WOWFRD – Ch 188

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Chapter 188

The huge dog was too strong. Cairne was thrown to the wall mercilessly from a slap. It someone else was hit in such a manner then they would have died. Nevertheless, Cairne stood up and roared. He waved his huge axes as he rushed to attack the huge dog. Everyone was stunned at the sight and the ferociousness of Cairne.


The huge dog screamed once again. Xiao Yu had hit its rear.


The huge dog wanted to turn to attack Xiao Yu but it felt heat outbreak from its body. In the blink of an eye its body exploded as if it was a watermelon. Xiao Yu dodged away to hide from the green juice rain.

“What happened? Why did it explode?” The others couldn’t understand what had happened.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I threw a fireball scroll into its ass.”

Everyone felt nauseous and wanted to spit out. Lin Muxue’s face turned red because of Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu wasn’t ashamed a bit: “MasterAlma, is this dog’s body useful?”

Master Alma came forward to check its body: “Yes.. If a good alchemist refines them then the fangs could be made into powerful magic daggers. It would be good weapon for an assassin as it would be toxic too. The claws can be made into magical weapons too.”

Xiao Yu put the body of the huge dog into the interspatial ring: “Master Alma, the Dark City has a special area for magicians.. there are lots of magic books and items there.. You can freely choose whatever you want once we reach that place.”

“REally?” Master Alma’s eyes lit up. Magician’s desire for magic items and books wasn’t any less than an alcoholic’s desire for wine.

Xiao Yu replied: “Of course, but we have to go to auction house and the bank first. I have seen lots of players put a lot of stuff in there.. Oh no.. I have heard that adventurers put a lot of precious items in the bank and auction house. ”

Xiao Yu imagined the auction house and the bank in front of him from the game. He knew that he could get epic level stuff in there. It was true that he couldn’t find neither real Ashbringer or Ashkandi (greatsword of the brotherhood) but there should be many epic level items in both places. It would be worthwhile if he could get few epic items.

The students from the Magic and Knight Academies at first through that it would be impossible to kill the huge dog. However, they were mesmerized once again when Xiao Yu was able to kill the dog without a loss.

Few footmen were injured but they were treated by Xiao Yu by using the Holy Light skill and the healing potions. Few grunts were seriously injured and temporarily lost their ability to fight. The grunts were more ferocious than footmen but they couldn’t outdo the footmen in this type of battle. The mages couldn’t attack the huge dog if not for the protection of the footmen. Cairne drank a 2nd level healing potion and was in top condition once again. Xiao Yu made all of them to drink strength and agility potions so that their power and dodging speed could improve. Afterwards, they went towards the auction house.

“Ordinary stuff. Nothing on epic level.” Xiao Yu was very disappointed with their trip to auction house. There were few magic items but almost all of them were low-level. At best, he could sell them for money or give to low-level officers in his army.

“It seems the forces of the undead had prepared in advance to the chaos that had erupted long ago. They should have taken away everything when they went away… Otherwise, there had to be thousands of epic level items in here..” Xiao Yu would feel awesome even if he found one or two epic level items.


The roars of undeads and monsters echoed from afar. It seems the others who had gone in were fighting against big forces of undead.

“Fast! We gotta get into bank before everyone else.” Xiao Yu believed that the bank would be emptied if they were late. It was the most important place in the undercity.

They met different kinds of undeads along the way. There were gargoyles, skeletons, abominations and even crypt fiends.

Gargoyles were the most annoying of the enemies out of all. They could fly so if it wasn’t for riflemen and the elf archers then the gargoyles would cause great damage to them. The riflemen could deal great damage to the gargoyle from afar. The bullets were very effective against them. The gargoyles fell from the sky like raindrops. The advantage of the gargoyles were their flight ability and good attack power. However, their weakness was their armor. Bullets and even the arrows of archers could cause great harm to them.

Xiao Yu and rest reach the bank soon. However, all of them sucked cold lump of air when they saw the countless undeads wandering in the hall of the bank.

“Why the heck they have gathered in here? Do they know that the bank has treasures? Outrageous!” Xiao Yu looked at the hall.

“We will hold the door and lead them here!” Xiao Yu wanted to use the defensive line to kill the undeads. He would make the footmen and grunts to keep the little gate while the magicians killed the undeads.

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  1. maybe in the bank he will find Gold Bars, Magical Accessories, Precious Metals like Pyrite Ore, Trillium, Living Steel, Truesilver, Thorium, Mithril, Eternium
    Khorium, Obsidium, Elementium, Saronite, Elunite, Adamantite, Orichalcum, Abyssilium, God Alloy and so on

    thx for the chapter ^^

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