WOWFRD – Ch 187

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Chapter 187

“It seems there are others.”

“We will check the auction house first…” Xiao Yu loudly said as he walked towards the auction house. It could be said that the auction house of the Undercity was made in a circular layout so that the auctioneers could bid easily. Nevertheless, it was within this military zone where Xiao Yu and the rest were. The bank was located in the middle layer. They could access the treasury of the bank after the auction house. There was a hall a layer above them. There were lots of materials in the top hall too. After that they could see the elevators that could take them to the ruins of the Lordaeron city above the Undercity.


A large monster stopped Xiao Yu and crowd as it roared. Xiao Yu was surprised to see that this huge beast looked like a big dog. However, it was almost 4 meters tall and 7 meters long. It had sharp fangs which had green juice flow down from it. It’s four claws were all razor sharp. Everyone was stunned when they saw the monster. They thought that the monster wasn’t in any way inferior to the rhino that they had killed. No one had expected to meet such a beast within the Dark City.

“What is this thing?” The students got timid one by one. People always looked with fear at the unknown.

Xiao Yu smiled: “It’s just a dog. What are you afraid of? Mages just be a bit careful so that you aren’t hit by it. Grunts and footmen try to attract its attention when it tries to attack mages. Kodo beasts, riflemen and archers find good location.. Master Alma we will be depending on you this time too.” Xiao Yu pulled out Ashbringer the moment he finished talking and rushed towards the monster. He knew that he had to make the students feel comfortable otherwise chaos will erupt if their morale goes down.


The Ashbringer hit the huge dogs neck as Xiao Yu used the Omnislash skill. Black smoke burst out from the huge dogs neck.


The dog wailed as it used its paw to slap Xiao Yu. It would seriously injury if not kill Xiao Yu on spot if the slap connected. Xiao Yu teleported to the back of the huge dog at the same moment and pierced its ass with the ashbringer. Black smoke burst out once again as the huge dog wailed in agony. The Ashbringer was useful in damaging the dog so Xiao Yu planned to kill it as soon as possible. The ass was the most fragile place of humans, beasts or other races so Xiao Yu was always attacking that region of the body.


The Ashbringer pierced into the ass once more without a hindrance. The huge dog howled and wailed. It was going to attack Cairne who rushed at it but instead the huge dog turned to attack Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu knew that this strategy made the enemies furious everytime. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu used the Wind Walk to pace under the belly of the huge dog when it turned around. He didn’t forget to hit the huge dog’s belly with the Ashbringer. The dog got furious as green juice was spewed from its mouth. The walls were stained with the juice. Anything that the green juice touched corroded at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Be careful! Grom, Cairne.. Three of us will attract its attention. Don’t battle with it but instead hit and run!” Xiao Yu shouted as he got out from the other side.

Grom and Cairne responded the same instant. They attacked the huge dogs thighs but escaped the moment dog tried to respond to them. Xiao Yu would attack the huge dog’s ass the moment it tried to chase Grom or Cairne. At the same time, Master Alma and others began to use the magic spells. The dog would want to attack Master Alma but the footmen would tightly protect them. Likewise, Xiao Yu would attack its rear to attract its attention. The grunts were using the Glaive Throwers and Ballista’s to attack the monster.

Xiao Yu believed that if they had Explosive Arrows then the huge dog would be finished long ago. Of course, most wouldn’t dare to use rare and expensive Magical Explosive Arrows to attack the monster as it would be a waste. However, Xiao Yu had so much of Necromancer Essences that he didn’t care. He would create lots of Explosive Arrows after he finds an alchemist when they go back.

The students reacted when they saw Xiao Yu fearlessly attract the huge dog’s attention. All kinds of spells were used to attack the huge dog. The strength of their attacks wasn’t as good as Master Alma’s spells but frog which is boiled will die sooner or later.

The magical attacks were much powerful thank ordinary physical attacks. The skin of the huge dog’s body was very thick. The grunts couldn’t penetrate through it with axes but a damage or wound would occur each time a magical attack connected with it.

“Riflemen, get ready to attack!” Xiao Yu shouted.

The bullets couldn’t do much of a damage to the big dog. However, the effect was mesmerizing when 50 riflemen shoot at the same time.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The huge dog closed its eyes when it heard the sounds of gunfire echo. It didn’t know where the attacks were coming from. At the same time, the moon blades thrown from the Glaive Throwers cut through the thick skin of the huge dog. Xiao Yu would attack the deep cuts made by the moon blades so that the life of the huge dog decreased. The undeads survived like living beings too. However, their life essence was different to a living being.


The huge dog was attacked from many sides. It had gone crazy as it didn’t know where to attack or where to respond. It’s huge claws hit the walls and collapsed half of it.


The dog began to randomly attack and Cairne was hit by its huge claw. Cairne’s body flied out and hit the wall. The whole of the Dark City trembled for a moment.

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