WOWFRD – Ch 182

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Chapter 182

“The evil intent has condensed into black smoke… It has really become the Dark city.” Xiao Yu was surprised to see the black fog in front. The place was similar to the previous Undercity that Xiao Yu had seen in the game. However, if it was really the Undercity then doesn’t it mean that Ankagen Mountains were the Tirisfal forests?  How come the appearance had changed so much? Was it result of a chaotic occurrences?

Xiao Yu had ordered Thrall to stay with orcs and elves outside the perimeter of the city. They had to find a good terrain to rest. He didn’t want to take so many people with him to adventure inside the Dark City. It would be too cumbersome to take so many people and keep their safety inside. In addition, Xiao Yu left some magic scrolls made by Theodore with Thrall. He told him to use the magic scrolls if anyone dared to attack. It was inevitable that strong people would come to attack those orcs and elves. Xiao Yu believed that they would be at least fourth-rank or fifth-rank strong. It would be a huge threat to orcs and elves if they fought against these enemies. However, the magic scrolls would do a perfect job even if the enemy was a fifth-rank magician. In addition, Xiao Yu left 5 Glaive Throwers, 5 Kodo Beasts, 5 Shamans and part of the ballistas with them.

Xiao Yu and others left towards the Dark City after settling the orcs and elves.

They reached the Dark City after walking for half an hour through the black fog. Xiao Yu knew that it was the Undercity when he saw the familiar dome. But half of the place was buried under the ground. Even the entrance was blocked.

“How are we going to get inside? There is no gates!” Everyone was worried. The students believed that it would be too difficult to dig the soil to find the gates.


At the same time sharp calls echoed as a ghost (ligui – vengeful ghost) began to rush towards Xiao Yu and rest. Xiao Yu took out his sword and cut down the ghost.

Argh~ Argh~

White light burst out of the ghost’s body when the Ashbringer cut it down. Afterwards it turned into a pile of ash.

“Ashbringer’s powerful light magic is the nemesis of all undead!” Xiao Yu muttered.

Argh~ Argh~

Countless screams echoed out as white ghosts began to rush towards the crowd. The students of the Magic and Knights Academies were scared shitless.

In contrast, Xiao Yu’s troops were calm. They were the warriors summoned from base who knew no fear.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The grunts rushed out as they waved their huge axes to fight the ghosts. The grunts only knew one thing and that was to wave their giant axes. It didn’t matter whether the opponent was an undead, man or a beast. However, there was little effect when the huge axes were used. The ghosts suffered certain amount of damage but it didn’t kill them. The physical attacks were not much useful against the ghosts. No one could say what exactly the ghosts were but one thing was certain that they were part of undead.

“Fire magic! The fire magic will be effective against the ghosts!” Xiao Yu shouted out.

The students of the Magic Academies began to cast fireball and other spells related to fire system towards the ghosts. The ghosts turned into burst of smokes when the fireballs hit them. Master Alma was chanting a long spell which took more than a minute. Afterwards, the fire fell down from the sky as if it was a rain! It smashed over the ghosts…

Boom~ Boom~

Waves of explosions appeared all around. The ghosts issued mournful screams as they turned into smoke and dissipated.

The rest of the ghosts were killed by the spells used by the students. Everyone was excited to see that they were able to destroy so many ghosts. They would be showing off when they were back. However, their happiness didn’t last for long. The ghosts began to pop out from the ground and rushed towards the crowd once again.

“We can’t solve it out by relying only on magicians…” Xiao Yu pondered about ways to kill the ghosts. He remembered that in the past life usually bloody weapons were used to deal with the ghosts. Would it be useful?

“Beast One, cut your finger and smear blood on the axe!” Xiao Yu ordered.

Beast One immediately cut his finger and smeared the blood on the axe. It seemed as if Beast One didn’t feel pain.


Beast One roared and slashed his axe towards the ghost. A red light burst out from the ghost’s body and it trembled. Beast One attacked one again and the ghost dissipated after a terrible howl.

“It’s useful!” Xiao Yu ordered all the grunts to smear their axes with blood. The grunts followed his order without hesitation and began to slaughter the ghosts.

“They are weak…” Xiao Yu was extremely proud with the method he had come forward.

It didn’t take long before crunching voices began to echo out. It seemed as if many people were smashing their teeth together.

“Hands… hands are coming out of the ground…. This one caught me! ” A student from the Knight Academy shouted out when the hand of a skeleton caught his leg.

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