WOWFRD – Ch 185

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Chapter 185

The students from the Magic Academies played a great role in the battle. Although the academies had taken them out to see the world and get experience but all of them were second-rank magicians. The attack power of second-rank magician was much stronger than the attack strength of a second-rank warrior. It was the reason why Xiao Yu had brought them to the Dark City. The role that these magicians could play at the crucial moment couldn’t be replaced by grunts or elf archers. It would be much harder to kill ordinary undeads or skeletal fiends if there were no magicians.

Master Alma said that the shiny particles on the ground were the Necromancer’s Essence. Everyone was stunned and Xiao Yu was first to inquire: “Necromancer’s Essence? What is this?”

Master Alma replied: “It is said that the Necromancer’s essence appears in places where there are lots of undeads. This essence is left after their death. It is very valuable thing for alchemists but it very hard to find them.”

“No shit! It turned out to be such a cool thing.. We made it big this time!” Xiao Yu replied.

Lin Muxue immediately pinched him.

Xiao Yu immediately changed the way he talked: “We are so lucky to get such precious items. Master Alma, can you please enlighten us with the ways these essences could be used?”

Master Alma took a long breath as he looked at the small shiny crystalized essences: “Magical Explosive Arrows could be made out of these…”

“Explosive Arrows?” Xiao Yu almost jumped up.

He was very clear about the notion of Magical Explosive Arrows. They were similar to small missiles in terms of power. A large Magical Explosive Arrow could be launched from a ballista and could destroy a gate 2000 meters away from the same ballista. It would be a strategic weapon if its produced. Moreover, even if Xiao Yu couldn’t produce large ones then he could make lots of small Magical Explosive Arrows. What would happen if he equipped Tyrande with those arrows?

“What ya staring for? Hurry!” Xiao Yu looked at the grunts who were expert scavengers. They began to pick the essences and put them in empty bottles to be stored in interspatial rings.

“Master Alma, you know that my territory’s strength is relatively weak and I need powerful weapons to enhance my strength.. So I won’t give you anything from these essences but I can compensate you.” Xiao Yu said.

How could he let these treasures to fall into the hands of others?

Master Alma smiled: “Oh.. Although you have the essences but you don’t have a strong alchemist to refine them for you.”

Xiao Yu was stunned as indeed he didn’t know any alchemist who could refine the arrows. He was from a modern world. So he knew that even if he had materials to make hydrogen or atom bombs those couldn’t be made without a scientist. It was same with the alchemists in this world.

“Don’t worry. I’m not proficient in alchemy but I can introduce you to a friend. We will be called quits for this as you can think of it as compensation for so many things you have done for me. He is a good alchemist but I can’t promise that you can get his services. It will depend on you.” Master Alma said with a smile on his face.

Xiao Yu was excited about the offer. He was planning to use all kinds of things he could to sway the person over to his territory. At the same time, grunts cleaned the area and not even a drop of necromancer’s essence was left.

“This essence should be dropped from the undeads that we have killed. We are going to encounter danger but it means we can get a lot of essences… There are more dead so we can’t go back.. Alright, lets get in!” Xiao Yu said. All the students from the Magic and Knight Academies yearned to continue to travel inside.

Xiao Yu had ability and strength to protect them. Moreover, they knew that he wouldn’t abandon anyone which brought a sense of security. They had experiences countless battles but no one had died. Moreover, people from this world wanted glory more than the life. They had killed a fourth-rank beast and had even went into the lair of a Lion Scorpion. Moreover, they had fought countless undead. All of them would be boasting and showing off their feats back at the cities and towns they lived.

“How can we get in if the gates are buried underground?” Lin Muxue asked.

Xiao Yu smiled: “The gates are blocked but I know a passage that will take us inside!”

The others listened to Xiao Yu but didn’t understand why he was so confident about the issue.

“Once I had a map of Dark City which described the entrances to it. I know that there is a flight path which connects the Dark City to outside.”

“Flight path?” They were stunned as they didn’t understood the term.

Xiao Yu continued to explain: “In the ancient times the adventurers didn’t walk to far away places but instead used Griffins, Horned Eagles, Bats and other flying creatures. The Dark City had a flight path for those creatures to enter and leave the city.”

Everyone was shocked to hear Xiao Yu’s answer. They began to imagine about the legendary ancient times where people used flying creatures to travel. Now, there were few places where they tamed flying creatures but those numbers could be counted with fingers of one hand.

Xiao Yu was familiar with the entrance because of the game! He had played it and used to enter the place with a bat. He had traveled to the Undercity (the one below the Lordaeron) with a guild back then.

They encountered undeads along the way. They killed few ghosts, skeletons and Skeletal Fiends but the number of enemies wasn’t much. The grunts collected all the essences that were dropped out of them.

Finally, the group was able to find the entrance. It had changed a lot but Xiao Yu knew that it was the entrance as he looked at the collapsed hole.

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  1. I really feel stupid about the MC’s level up speed. He should be getting XP from his subordinates right? Plus he get his full xp from his kills. How can he not level up fast?

    1. I don’t know if it was ever confirmed that he gets exp for his own kills – I just remember at some point it was said that his exp system was different and he gained a % of his subordinates exp. Later on something else was mentioned about it that made it sound like he was more of a ‘commander exp’ person rather than a normal hero unit.

      Could be wrong though, like I said, it hasn’t actually been confirmed either way.

  2. Ok, I have to ask. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s stupid for him to share this city with everyone when he could’ve had it just for him???

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