WOWFRD – Ch 193

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Chapter 193

Xiao Yu was excited as 3 banshees were killed. Their bodies turned into ash but they left robes, wands and other items. He directly collected them into the interspatial rings.

“Theodore is fucking awesome. I killed them with few scrolls.. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to kill them even if I had everyone with me.”

Xiao Yu wondered how strong the real strength of Theodore was. It was no wonder that no one dared to mess with a sixth-rank magician in the continent. Xiao Yu looked for Leah after sweeping the items left by banshees. He asked her if she collected everything.

At the same time a voice echoed out: “Put everything down!”

Xiao Yu turned to see a group of adventurers rush inside the hall. The one who was talking to him was almost two meters tall.

“Who the heck are you?” Xiao Yu cussed back.

“It seems you don’t know the strength of a fifth-rank warrior…” the man continued “It’s alright thou.. I don’t mind showing you.”

The man began to come towards Xiao Yu step by step in a slow manner.

Xiao Yu took out a scroll from the interspatial ring: “I’m scared.. I’m shivering in fear.. Hey dickhead. Do you know what this is? It’s a magic scroll made by Master Theodore. I got almost a bag of them. I just killed three fifth-rank banshees by using them. Do you think you can block any of these magic scrolls?”

The man stopped walked when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He was a fifth-rank warrior and he would be more than enough to kill Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah on his own. Moreover, there were several fourth-rank magicians in his team too.

However, the balance of the power changed when Xiao Yu told him about the scrolls. Unless, he could grab the magic scroll from Xiao Yu before Xiao Yu could launch it. But would it be possible? He knew that Duke Xiao Yu wasn’t powerful but just a peak second-rank dual cultivator. Nevertheless, if he couldn’t kill Xiao Yu early on then he would have to bear Theodore’s magic scrolls.

They had heard about the relationship between Duke Xiao Yu and Theodore. They knew that Xiao Yu had invited Theodore as a guest to his fiancée’s house in the Shire city. Moreover, they were aware that Xiao Yu’s fiancée was Theodore’s apprentice.

“Friend… There are many items and treasures in the Dark City.. I’m in hurry to grab them. I’ll go now and then back to Lion city.. If you pass by I will guest you there…” Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he looked at the man. The next instant Xiao Yu disappeared.

“Wasn’t he a dual-cultivator? How come he acts like an assassin?” The man was dumbfounded. He thought that fortunately he didn’t rush to attack or else he would be facing heavy loses.

Xiao Yu didn’t immediately go back after leaving the Magic Quarter but took Leah and Grom to the Rogue’s Quarter. He believed that there could be some good things there that could be useful for Leah.

He had magic scrolls so Xiao Yu dared to challenge anyone. Since he had the strength then why shouldn’t he roam a bit more?

Nevertheless, when they reached the Rogue’s Quarter Xiao Yu saw that two groups were fighting each other. The first group was the mysterious black cloaked people. They were fighting against another adventurer groups. Moreover, they were dominating over the enemy.

“Who the hell are they? How come they are so strong?” Xiao Yu pondered. He remembered the news that they had received before coming to Ankagen mountains. He got 2 pieces of news in the Shire city. First was about Dark city while the second news was about decimation of Shadows which had caused an uproar!

There were few forces who would dare to act so in this continent. Moreover, he believed that even the strong principalities wouldn’t dare to act so.

First of all, the force that decimated Shadows was very strong. There were principalities that were strong but their strength meant their power in the battlefield. To decimate the Shaodws you didn’t need large army but strong one.

Secondly, the principalities had to consider the aftermath of such an act. The Assassin’s Guild was divided into many unions. However, there were people who had orthodox and traditional thinking and tried to maintain the glory of the Guilds. It meant that decimating the Shadows you had to be prepared to face those strong assassins.

“I have never heard of such an organization that uses black cloaks and masks.. Moreover, they are very powerful too. So if they got rid of the Shadows then what benefits they had to act so?” Xiao Yu pondered while Leah roamed inside in invisible mode to search for valuables. Xiao Yu and Grom were hidden in corners while they waited to fish in troubled water.

“No shit! He isn’t a fifth-rank magician… He is a warlock!” Xiao Yu almost shouted out. He knew that they had a fifth-rank magician when he met them outside the bank. Now, Xiao Yu saw the mage cast magic so he knew that the man was a warlock.

Both warlocks and magicians were powerful. However, warlocks swayed towards the evil ways like curses, voodoo magic, summoning demons and so on.

The warlock had summoned a huge Infernal. The demon’s body was wrapped in green flames as it rushed towards the enemies of the warlock.

The adventurers in the opposite side were dumbfounded as this demon hadn’t appeared in the continent for a long time.

“Demon! He is a warlock! He is a fifth-rank warlock! We gotta kill him first!” The adventurers shouted out.

Both warlocks and magicians were powerful. Both of them had their own advantages. However, same level magicians weren’t as strong was warlocks. If magician’s didn’t have special skills and abilities like Theodore then they weren’t opponents of warlocks.

The warlocks were more diverse and had unpredictable attacks. For example, they could use cruses to kill lots of people within a short time.

“Fifth-rank warlock… I have to find a way to kill him or the adventurers will be killed by this mysterious group.”

Xiao Yu knew that he had to kill the warlock first as he was the greatest threat. However, the warlock was protected by more than dozen fourth-rank warriors.

Xiao Yu took out the Arcanite Reaper from the interspatial ring.

“It is said that the warlock turned to run away when it saw you… If you have such strength then you can kill the warlock… His attack strength is strong but defense if weak.. You are an epic weapon so I’ll see if you can kill him.. If not, then I will just run away.” Xiao Yu made his mind.

He hadn’t handed the Arcanite Reaper to O’Neill yet. Instead he had given two Tomahawks to O’Neill and left Arcanite Reaper by his side. The Arcanite Reaper was an epic weapon and could play a great role when Xiao Yu himself encountered danger. So he kept it by himse.f

The warlock was strong but he wasn’t strong enough to stop the Arcanite Reaper. Xiao Yu winked at Grom then began to sneak past to warlock’s side.

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  1. Xiao Yi should level up like crazy after hunting so much high ranking alone. But well, the author will just ignore that and adjust the level to the plot

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