WOWFRD – Ch 194

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Chapter 194


A huge explosion echoed as a fireball was thrown at the warlock. It exploded close to him and almost fried everyone close by to him. The warlock and his bodyguards turned to look at the man who had thrown the fireball. The man was wearing a black cloak and black mask. The man’s body was huge and burly. They looked at him and the black cloaked man disappeared.

“Assassin? Assassin with such a body?” All of them were dumbfounded.

The bodyguards who were close to warlock were all killed. Only the ones behind him were still alive. The fireball was going to kill the warlock too but a sudden magic had prevented the fireball from hurting the warlock.

The warlock had stabilized his body when he felt a strong battle energy burst out from his back.


The sound echoed out as a huge axe tried to hit the warlock’s head. However, a magic shield appeared out of nowhere and resisted the blow. Nevertheless, the magic shield trembled and almost collapsed down because the strength of the attack was too strong.

“Who the fuck? At least a fourth-rank warrior? An assassin can’t explode out with that much power.”

All kinds of ideas popped out in warlock’s mind.

“Ah … ” The warlock was shocked the next instant. The man attacking him released the same attack once more. The warlock was thinking that he could counter-attack once the enemy stopped his charge. Moreover, by that time the other bodyguards would come to stop this enemy. However, he didn’t think that the enemy’s attack would be able to broke through his magic shield.

The warlock was shocked. He took out another magic scroll and tore it out. Another protective shield appeared over his head. However, this shield couldn’t withstand the attacks of the enemy.

“Who the hell is this man? How can he have this much strength if he hasn’t reached fifth-rank?” Warlock was dumbfounded.

At the same time, the bodyguards from the rear came over to stop behind him to protect him from the enemy.

The warlock took a long breath and turned around. He wanted to see the appearance of the enemy. This enemy wasn’t very high but he was also wearing a black cloak and black mask. There was a huge axe in his hand. A blue light was exuding from the axe.

If not for 2 fourth-rank warriors who stopped this mysterious man then warlock would be dead. The warlock was angry and furious. Warlock chanted a spell to curse the man. He wanted the enemy to die in torture and pain.

However, when he was chanting the spell to release it the mysterious person appeared in front of him out of nowhere and smashed the huge axe towards his head. The warlock didn’t know what was happening. The warlock knew that even a warrior wearing heavy armor would be finished. Warlock’s body was split into two. The body guards were angry and surprised. This mysterious person dared to enter their ranks to kill their magician!

This mysterious person seemed not to put them into his eyes. They wanted to seize him, torture him, break his bones and killed him. However, the man disappeared when they rushed at him.

“Who the heck is that? An assassin? Why would assassin use such a huge axe? If he is not an assassin then how could he disappear so suddenly?… Could it be that he uses the legendary Shadow Step?”

“Find him!” The bodyguards loudly shouted as they looked for the mysterious black cloaked man.

Originally they were the mysterious black cloaked people but now these newcomers were the mysterious ones. They found the man and chased after him. However, they saw the man jump up and reach the roof of the place.

“Who the fuck is that? Does he fly?” They were depressed. The enemy used way too many strange skills. The enemy’s moves were unpredictable.

“Get up there and kill him!”

The eyes of the bodyguards were bloodshot. They were at least fourth-rank warriors so it was not a difficult feat for them to reach the roof.

However, when they reached the roof they saw the enemy slowly disappear in front of them.

“Stealth! Find him! He is somewhere here!”

The bodyguards hacked and waved their weapons right and left in chaotic manner. They wanted to kill the enemy. However, they couldn’t achieve anyone after hacking for a long time.

At the same time, the mysterious man was back in the hall.

The man was Xiao Yu. He laughed as he looked at the Arcanite Reaper. The strength of the Arcanite Reaper was unimaginable when he used it with Omnislash skill. Now, he knew the reason why Arcanite Reaper had such a reputation. He could feel the battle energy flow from his body into the Arcanite Reaper and multiply inside the weapon. Even a random slash would form a great destructive power. The battle energy made a qualitative changed inside the Arcanite Reaper.

“The items from the ancient times are extraordinary. The fake Ashbringer is nothing in comparison to this weapon.” Xiao Yu put the Arcanite Reaper inside the interspatial ring. He decided to use the Arcanite Reaper temporarily and let the O’Neill use tomahawks. The Arcanite Reaper enhanced Xiao Yu’s own strength more than double!

He could now face even a fourth-rank warrior without a fear when he used Wind Walk coupled with the Enhanced Omnislash. The power that poured out from the Arcanite Reaper was unimaginable.

Xiao Yu checked the quarter. He knew that this place was used to teach assassins in the past.

“I can’t go empty-handed as I’ve come all the way to Rogue’s Quarter. The books on the shelves should be quite pricey. Most probably not all of them are skill books but there would be practice notes from the assassins. They are precious too in sense it could help to nurture assassins.”

Xiao Yu began to put bookshelves into the interspatial ring.

“What is that?”

Xiao Yu saw that a book exuding a purple light was hidden behind the bookshelf that he put inside the interspatial ring. He went close to pick up the book. There was no name on it but a picture engraved on the book. The picture was enough to understand what skill was written inside the book.

“Motherfucker! Shadow Step!”

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  1. The only reason I can see why it takes to long to level up, is that he is in a ‘Raid group.’ That would make no sense, what with the crazy xp from fighting wars and all but, no way is he going to get to max lvl at this rate.

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