WOWFRD – ch 183

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Chapter 183

Countless ghosts were killed in the hands of the Xiao Yu’s team.

“What are you afraid of? They are just skeletons…” Xiao Yu shouted as he used the Ashbringer to stab through the skull of the skeleton. The skeleton issued a cry and vanished as only smoke was left of it. Ashbringer was the nemesis of all kinds of the undeads. Uther would play a great role if he was in here. Paladin skills were the best against the undeads. However, Uther was way too important to bring him over here.

The others began to use their weapons or chant and cast spells to kill these skeletons. The skeletons weren’t immortal nor were able to reincarnate. They would die as soon as their skulls were pierced through or smashed.

The skeletons were killed after a while. Everyone was taking a breathe of relief when they found out that new skeletons wearing simple armor and holding weapons were marching towards them.

“She is poisoned!” Master Alma shouted out when she saw a girl from the Magic Academy scratch her ankle. A green liquid was flowing out from her foot. It would slowly wore off her body and bring dead. Moreover she would become an undead. The Lich King had relied on this simple trick to fill the Kingdom of Lordaeron and whole of Tirisfal with undeads!

The girl cried out in fear when she heard Master Alma’s words. It was a situation which was more terrifying than death!

“Don’t worry I have a way to detoxify it.” Xiao Yu smeared a bit of healing potion on her foot and gave the rest of the healing potion so that the girl could drink.

“Don’t be afraid! This is legendary healing potion. It could even solve out the problem of the poisoning by undeads!” Xiao Yu said in a confident manner. In fact, he didn’t know whether it was really possible to do so. However, he had to appease the emotions of the students. If they panicked now then all of them were going to face destruction. Morale was the most important factor for an army. The commander had to use all means to improve morale of his troops even if it was the use of lies.

The skeletons were marching at them and Xiao Yu couldn’t have the students panic at the last moment. After all, the mages played a huge role in the battle. It would take half a day for the grunts to kill through these skeletons. The other students stopped to worry about their lives when Xiao Yu told so. They had seen Xiao Yu use healing potions before. Some students had suffered very heavy injuries but Xiao Yu was able to save them using this healing potions. Moreover, those heavily injured students could move easily after a few days as if nothing had happened.

“Get ready!” Xiao Yu loudly shouted. The footmen put of their shields to stand in front of the elf archers. The grunts were in front while the mages were at the rear. The grunts raised their axes and Glaive Throwers to attack at any moment. The Glaive Throwers were the best weapons to deal with so such a dense crowd of enemies.

Chi~ Chi~ Chi~

The grunts began to use the Glaive Throwers. Five moon blades were thrown from the Glaive Throwers. They shot in a semi-circular path to cut the skeletons. Grunts were used and familiar to the Glaive Throwers. They knew that if they adjusted the Glaive Throwers they could change the angle of the launch of moon blades and make them go in an arc. This way they could kill more rather than throwing the moon blades in a straight manner.

The skeletons didn’t have high IQ. They were like mechanical puppets which rushed out to fight. They didn’t even react when the Glaive Throwers shot the moon blades at them. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to hide as the speed of the moon blades were too fast.

Chi~ Cha~ Chi~ Cha~

Countless skeletons standing in the way of the moon blades were cut into halves. The skeletons couldn’t stand up to continue to fight so they were easy preys.

The students calmed down after seeing the first shots from the Glaive Throwers. It seemed as if Xiao Yu was telling them the truth. There was nothing terrifying about these skeletons.

The students from the Magic Academies began to chant and cast spells. Skeletons were killed or cut by either magic or moon blades.

The students from the Knight Academies began to use their weapons to kill the skeletons. Their morale increased after each of them was able to kill several skeletons. They found out that the strength of these skeletons was low but their numbers was high.

Xiao Yu raised his hands as golden light burst out and covered the students and teachers. They saw that their strength almost doubled in a moment.

Some of them were stunned as they turned to look at Xiao who smiled at them: “In fact, I’m a Paladin! This is Blessing of the Might… Now my warriors! Fight! The Light is with you!” Xiao Yu looked more like a preacher or god rather than a human.

These students were dumbfounded! The blessing of the Might?! Isn’t that a skill which was already long lost? What level of Paladin was Xiao Yu so that he could bless so many students and teachers?

At the moment, Paladins could only do small blessings. They could bless babies or use holy light to treat simple injuries. Few paladins were able to use this large-scale blessings.

Who was Xiao Yu? A dual cultivator or a paladin?

They didn’t have much time to think about this as the skeletons were in front of them. Their strength increase with the Blessing of the Might. They used the martial arts and skills that they had practiced to fight the skeletons.

Few teachers from the Knight Academies were at fourth-rank. Their strength increased with the blessing too. They fiercely fought against the skeletons.

They were able to resist so many skeletons with less numbers.

The grunts were exceptional in the battle. The strength of the skeletons were low so they couldn’t do much damage to the grunts. Moreover, the giant axe used by the grunts was exceptional in this kind of large-scale close combat battles. It was very suitable for group fights.

However, at the same time shrill howls began to echo out. Extremely tall skeletons began to appear in the middle of these skeletons.

Xiao Yu cussed as he looked at them: “Fuck it! Skeletal Fiends!”


P.S: Next 30 chapters or so are pure awesomeness! 😉

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  1. Thanks! Can he just sneak in the castle and subdue the undeads using Death Knight Arthas…or he could summon the Lich Hero thingy then lord over the Dark City.

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