WOWFRD – Ch 186

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Chapter 186

“This is the way.” Xiao Yu was excited as he looked at the passage. It was a different feeling to personally enter the Dark City.

“I wonder if Sylvanas Windrunner is still in here… It would be an excellent opportunity to talk to her too.. But it can’t be real as 10,000 years have passed.. The world has changed let alone her.”  (TL: in here the last sentence refers to the appearance of the world so he is comparing the way Sylvanas would look like after 10000 years..)

Cairne had the burliest body out of all the heroes so Xiao Yu commanded him to lead the way. Moreover, Cairne was at the peak of 19s level so he could reach level 20 after a period of time. It was needed for his strength to upgrade once again. The passage was big enough even for Kodo beasts to pass through.

Cairne led the expedition while Xiao Yu and the rest followed after him. They encounteres low level undeads along the way. Cairne would normally use his axe to kill those. At some places fallen rocks and stones would block the path but Cairne would just push down or smash down those rocks. However, Xiao Yu and Grom were the ones to jump in to gather intelligence when they reached the end of the passage. They could turn invisible so both of them were best for investigation.

Grom and Xiao Yu jumped in to find that the Dark City was full of wandering undeads. Most of them were ordinary ones but there were ghouls, Skeletal Fiends and even Abominations within their ranks. In short, they were in world of the undead.

“We are indeed in the Undercity.. However, look at them.. They wander around with an aim.. They are abandoned ones.”

Xiao Yu began to call up for the rest so that they could begin to sweep through the undead. The distance between the ground and the passage was high so the mages didn’t dare to jump down. But they had prepared ropes in advance for such a situation. Grunts and footmen were the first to go down.

Arg~ Arg~

The undeads loudly roared when they saw grunts go down the ropes. They rushed towards them. Cairne was first to intercept them. It didn’t take long for 50 grunts and 10 footmen to go down. Shamans, Kodo Beasts came down too. However, elf archers and mages stood in top.

Abominations were the most difficult ones out of all undeads. Xiao Yu commanded Ciarne to deal with them. Some of the abominations were as strong as third-rank warriors and there were few which were as strong as fourth-rank warriors. Fortunately, there wasn’t many abominations or else Xiao Yu would be facing big trouble.

Xiao Yu rodered grunts to collect all the essences left after the battle finished. At the same time, mages and elf archers went down. Everyone was in awe of the Dark City.

Xiao Yu saw that the city was more magnificent in real life in comparison to the game. The districts of the city were at least few times larger than from the game. However, the pattern of the construction was the same.

Nevertheless, the terrain of the city was very complex. Anyone who entered the place for the first time would get lost. Xiao Yu knew about the circular structure of the city so he was confident. They were in the military zone right now and Xiao Yu knew that there were weapon shops in this place.

“I wonder if those weapons are still in here… ”

Xiao Yu was excited. He knew that there was an auction house, a bank and other structures left from the ancient times.

“Let’s go!” Xiao Yu and the crowd moved towards the weapon shops. A green river surrounded the city so they had to pass over the bridge to reach the place.

The city was made so that there was no sense of direction. However, if you knew the way then it was quite simple to move inside the dark city.

Grunts and the mages played important role in killing the undeads that rushed at them. Xiao Yu was once more reassured himself that it was right to bring those mages as it would take a long time if he relied on riflemen and elf archers to finish so many undeads. A mage was equal to 100 archers in the battlefield.

After a period of battle they were able to pass through the bridge and reach the ther side. There were still a lot of wandering undeads but Xiao Yu and crowd continued to ruthlessly and fearlessly kill them. Xiao Yu checked the weapon shops one by one after the clean up. Most of the weapons were rusty and useless. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu asked the grunts to check all of the armors and weapons. They couldn’t find a magical weapon which was within the expectations of Xiao Yu.

The undeads within the city didn’t have consciousness. They weren’t senior undeads who knew how to think and decide. The era of the undead empire had long gone past. So they didn’t look after neither weapons nor anything.

“Collect them.” Xiao Yu commanded grunts to collect all the weapons and armors. They were rusty but all of them were made out of excellent steel. He could recycle the steel to produce new weapons and armors. Moreover, he had a lot of space inside the interspatial rings so he didn’t care about moving them.

Xiao Yu got more than tens of thousands of armor and weapon sets from the shops. Normally, he had to divide the loot with Master Alma and others too. However, he promised to give them money or other types of compensation instead. In addition, the mages were already excited when Xiao Yu had provided them with mana potions.

The students trusted Xiao Yu. They believed everything he told them. They had seen Xiao Yu honor his promises every time so they believed that he wouldn’t lie to them. Moreover, this situation had made so that the students began to trust and respect Xiao Yu in the long run. Xiao Yu told them that they would be going to check the auction house after this but they heard horrifying screams echo out. It seems a large-scale battle was taking place.

“Someone else got inside too?” Xiao Yu murmured.

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  1. Honestly he should at most give mages %20 worth… They can’t even carry all those rusty weapons if mc wasn’t there so they would practically have gotten nothing even if they were to go down by themselves… Other than that he gave them so many mana and health potions which also have cost of it’s own! He also takes on the job of protecting their lives… He even used a few of Theodores scrolls. What did mages use? They are literally just tagging along and they are at most support firepower… With everything concerned mages shouldn’t get more than %20 of the whole loot…

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