WOWFRD – Ch 191

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Chapter 191

“The people of this era are familiar with Tomahawks and Hurricanes…These two items appear on auction houses a lot.” Many warriors choose Tomahawks as their first weapon of choice. It’s price wasn’t high and could be bought at auction houses. These tomahawks could be considered as entry-level epic items. Hurricane was a necessary weapon for archers. It price was much higher than the tomahawk. Moreover, it had wind array which accelerated the speed of the arrow. In addition, there would be frost effect which would slow down the speed of the enemy. He could gift this bow to Raul to improve his strength.

“Life is good.. HaHaHa…” Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t take large crowd to explore the place. His side would be slaughtered if they faced the mysterious force he met near the bank.

Xiao Yu planned to make the crowd stay in the Alchemy Room while he sneaked out to search for the treasures with Grom and Leah. Xiao Yu was going to use his advantage of knowing the terrain to get better things before anyone else. It would be too cumbersome if they moved in large crowd from this point on.

The Alchemy Room was next to War Quarter so the distance wasn’t that far away. There were few undeads by the gates of the Alchemy Room. They killed those undeads and passed inside through a very narrow passage. Surprisingly there wasn’t even a single undead in the Alchemy Room which was very strange. However, Xiao Yu didn’t think too much and arranged the crowd to stay inside. He took Grom and Leah to search for valuables.

Xiao Yu knew that there was at least one more group searching for treasures. So he had to act as fast as possible to get as many things as possible. He had interspatial rings so he wasn’t worried about anything. He threw few iron bombs to attract undeads to the gates of the alchemy room. Those mysterious people wouldn’t know that there was anyone over there if the undeads stood stationed.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah moved towards the next auction house. The second auction house which they visited had tomahawks and hurricans. So he believed he may get more of them in the next auction house. However, he found out that another group was searching the auction house when they arrived there.

“Shit! There is another group.. They are not as strong as black cloaked people but there is fifth-rank warrior.. What the heck is happening?” Xiao Yu cussed as he didn’t expect so many people to rush into the Undercity.

Xiao Yu went to the other auction house but found out that the black cloaked people were there.

“There is less meat as the number of wolves increases.. Fortunately, I plundered the bank.. It’s not just about Arcanite Reaper but those materials which are priceless too.”

Xiao Yu didn’t want to get in contact with these people. He believed that they may detect him, Grom and Leah even if they were invisible.

“Their aims are auction houses so it seems both groups have come from the ruins of the Lordaeron city… The gates should be blocked so they have come in through a hole… An used the elevator shaft to move in.. This is why the black cloaked people entered the bank first.. I gotta reach the Magic Quarter as soon as possible.. There must be lots of materials there.”

Xiao Yu pondered about pros and cons of the situation. Instead of going into the auction house he went to the Magic Quarter.

Those groups may have maps of the Undercity but it didn’t mean that they could reach the place as easy as Xiao Yu. In addition, there were lots of ghosts and undeads everywhere. It would take lots of time for those groups to move but Xiao Yu could sneak through.

Along the way they met large undeads. It would be impossible for Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah to kill them so they sneaked past. In some points the undeads were too dense so Xiao Yu used iron bombs to attract those undeads and scatter them. The bombs were very useful. In addition, he could kill even fourth or fifth-rank warriors with these bombs. He could give these bombs to the grunts to throw at magicians if the enemy was a big threat.

They reached the Magic Quarter after passing through dangerous areas. Xiao Yu wanted to sneak into magical shops to search materials and books. These shops wouldn’t have good materials like in the bank or auction house. However, if the amount was large enough then those ordinary goods would bring excellent income too. There were ghosts in the shops. However, these were the ghosts of apprentice magicians so it was much easier to kill them in comparison to the ghosts of warriors. Ashbringer was excellent in restraining and killing those ghosts. He could kill many of them by using just Whirlwind skill.

Xiao Yu began to plunder and amass those materials inside the interspatial ring without checking their features. Moreover, he didn’t understood what was what anyway. He was planning to show everything to Master Alma to classify those materials. Afterwards, he would share some part of the loot with Master Alma and keep the rest.

Xiao Yu turned towards the Hall after plundering all the magic shops. There had to be many books regarding magic in the hall. These ancient books would be too shocking if they were sold in the continent. Xiao Yu secretly checked the hall through the gates of the hall. He was stunned at sight.

“Motherfucker! Fortunately, we didn’t rush in!”

Xiao yu saw that there were lots of powerful undeads inside. Moreover, there was a Banshee which emanated a strong magical wave from her body. He believed that the Banshee was at least fourth-rank magician.

“I wouldn’t be afraid if it was equal to strength to Master Alma…as the mages have weak bodies… But this Banshee must have special abilities and it wouldn’t be easily to kill it.”

Xiao Yu began to ponder about ways to get rid of the Banshee. There was no way to loot the place without killing it.

Xiao Yu saw that the Banshee was holding a wand in her hand. It wasn’t an ordinary wand.. He could gift it to Lin Muxue to enhance her strength…

However, the clothing on banshee was old and worn out. Otherwise, it would be worse a lot of money too. In addition, there had to be magical necklaces, rings on banshee’s body.

Xiao Yu was pondering when two more banshees came out from behind of the hall. There were three banshees now.

“These should be the professors who taught apprentice magicians… They have turned into banshees… They should be overpowered even back then let alone after turning into banshees… Most probably they are pretty ruthless too… How can I kill them? I will be goddamn rich if I’m successful.. But one wrong move and we are dead… “

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  1. I know this is weird and s*it that suddenly popped up in my head but if he entered Sylvannas room lets just pray that he’s perverted tendency suddenly flared up and wants to get the epic-ranked or too op lingerie of Sylvannas in her wardrobe(if she still has tendency to change clothes cause she’s you know *shrug*

    Well seems the forsaken is also gone cause these guys would be dead as s*it if there still around…

    Thanks for the chap and lets just say Xiao Yu’s rationality wins against his pervertedness cause he’s gonna be flamed to death by Sylvanna fans here(well im a bit of a fan due to how tragic her lore is….)

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