master, there is nothing.”

Xiao Yu nodded. He already knew that the place was clean.

Grom added: “However, it feels like I have been in here. The place is too familiar…”

Xiao Yu was shocked when he heard Grom talk.

Sylvanas Windrunner had formed an alliance with the orc tribes against the humans and the elves. Grom must have been in here and had seen Sylvanas back then. It was natural for the Grom to be familiar with the place.

Did it mean that Grom would slowly grow up to be the real Blademaster Grom?

Xiao Yu felt that one day the orcs and elves would leave him. They were loyal to him but the orcs and elves had their own worlds. They couldn’t always follow him around.

“I’m the summoner but they seem to have the souls of the previous heroes… It’s not as simple as it looks…” Xiao Yu knew that he had casually said that he would be the greatest king of the world and would bring back the previous glory to the orcs and elves… However, it seems the fate was playing a game when he had said those casual words.

Had Old Theo seen (prophesized) this too?

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    1. especially with that undead base. he is unleasing the scourge against the living and i doub arthas is that loyal to him since he is mostly taking the others with him. and even thosei guess only tyrande and grom are really high loyal.

    1. Hahaha, yes indeed. The author is just doing whatever he want and who’s there to blame him since it’s his world. But yeah, lore wise, this novel is pretty sh*tty

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