WOWFRD – Ch 19

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Chapter 19

Xiao Yu’s mood was excellent after “enjoying” his sisters-in-law. He stood up on the wall and shouted towards the public: “My people, as your Lord, I have been blessed by the Gods to lead the Orcs and Elves who had vanished from the face of the world to unify the world under my leadership! I’m to bring peace and happiness to the world! Since the mission was given to me, you as my people are favorites of Gods!”

Everyone was surprised when they heard Xiao Yu talk. At first, they were talking about orcs and beginning to worry about them. They would whisper here and there and point at orcs.

Xiao Yu suddenly announced that orcs and elves would be serving him as their lord. Why would there be so many orcs if he lied?

At the same time, the elf archers took off their cloaks. Their pointy ears and handsome faces were revealed. Their pointy ears and purple eyes were the best signs to prove that they were elves.

“Are they really the elves?” Are they the nobles elves told in myths who reside in Ankagen Mountains? It is said that every one of them perfect and blessed with long lifespans. They are the beloved ones of the creator!”

The people looked at elves with reverence and admiration. The people of the continent identified elves as nobility and thought that they should worship them. Tyrande was the one who particularly took the limelight.

Five ladies of the Xiao family were beautiful.

However, everyone was deeply impressed when they saw Tyrande. Some people even knelt on the ground to worship her.

Tyrande was wearing a black cloak. One in a while wind would blow and lift the cloak. Her white thigh would be visible. Her pair of cold eyes and peerless face made her look like a goddess. The white tiger by her side added another layer of mystery to her.

Everyone was fascinated by Tyrande. Some of the people even went mad by weeping bitterly and crying out that the goddess had come to save them.

The five ladies of the Xiao house were always conceited about their beauties. However, they turned humble and didn’t dare to be proud of their beauty after seeing Tyrande.

Tyrande’s beauty was out of this world. Actually, Tyrande wasn’t a human.

Xiao Yu had planned to turn victory into another opportunity and introduce orcs and elves so that public could accept them.

At the same time, he was planning to get credit by saying that he was the king of orcs and elves. This way he was ready to step into the big game to conquer and establish his hegemony.


He had to find something to make sure that he, orcs and elves could mix well into this world. Xiao Yu didn’t have an extraordinary ability but he had seen scenes like this in movies in his old life. However, he didn’t expect that Tyrande would rob HIS limelight. He was the prophesied king of orcs and elves but they were worshiping Tyrande!

Do I look so ugly?

What about morals? The beauty would always attract the attention!

Xiao Yu didn’t think that not just soldiers and public but even Housekeeper Hong and Captain Hui were mesmerized by the Tyrande.

“Today was our first victory! This isn’t the only one! I will lead you to one victory after another and unify this territory first. You will live a good and socialist life…” Xiao Yu blurted out the word socialism in excitement. Fortunately, the others didn’t know what socialism was.

“Who are the greatest warriors? They are the soldiers! The soldiers who guard our safety by laying their own lives on the line! They are the most respectable ones! They are the real heroes! Hear me well! This is an official order. I want a monument to be established in the square of Lion town in memory of all the soldiers that died. It doesn’t matter if they were from noble family, normal citizen or slaves! The names of people would be engraved on this monument as long as they are killed for the Lion territory! We will miss forever those who died for us!” Xiao Yu shouted out.

He had played a game in his previous life. There was Hero Monument which improved the morale of the NPC in that game. So he was planning to build one.

Moreover, today the orcs and elves were the main ones to battle so they didn’t have many ordinary soldiers that were killed in the war. However, Xiao Yu had decided to use the highest possible funeral to bury them.

The people of the town cheered with the release of the order. Public loved heroes and Xiao Yu was planning to make them.

The soldiers were mainly citizens of the Lion town so the ones who had lost their sons in the battle would get the greatest comfort by Xiao Yu’s move.

Xiao Yu continued: “The soldiers that died for the Lion town! The families of those Heroes will enjoy ten years of tax-free life! They will get financial subsidies from the Lion town. Moreover, their familiar will get a Hero Medal which would hang on their doors.”

Xiao Yu added another policy to take advantage of the masses. He was doing this to increase his base within the public and increase future recruitment. The number of warriors which could be taken from the game system was limited so he had to add ordinary soldiers to his army. These rules that he was coming up with would sway the youth to join his army.

The people got excited and loudly praised Xiao Yu. Their attention transferred from Tyrande to Xiao Yu.

Housekeeper Hong listened to Xiao Yu’s words. Although he didn’t agree with Xiao Yu’s practice he saw that Xiao Yu had changed 180 degrees. Xiao Yu was no longer the prodigal son only ate, drank and got involved in debauchery.

Captain Hui was excited when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. As a veteran soldier, he was relieved to see his Lord respect the soldiers.

Xiao Yu made Captain Hui and Housekeeper Hong control the public while he took orc warriors and elf archers to leave the town.

He had more important thing to do. Xiao Yu had to build his third base!

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    1. Chinese see the ‘jade like white skin’ as the epitome of beauty so anything without snow white skin can’t be called an unparallelled beauty… Yea i know it’s stupid…

  1. It’s a law! All transported protagonists bullsh*t their way to glory in the world they got into! Ha ha

      1. Well. I guess you’re right…
        It´s not all day you encounter a chinese protagonist that was not a looser/NEET/otaku before his transportation to another worlds…

  2. She should have purple skin if she’s a night elf. Hope the translator can fix that mistake

    1. It’s probably not a mistake, it’s just the author Chinese-ing up the story… I’m surprised he hasn’t talked about her small, jade-like feet yet.

  3. “Her white thigh” it can be easily fixed by replacing “white” with “fair”.
    Obsession with white skin is a mental illness, I hope China will be healed from it someday. If they take too long to eradicate this mental illness the god will send disaster on their heads and paint all of Chinese black if he is merciful, or grant them all with skin cancer if he is fair and just.

  4. Why won’t the author just introduce High Elves(Blood Elves)? I mean seriously why even use Night Elves if you are gonna give them snow white skin? What’s the point of them being Night Elves then? This chinese thinking of ‘anything that doesn’t have jade like snow white skin can’t be an unparallelled beauty’ is really stupid… What’s next? Draenei with snow white skin? Lol……….

  5. Time to Summon a Mage!! who will the first mage hero ? is it Lina Inverse ? i am curious ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

  6. “You will live a good and socialist life”
    He should say feudalist, not socialist, unless he wants to lose his crown XD

    Thanks for the translation!

  7. I was going up the temple stairs but from afar I saw a girl, she was so beautiful, that skin, those eyes, that smile, bright as jade, I got closer and closer, felt like touching her, but held on a little later she stumbled, so I took her in my arms, couldn’t stand it and lifted that beautiful jade face to see those eyes as bright as the most beautiful jade … but then I realized it was an illusion, a lie, not that. it’s like jade !!!, I felt discredited, but I calmed down, when she was going to thank her, pushed her, came back to my house, opened a drawer and that’s when I saw her, my precious jade, so while gently stroking her I said “it’s just me and you baby forgive me”

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