WOWFRD – Ch 190

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Chapter 190

Xiao Yu was familiar with the weapon. It was one of the artifacts from that year. However, many better weapons replaced this axe then on. There was even a joke that the players made about this axe. It was said that a mage and warlock dismounted from their horses to kill a warrior. However, the warrior took out the Arcanite Reaper from his equipment and those two got back on their horses. The Arcanite Reaper had a ferocious legend about it. Xiao Yu didn’t know which kind brother had left such a good weapon for him. Xiao Yu was using a sword so he was planning to give the Arcanite Reaper to O’Neill. He believed that O’Neill’s strength would enhance by several times after he was equipped with this axe.

Cairne and Grom could only use the weapons that they were summoned with. Xiao Yu knew that their weapons would reached much better attributes than Arcanite Reaper in the future. However, at the moment Arcanite Reaper was much better than those weapons used by two.

“Excellent.” (TL: imagine Mr Burns saying it) Xiao Yu was excited as he put the Arcanite Reaper in the interspatial ring. He continued to search for other valuable. However, he couldn’t find any epic level weapon. It wouldn’t be easy to get such an epic weapon if you thought about it. Right now there were less than 100 such pieces in the whole continent.

There were no weapons but there were lots of materials, rare minerals, magical items and so on. Xiao Yu made sure that everything got into the interspatial ring. He was going to check the items when they got back to the Lion territory.

“Uh? Iron bombs? ” Xiao Yu found a box of iron bombs. Xiao Yu used to like these weapons back then when he was a player. He would throw them to explode a large field. There was no magical power in those bombs but if quite enough of them were used then they would be much better than the Liquid Fire used by the Batriders.

The iron bombs were made by the goblins. Now, the goblins were almost extinct and the methods to produce these bombs were lost too. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu believed that the surviving goblins may have the knowledge to manufacture such weapons.

“It’s an awesome weapon..” Xiao Yu continued to search for other things. Unexpectedly, he found more than dozen boxes of iron bombs. It was already rare to have box of iron bombs now he had multiple boxes. He could use these bombs to make surprise attacks and kill huge monsters.

It didn’t take long for Xiao Yu to put innumerable valuables into the interspatial ring. Most of them were items that were non-existent in the continent for thousands of years and their values were too high.

He was about to finish sweeping through the treasures when Xiao Yu heard roars of undeads and blasts. He came out from the bank to see that some people were fighting undeads. He saw the magic spells used and believed that there was at least 1 fifth-rank magician within the ranks of those people. Fifth-rank magicians were very rare in the continent. He didn’t expect to meet one in this adventure.

The strength of the team was very powerful as they were able to sweep through the undead easily. The magic spells used by the fifth-rank magician killed countless of them and turned those undeads into ash. The strength of the spell was much more powerful than the Master Alma chants. The difference between fourth-rank and fifth-rank mages were close to ten times. Similarly, the difference in strength between a fifth-rank and a sixth-rank magician was even more.

In addition to the fifth-rank magician there were other mages too. Some of them were warriors and Xiao Yu believed that they were fourth-rank warriors. Normally, finding fourth-rank warriors was hard in the continent but in this group it seemed that they were common fighters. The rest were all third-rank or higher level people. However, their clothes were very special. All of them were wearing huge black cloaks and their faced was covered with strange masks.

“Why would they wear such strange dresses when they are so powerful? ”

It was obvious that these people were coming to get everything from the bank.

The black cloaked people entered the rank. One of them loudly shouted: “Somebody got here faster than us!”

They had killed countless undeads to reach this place but Xiao Yu had already cleaned the place. Xiao Yu understood that these people were after the bank. So he left the place with Grom and Leah. However, before leaving he threw lots of iron bombs into the bank to attract the attention of undeads and lead them over there. Trio turned invisible and left the place. The enraged undead rushed into the bank just after them. They rushed towards the black cloaked people who entered the bank at the same time.

The black cloaked people were angry and furious. They had to fight undeads out of nowhere. Because of the huge sound of the explosion some high level undeads that were sleeping also wake up to rush into the bank.

Xiao Yu took the crowd and retreated from the location as fast as possible. Xiao yu was aware that those black cloaked people rushed towards the bank and knew about bank’s location. It meant that they had detailed map of the Undercity. Moreover, they were more stronger than Xiao Yu’s team.

The undeads would be good enough to entangle those black cloaked people for a while. Xiao Yu was familiar with the Undercity. He knew that the terrain was very complex. It would be hard to move around even if those black cloaked people had map. He had the natural advantage in the Undercity.

Now, his plan was to go to Alchemy room near the War Quarter. The Alchemy room was in an extremely hidden location. It would be hard to find the entrance even with a map. Through the Alchemy room they could enter the living room of Sylvanas Windrunner.

Along the way Xiao Yu put anything valuable into the interspatial ring without even checking them.

It was one of his advantages too. Other had to go through hardships to move so many materials but Xiao Yu could grab them without a burden.

“I’m too lucky these days!” Xiao Yu was very excited as he found few good things in the auction house.

“Hurricanes! Tomahawks! God you are being very nice to me! There are six Tomahawks and 2 Hurricanes!”

Xiao Yu almost fainted from happiness.

P.S: Hurricane is a type of bow in the Warcraft and yessss Arcanite Reaper is an axe…

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