WOWFRD – Ch 195

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Chapter 195

“Shadow step… I bet Leah will go crazy for this skill book.” Xiao Yu smiled in excitement. He didn’t expect to get such a skill book in this place. Anyone would be threatened if an assassin appeared behind them in a sudden move.

In addition to the Shadow Step, Xiao Yu’s level reached 19 because of killing fifth-rank warlock. However, he didn’t rush to learn a new skill. Instead he waited for Grom to level up so that Xiao Yu could learn new and stronger skills. He had to wait for Grom to learn first so that he could too.

Naturally, the incentives of killing a fifth-rank warlock or any other strong enemy were high. Afterwards, Xiao Yu used the stealth mode to observe the battle between mysterious black cloaked men and the adventurers. At this point the battle was almost finishing. The black cloaked people’s strength had decreased by quite a lot because of the loss of fifth-rank warlock. They weren’t losing but they didn’t have any leverage too.

These black cloaked people knew their weaknesses well. They were aware that without a powerful magician they wouldn’t be able to maintain their advantage. Instead of going all out they retreated slowly as there was no meaning to continue the battle.

“You dared to fight against us… Don’t forget us.. We will get back at you!” A man who seemed to be the leader of the black cloaked people said in loud voice as the mysterious forces retreated. The adventurers weren’t interested in chasing them. They were aware that they wouldn’t get anything even if they chased the black cloaked people.

“They are way too powerful.. They even had a warlock with them.. We would all be killed if not for the mysterious man who killed that evil mage!” The adventurers lingered in fear. They didn’t dare to underestimate any fifth-rank magician let alone a warlock.

The adventurers didn’t stay idle either. They dispersed into smaller groups as they continued to search the Dark City for treasures. However, they weren’t aware that most of the treasures were already seized by Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was familiar with the structure of the Undercity so the others had to go through the complex terrains by checking the map while he roamed as if he walked inside his own house.

Xiao Yu took Leah and Grom to get back to the Alchemy room. Everything was basically emptied by him so the only thing was left to search under the carpets. Now the only option was to fight with the various forces that had come into the Dark City. Xiao Yu had quite a crowd with him so he wasn’t afraid of anyone else either.

Xiao Yu saw many people surround the entrance of the Alchemy Room when they got back. Xiao Yu’s eyes narrowed as he checked these people. These sons of bitches dared to provoke him.

He rushed past in stealth mode as he lurked in corner and observed the situation. Cairne was inside the gate and confronted these enemies. Xiao Yu nodded in confirmation as the strategy implemented by Cairne was the right one. It was the method Xiao Yu used to make city defense.

The enemies saw that Cairne’s huge body was blocking the entrance to the Alchemy Room. They were in a difficult position to attack too.

“Fire Tiger attack.” The enemies were led by a triangular eyed youth.

A man who was almost two meters tall came out towards the gate. He was holding onto a machete which exuded purple light.

The blade of the machete was almost a meter long. The handle was half a meter long. The width of the blade was 30 centimeters. It was a huge weapon. However, the man acted as if he had a toy in his hand. He used his fingers to twirl the machete in a rapid manner.

“He is strong.. He ain’t a fifth-rank warrior but he is good. His strength isn’t inferior to an ordinary fifth-rank warrior’s because of the magical weapon.” Xiao Yu knew that Cairne wasn’t opponent of Fire Tiger. It would be extraordinary if Cairne could withstand the attacks of this enemy.

Xiao Yu saw that the man was rushing out to attack Cairne. Cairne roared as he waved the giant axe forward. However, Xiao Yu shouted: “STOP!” Both Cairne and Fire Tiger stopped when they heard Xiao Yu’s cry. They turned towards Xiao Yu.

The triangular eyed youth smiled as he looked at Xiao Yu: “Finally! Duke Xiao is back! We would be having a misunderstanding if you didn’t come back on time.”

Xiao Yu looked at the youth: “Who the fuck are you?”

He wasn’t planning to be polite or kind towards an enemy. He wanted to get the initiative when he had the chance. Otherwise the enemy would try to oppress him if he looked weak.

The youth’s face turned ugly when he heard Xiao Yu’s words.

“Are you fucking deaf? I asked you a question!” Xiao Yu cussed once again.

“Well…Well… You are the first person to dare to scold at me.. I’ll remember you…” The youth retorted back.

“Oh.. So the honor of cussing at you for the first time belongs to me… Alright then. Grom cuss at him too. This guy hasn’t been scolded all his life and the bones in his body are itching for this… Give him the medicine..” Xiao Yu turned towards Grom.

Grom looked at the youth: “Your mother!”

Xiao Yu got mad when he heard Grom: “Oh my god. You have been with me for so long and learned just that? Cuss properly or you won’t get a meal tonight!”

The students were sweating in fear when they heard Xiao Yu talk. The enemy was suppressing them but Xiao Yu wans’t thinking about that but cussing at enemy.

Grom was also in a difficult situation. He was familiar with Xiao Yu’s cuss ‘Your mother!’ which was used by Xiao Yu often. So thinking about a cuss was a bit difficult.

Grom was an orc who preferred battles instead of talking so he hadn’t learned any cussing during this time.

As a result, Grom pondered for a long while before saying: “Fuck your mother.”

The students who heard the word began to laugh. They were amused as there was a serious expression on Grom’s face when he said the cuss.

“You …” The youth loudly said: “Xiao Yu… Do you even know who I am? It’s too late even if you know now… I’ll rampage the Lion territory and take all the women from your family as sex slaves… They will be used in brothels as the cheapest slaves.”

Xiao Yu shouted towards the grunts: “He wants more!”

The grunts loudly shouted: “Fuck you mother!”

The voice of grunts was already loud. So when they cussed all together the sound almost echoed throughout the Undercity.

“Kill him! No! Don’t kill him! I want him alive! I will cut off his manhood.” The youth’s face had turned ugly.

Fire Tiger roared and rushed out as soon as he heard the youth’s order. Powerful battle energy burst out from his body and covered his body in flames. His golden hair fluttered up as if he was a real tiger.


Fire Tiger was angry and furious when he heard his master being insulted. He waved the machete as he charged towards Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu didn’t avoid the Fire Tiger. He stood still as he threw out a magic scroll at Fire Tiger.


Fire Tiger wasn’t expecting such an attack so he didn’t even had the chance to dodge. His body exploded on spot into pieces.

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  1. Haha I can just see that the poor dude running at Xiao Yu then suddenly Xiao Yu rips a scroll near the dudes face with a deadpan look lol

  2. are we getting the madsnail special again? one chapter a day? this will probably get dropped soon since he’s bored of translating it. it’s a completed novel and he has the gaul.

    1. I’m very busy these days… Work, own businesses and translating.. will get back to ‘mad’ mode as soon as possible 😉

  3. I’ve binge read this Novel, I like it very much, and i liked how it was translated too! it’s just that there as some that still bothers me from the earlier chapters, like the small spelling mistakes, i forgot the specifics, but there was some, in the earlier chapters… also some simple grammar mistakes like,

    1 kodo beast was died

    Are their the tribal patriarchs of orcs and elves?”

    sorry i’m just a nazi XD

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