WOWFRD – Ch 181

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Chapter 181

Xiao Yu didn’t have any experience with love or women in the past life. However, he had heard about the jealousy of women towards the men they cared for. He was happy when he saw that Lin Muxue was a bit jealous. Moreover, she looked very cute that way.

Lin Muxue was also a smart girl. She knew that harassing Xiao Yu a bit was enough and she didn’t have to stand on topic way too much. She was a sensible wife.

Xiao Yu took the tribal elves and rushed to the other tribes. They travel up to 5 bases and found more than 4000 elves. Most of these elves were female as the males were killed in battles. But Xiao Yu was happy as he was going to lead a group of beauties into a fight.

All the elves believed to Tyrande after Xiao Yu introduced her to them. They had a legend that the ancient heroes would come back so it was easy to make them believe to the existence of Tyrande. However, these elves weren’t as easy going as orcs. They believed in Tyrande’s identity but most of them didn’t want to leave the Ankagen mountains. They had lived in these mountains for too long and didn’t want to leave for another place. The life was hard but they were proud race. They would suffer rather than living under the wing of anyone else. Actually, they tried to persuade Tyrande to stay and live with them. Xiao Yu repeatedly told them that a lot of adventurers had entered the Ankagen mountains and one of the tribes was already attacked but these proud and stubborn elves replied that they would rather die than moving to somewhere else.

In addition, the elves didn’t like Xiao Yu. Tyrande and Thrall talked great things about him but they still looked at him with suspicion. The elves were born proud and stubborn. So they wouldn’t put away their arrogance even if they were on decline. Xiao Yu almost turned mad and wanted to kick the heck out of the elves.

He saw that this procedure was taking a lot of time so he told Tyrande to threaten them. He told Tyrande to tell them that she was going to bring them to their glorious days. So any elf that didn’t join her was the traitor of the elven race and a coward.

Tyrande was like a goddess to them. So they couldn’t retort back but reluctantly pack their things to leave with the others.

Xiao Yu didn’t plan to find Dark City after having so many orcs and elves with him. However, the elves told him that they knew about the Dark City’s location. They said that it was a cursed place full of evil. Xiao Yu was surprised as he didn’t expect to find the location of the Dark City this way. Since he found the whereabouts of the city then it would be waste if he didn’t travel there.

“Let’s check this place.” Xiao Yu waved to the others to move towards the Dark City. However, the elves were frightened: “It is a city of dead! We will be cursed if we travel there. It is said that no one can come back alive after stepping inside.”

Xiao Yu replied: “I, Laozi, wants to see the place more when you described it that way. I don’t believe the ghouls or dead can be more cooler than I am!”

Lin Muxue pinched Xiao Yu’s back. She found out that Xiao Yu loved cussing and she would pinch him whenever he cursed or sweared.

Xiao Yu immediately changed his reply: “I’m not afraid of dirty undead creatures as a noble knight! I must use the Ashbringer to destroy all these evil creatures! ”

Lin Muxue was happy when she heard his reply.

The others didn’t oppose when Xiao Yu came up with the idea. The students of the Magic and Knights Academies were young and curious so they wanted to visit the city. Moreover, they were used to listening to Xiao Yu’s commands so they weren’t opposed to him. The orcs didn’t care about anything. They weren’t of souls, ghouls or any other undead creature. It was only the elves that spoke up against the idea.

Xiao Yu sweared in his heart that if it wasn’t for giving Tyrande face then he would have sent these elves one by one to brothers so that they were ‘tuned’ over there.

There weren’t any adventurers who were able to reach the Dark City. But the ones who had stepped in were super strong. (BIGLY)

Xiao Yu believed that there were fifth-rank people mixed in the groups that had gone inside the Dark City. This kind of masters weren’t show-offs like other warriors or magicians. They were the top existences in the world. Xiao Yu feared those masters too. He knew that with the help of Grom, Antonidas and Tyrande he could deal with any fourth-rank warriors or mages. However, it was hard to estimate what would happen if they faced fifth-rank mages or warriors. Nevertheless, he had trump cards in his hand so he dared to enter the place. These were the magic scrolls given to him by Theodore. In the past, he believed that these scrolls were one time magic spells that could be thrown out to kill others. However, he knew about the real strength of these magic scrolls after using it to deal with Matt’s group.

He told Master Alma about the scrolls too. He even asked about the strength of magic scrolls made by Theodore. Master alma told that even a fourth-level magic scroll made by a master like Theodore would be superior to any fourth-level scroll made by fourth-rank mage. Even fifth-level magic scrolls would be inferior to the scrolls made by Theodore.

Master Alma knew that Xiao Yu had good relationship with Theodore. So he guessed that Xiao Yu must have scrolls made by Theodore. He even asked Xiao Yu to give him one scroll so that he could learn and study the process of the making of that specific scroll.

It was like copying a painting or calligraphy. Master Alma could improve his level by analyzing the way master Theodore had drawn the magic arrays and so on. Originally, Master Alma would have to spend a lot of money to buy such a scroll. However, he already owed a lot of things to Xiao Yu so he didn’t care much about owing one more favor. Xiao Yu gave Master Alma what he wanted. He took out a bag of magic scrolls and told Master Alma to select any that he wanted. Master Alma was full of envy when he saw the number of scrolls that Xiao Yu had. What kind of a nouveau rich person was Xiao Yu? The number of scrolls was enough to buy cities!

Master Alma selected two magic scrolls. Excitement was visible in his eyes when he held onto the scrolls. It was like an amateur was watching the work of a master painter.

After walking for a while they found out that dark atmosphere had engulfed the direction they were heading to. They had reached the Dark City!

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  1. “They weren’t of souls, ghouls or any other undead creature.”
    I think you left out the word “afraid”

  2. bros can the MC go 1 sec without bragging or showing off his wealth. I understand he wants to use it to entice ppl to join him and also make those around him happy but ffs sakes. Idk might just be me as i have not seen that much comments about it.

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