WOWFRD – Ch 189

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Chapter 189

Xiao Yu was almost addicted to collection of Necromancer’s essence. At the same time, Master Alma had found another precious material called Ichor of Undeath. This material was used in making magic items. These materials were dropped from the bodies of crypt fiends and others.

“It’s worth the trip even if I don’t find anything good in the bank.” Xiao Yu murmured. Tyrande used arrows to attack the undeads that were gathered in crowds to attract their attention. These undeads howled and roared as they rushed towards the grunts. All the grunts were blessed by Shamans with Bloodthirst and the sounds of war drums echoed from the Kodo beasts constantly. The grunts used their huge axes to kill the undeads. Mages, elf archers and riflemen who were behind began to shoot to support the grunts.

The grunts were the best killing machines in this kind of battle. One grunt could kill several undeads with a chop or sway of the huge axe. Moreover, the IQ of the grunts had increased after so much time and constant battles. Their battle skills were much more perfect in comparison to the first time when they were summoned.


A loud roar echoed as a strong light burst out from the body of a grunt. It was as if a light came down from the sky to surround and wrap his body. Xiao Yu thought that the sight looked similar to the first time when Grom was summoned on top of the Altar of Storms.

Xiao Yu was surprised at the sight. He turned to look at students and others. However, it seemed that no one except him could see this light.

“What’s happening? Is it..” Xiao Yu checked the attributes of the grunt and saw that he had reached level 11. Breaking through from level 10 to 11 meant that the orc wasn’t an ordinary grunt but a hero! The probability of such a thing was very low but it had happened now.

Xiao Yu looked at the newest hero. He was Beast One who was the first summoned grunt. Beast One had hunted monsters, attacked troll camp and so on with Xiao Yu from first day on. He was like Xiao Yu’s shadow. Finally, today Beast One was able to break the shackles and become a hero. Beast One didn’t have the attributes and skills of Grom or Cairne but breaking through meant that he could enhance his strength further on and become a big help to Xiao Yu in future.

The other grunts were in ecstasy too. They would have rushed over to hug Beast One if it wasn’t for the battle. However, after the promotion of Beast One another light came down to envelope an elf archer.

“Oh my god! I can’t bear it.. God thanks for so much happiness!” Xiao Yu almost fainted down from happiness.

The battle was finished within half an hour. Almost all the undeads were killed. Some of the grunts were injured but the excitement in their hearts made them overlook those wounds and injuries.

The other elf archers began to congratulate Bow Three for his advancement. Tyrande blessed him too. An advancement of an elf to a hero meant that he would be more helpful to the rise of the elf race.

However, the most excited out of all was Xiao Yu. He knew that all of them were his men and their increase in strength meant that his strength had improved.

“Master.” Both of them came to bow in front of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded in satisfaction: “I will name you both as you have advanced.”

Beast One and Bow Three were excited when they heard that Xiao Yu would give them names. Their IQs were high enough to understand that they didn’t have names but only codes before. But Xiao Yu regretted his decision the moment he finished speaking. How could he find elegant names out of nowhere right now?

Xiao Yu’s face reddened then flushed pale as he couldn’t come up with suitable names. He looked at the Beast One. Beast One was very tall like a basketball player…

Suddenly, Xiao Yu smiled: “You will be called O’Neill.” (It’s a reference to Shaq)

“O’Neill?” Beast One didn’t know the meaning of this name but was very happy to have any name at all.

Xiao Yu turned to look at Bow Three. The archers… not basketball… but football.

“You are an excellent archer(shooter) so you will be called Raul.” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at Bow Three. (It’s reference to Raul from Real Madrid..)

Bow Three nodded: “Thanks master.”

“No shit! I’m a fucking genius.” Xiao Yu was proud of his naming skills.

Master Alma came down to ask what was happening. Xiao Yu told him that O’Neill and Raul had advanced so Xiao Yu was planning to reward them. Master Alma thought that the word ‘advance’ used by Xiao Yu meant the same advance they referred to from one rank to another.

Xiao Yu believed that the others could turn into heroes in the future too.

Afterwards, Xiao Yu looked towards the hall inside the bank. There weren’t many undeads left. The place was almost empty. That’s why Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah sneaked inside. The trio was strong enough to deal with any undead left over.

Trio turned invisible as they sneaked into the bank. The things were going smooth. They found few undeads but Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah easily killed them.

They have been in battles non-stop for a long time. Strength of everyone had increased. In fact, the students from the Magic and Knight Academies had enhanced their strength a lot too. Fights and battles were the best way to enhance the strength of an individual. They were facing danger on daily basis and giving all the effort to kill the enemies. The mana and battle energy reserves of those students would bottom out and they would continue to fight even when they don’t have anything left. It was the best way to bring out the potential of the individuals.

Moreover, Xiao Yu was there to protect their lives at the worst moments. In addition, Xiao Yu would give them strength, agility and mana potions so that the strength that they could exert out was doubled in some cases.  The students would have turned into real combatants by the time they go back to the given academy. They wouldn’t mind even if Xiao Yu didn’t give them anything when they go back as they had earned a lot.

Some of them were injured and wounded during the battles. However, it was an experience too. Because they began to cherish life more than ever after those kind of experiences. They matured and turned less aggressive and impatient. These were the lessons from the battles of life and death. Now, they were fully qualified knights and magicians. Actually, most of them regretted that they didn’t join with Xiao Yu since the start. They would get wealth and improve their strength at the same time.

Those students from different academies had divided into many teams and scattered out. Some of them died early on because they didn’t know how to hide themselves or detect the enemies. Master Alma was thinking about talking to Xiao Yu so that the students of the Magic and Knight Academies could come over to Ankagen Mountains in the future to gain experience.

Xiao Yu, Grom and Leah began to search the bank. Not many things were left in here as it seems that they were taken away by the undeads when the chaos had occurred ages ago. However, there were many good things left. There were gold bars, precious materials and so on. Players would normally keep stuff like these in the bank. It was the reason why Xiao Yu was anxious to visit the bank. These materials and ores were scattered out but they were priceless.

At the same time Xiao Yu saw the thing which he remembered from the game.

“An Arcanite Reaper….” Xiao Yu stared at the weapon.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    His naming sense is a bit weird but it’s acceptable. if they learn new skills can he also learn them too now, since they are promoted heroes too? Can’t wait to find out.

    1. It’s better than Hail to the King where one of the women is named Hilton Paris and most of the named characters are various soccer players XD

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