WOWFRD – Ch 184

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Chapter 184

Skeletal Fiends! This undeads were strong because they swallow a lot of skeletons after the death and become very strong. In short, they transform to skeletal fiends. The strength of Skeletal Fiends and normal skeletons were totally different. Some of the skeletal fiends could reach the limits of third or fourth-rank warriors. Moreover, because of their affinity they didn’t feel pain or fear.

“Motherfucked! Mages prioritize the skeletal fiends! Fire at them! Riflemen shot only at skeletal fiends! Footmen concentrate on skeletal fiends if they reach you!” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.
The footmen were very handy in this adventure. Their most prominent feat was defense. They were only level 10 and equal to second-rank human warriors but even a third-rank warrior would face difficulties if he wanted to kill these footmen.

At the same time, a roar echoed out. Cairne rushed in towards a skeletal fiend as he waves his large axes. Cairne was the fiercest in the battle. He wasn’t afraid of skeletons because of T1 tier armor suit he was wearing. He would Trample, use Shock Wave, slash and smash the skeletons into powder. Moreover, Cairne’s level was low and he felt very uncomfortable with it. He would rush into the frontier of the battlefield whenever a fight occurred. Several times he got injuries but because of healing potions and his strong physique it took few days for Cairne to get back to top condition. Xiao Yu had added double handed Weapon Specialization so that Cairne could fight more fiercely.


Cairne smashed down the huge axe. The big impact caused the body of the Skeletal Fiend to split into two halves. The Skeletal Fiend didn’t have the strength to block Cairne’s blow.


Skeletal Fiend issued a miserable howl before Cairne used his axes to smash down once again. The bones in the Skeletal Fiends body got split into many parts. Cairne was too brave. He was much stronger than Grom when it came to face-to-face battles. The Tauren Warchief was born for such rushing into the battle head on.

The ordinary skeletons had reduced a lot but there were more than 100 Skeletal Fiends who had popped out from the ground and rushed towards the crowd.

The strength of the Skeletal Fiends was too strong too. Grunts who were equal to second-rank warriors in strength weren’t opponents to Skeletal Fiends on one-on-one basis. However, the drums of the Kodo Beasts, BloodThirst from the shamans and Battle Roar of the Cairne improved their strength. They would withstand the attacks of the Skeletal Fiends while mages, archers and riflemen would kill them.

Master Alma was showing an extraordinary performance as the fireballs shot by him would kill a Skeletal Fiend each time.

Xiao Yu had provided mana potions to Master Alma and other magicians. He had told them not to hesitate in using them as without them they may face the risk of death.

Antonidas was exceptional too. He had 3 Water Elementals lined up like machine guns who shot icicles. These icicles did great damage to the Skeletal Fiends and skeletons. The attack speed of the Skeletal Fiends and their mobility would decrease after they were hit by icicles. Antonidas was constantly using Frost Nova skill to freeze a large group of skeletons. His Ice Spear was a very powerful single use attack but its level was low so it didn’t play much of a great role. However, it would be able to kill a Skeletal Fiend after it would improve.

Tyrande’s Searing Arrows were useful too. Although those arrows couldn’t kill a Skeletal Fiend but they would greatly weaken its body. The archers would follow up after her shoots and kill the Skeletal Fiend. The defense of Skeletal Fiends was too much for ordinary elf archers to kill them. However, the mighty bullets of the riflemen could pierce through the defenses of the skeletal fiends. The strength of the bullet was much greater than the bow and arrow. A skeletal fiend would be killed if ten or so riflemen were able to shot at it at the same time.

The footmen could resist at least two skeletons at the same time. They would use their shields in a very artful manner. The skeletons would continue to attack their shields but couldn’t harm them. The skeletons couldn’t do anything in case the footmen made a shield wall. In addition, Xiao Yu had blessed them with the Blessing of the Might which had increased their strength. Moreover, their armors were much better than the armors grunts had. Unfortunately, their offensive strength was at least twice less than grunts.

“Kodo Beasts block them! Trample them!” Xiao Yu shouted when he saw more Skeletal Fiends rush over at them. He knew that it would be best to utilize the kodo beasts in addition to footmen and grunts. Kodo Beasts didn’t have strong offensive powerful but the skin of the beasts were thick. Even a beast like rhino couldn’t fight them let alone mere skeletons.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Kodo Beasts rushed in to trample the skeletons. The skeletons would be attracted to their massive bodies. They attacked the Kodo beasts but couldn’t do any damage. Xiao Yu was able to withstand the skeletons and Skeletal Fiends because of the potions and warriors provided by the base. He believed that if it was another adventurer team then they would have fallen long ago.

“Shit!” Xiao Yu saw that there were a lot of skeletal fiends left and there were several students from the Knight Academies who were injured. There were grunts with heavy injuries too. Xiao Yu always believed in saving as many as possible soldiers in the battlefield. He didn’t want to see anyone from his side die in the battlefield if he could save them.

Xiao Yu took out the scrolls given to him by the Master Theodore. He saw that the threat of skeletal fiends was getting more fierce. He found a fire system scroll which was called Flame Storm. He looked at the Skeletal Fiends and threw it inside their ranks.


Loud noise echoed and huge flames which formed a tornado appeared on the spot. It killed several skeletal fiends at the time of the explosion. Afterwards, the storm began to sway and whirr around. The flames began to encounter and swallow all the skeletons and skeletal fiends. The skeletons and skeletal fiends turned into ash as soon as the storm swallowed them. Everyone was stunned as no one had seen such powerful magic until now. It was a fourth-rank magic scroll but it was made by a Master so the strength shown by it was totally different.

What would happen if this scroll was used in the battlefield? It was no wonder that everyone was afraid of Master Theodore. The power they saw was just a magic scroll. Imagine what would happen if Master Theodore personally used a spell in here!

Xiao Yu had heard about magic spells and scrolls that could destroy a city. He didn’t believe and thought that it was just baseless rumors. But now he believed those rumors to the letter.

The scroll killed majority of the Skeletal Fiends. Everyone charged out to kill the rest that was able to stay alive. Xiao Yu’s Ashbringer was ‘shining’ throughout the battle. It wasn’t able to kill the Skeletal Fiends like it did the ghosts. But it could cause great damage to them. Smoke would burst out as long as Xiao Yu cut, pierced, stabbed or penetrated through the body of the skeletal fiend. In short, it would take him seven or eight moves to kill a Skeletal Fiend.

“It is worth the price paid for it.” Xiao Yu muttered. He was using Wind Walk, Teleport, Heroic Leap, Sprint and other skills to rush into the ranks of skeletal fiend and kill them.

Moreover, he didn’t conceal his strength anymore. He knew that at some point in this adventure he would have to go all out so it didn’t matter if everyone knew what he was capable of a bit earlier.

All the skeletons and fiends were killed after the battle. No more undead creatures appeared so Xiao Yu began to treat the injured ones.

Several students from the Knight Academies had forgotten about the situation and had delved into battle so much that they remembered where they were after they were injured by the skeletons. Moreover, those people had poisoned by the skeletons.

Xiao Yu saw that the injuries were too serious. He knew that healing potions couldn’t treat such external and internal injuries back to the perfection. So he used the Holy Light skill to treat the injured ones. He had added a skill point earlier on to this skill for a case such as this. The strength of the Holy Light wasn’t powerful but it was enough to heal these injured students. Moreover, their situation got more stable after they drank the healing potions.

The students of the Magic Academies were more surprised when they saw Xiao Yu use Holy Light. Who was he?

A golden light would fall down and begin to heal the injuries and wounds at a speed visible to naked eye. They knew better than everyone else that the so-called ‘paladins’ could do such a thing. Only the ancient Paladins were able to use such powerful skills. However, those skills had been lost for almost 10,000 years.

Fortunately, no one was killed. Xiao Yu believed that those injured students would be able to reach the perfection within a month after continuously using healing potions. The students from both academies felt grateful and understood the benefits of siding with Xiao Yu. At the start, some of their friends had died in the Ankagen Mountains. However, now everyone could live through as long as they didn’t die in the battle.

Master Alma was sitting on the side and resting when he saw few particles sparkle by his foot. He exclaimed: “It’s the Necromaner’s Essence!”

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