WOWFRD – Ch 196

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Chapter 196

“Come on boy! Weren’t you quite arrogant moments ago? Don’t you know that Master Theodore has given few hundred magic scroll to I, your father. Do you know what I do with those scrolls? I blow the shit out of anyone who isn’t pleasing to my eyes!” Xiao Yu pulled out the bag with magic scrolls from the interspatial ring. Half of those scrolls were already used and were empty without any magic in them. However, Xiao Yu was using this to get the upper hand.

It was alright to use fraudulent methods to take the initiative and upper hand as long as the conditions permitted. Even Rommel confirmed usage of such lies and tricks. It was reasonable to make the others misunderstand your actual situation.

Xiao Yu’s arrogant performance was made to forshadow the enemies. He couldn’t hesitate since the beginning as there was no other way to deter each other. The arrogant attitude coupled with the magic scrolls was enough to make the other side feel that Xiao Yu had nothing to fear. Even the fifth-rank warriors would be fried with the endless supply of scrolls.

The magic scrolls were enough to scrape down a small city if they were made by Master Theodore.

The youth’s eyes opened wide as the veins popped out to be shown over the skin of his face. He was angry. He was angry at the helpless situation he was in. No one dared to disrespect him since young age. Everyone held him in high esteem whenever they saw him and never scolded or cursed at him.

If someone did a slight offence then they would be beaten to death and lose their heads. He had grown up in these kind of circumstances where he could do whatever he wanted to do.

This time his family had sent him out to get life experience. Strong bodyguards were sent with him to protect him. As a result, he heard about Xiao Yu when he came to Dark City. It was said that Xiao Yu had the most beautiful elf by his side and a lot of treasures. He succumbed to the greed and came over to get everything for himself. However, he didn’t expect to be in such a situation.

He couldn’t get anything. Moreover, he was scolded and cussed at which made him furious. He wanted to break Xiao Yu into pieces so that even parts of Xiao Yu’s body couldn’t be found to make a proper burial.

He was an unscrupulous youth but he knew about Theodore. He knew that the power of the scrolls made by Theodore wouldn’t be low-level. His life was under question if Xiao Yu had a bag of magic scrolls…

“You bastard.. I will give you the last chance. Give me your elf maid and all your treasures.. I will consider accepting you as my servant and letting you keep your little life. Otherwise you will bear the anger of Kennedy family!”

The youth knew that his strength was inferior to Xiao Yu. He could only use assassins or the weight of his family to control Xiao Yu.

The most powerful factions in this world weren’t the strong principalities but families that had the heritage of thousands of years. Those families accumulated wide range of connections and wealth in that time frame.

Xiao Yu guessed that Leah was also from a strong family but he couldn’t guess which family she belonged to.

“Motherfucker! Are you here to anger me? Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you hallucinating that you are the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty? You fucking piece of shit.. You smell so bad that even the most disgusting beggars would run the fuck away from you. Fortunately, I’m not your father… Otherwise, I would have thrown you into a cesspool for a month.. Fuck.. Your mouth is so dirty that the cesspool would be polluted if you were thrown there… How could this world handle such a piece of shit like you?” Xiao Yu turned mad when he heard the youth order him to surrender everything so that the youth could give Xiao Yu chance to be his servant.

The youth’s chest violently went up and down. It seemed as if he couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t be Xiao Yu’s opponent when it came to scolding and cussing at others. Actually, he hadn’t heard or used curses up to this point in his life.

However, Xiao Yu was a gamer who was tempered in scolding and cursing others endlessly all day long without repeating a same curse twice.

“Kill! KILL HIM!” The youth couldn’t withstand the cussing as he shouted in loud manner. He didn’t even think about the scrolls in Xiao Yu’s hands.

The bodyguards of the youth knew that the scrolls in Xiao Yu’s hands were terrifying in power. However, they didn’t dare to stay still when their master commanded. It was against the laws of the Kennedy family and they knew that they would be severely punished if they disobeyed.

Xiao Yu threw out two scrolls when he saw the youth’s bodyguards charge at him. Leah who was next to Xiao Yu also used a scroll.

In an instant, the whole area was covered in thunder, lightning and rain.. It seemed as if the Armageddon had come.

The power of the magic scrolls were amazing. In fact, the most terrifying thing about this scrolls were the instant powerful effect. Even a fifth-rank magician would need time to chant such a powerful magic spell. But, who could find so many fifth-rank magicians to chant spells at the same time? Fifth-rank magicians were already demi-god level existences. You could deter all your enemies if you had one fifth-rank magician by your side…

The bodyguards were smashed around and shot by the magic scrolls. Dozens of them died or got wounded in an instant. The few dozen of them helped their young master to escape the place.

“Kill them!” Xiao Yu knew that there were not so many scrolls left. So he roared as he waved the Arcanite Reaper and rushed towards the enemies who were wounded and injured after the magic attack. Some of the enemies were heavily injured while other had light wounds. Xiao Yu used the Omnislash as he attacked those enemies. A fourth-rank warrior was split in half after an attack by Xiao Yu. The grunts swarmed out from the Alchemy Room and began to attack injured enemies who couldn’t escape.

They killed several more magicians too. The young master was directly taken away by 2 fifth-rank warriors. Xiao Yu didn’t want to chase the others as he stopped others. He knew that it would be hard to kill fifth-rank warriors even if they were able to catch up with them.

Xiao Yu commanded the grunts to plunder the left over items from the dead magicians. At the same time, Master Alma came over and sighed: “Xiao Yu, this time you brought a disaster upon yourself…”

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  1. Xiao Yu : Disaster ? i can even cheat the death, it’s only disaster IoI, i your father can also Cheat the Disaster!!

    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. Xiao yu loves disaster, the more the enemies the stronger he becomes…I think after he return home I hope he can summon…the Warden thingy hero….

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