WOWFRD – Ch 180

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Chapter 180

Xiao Yu brought back the tribal elves. Lin Muxue was anxiously waiting for Xiao Yu’s return at the side. She rushed forward towards Xiao Yu when she saw them come back with a concern expressed on her face.

It took longer than usual for Xiao Yu to come back as they used ambush and trickery to solve out the problem. However, he felt warm when he saw that there were people who were concerned about his safety.

The students of the Magic and Knights Academies were happy when they saw Xiao Yu return safe and sound. They had follow him for some time and loved the victories he had brought to them. The victories were always good while failures and defeats were frustrating experiences. So the soldiers could tolerate all kinds of shortcoming but not defeats.

The soldiers wouldn’t follow the commander If a commander loved every soldier and treated them as his own children but failed in battles. Huo Qubing (google it) was a general who was never defeated. He was invincible in the wars. However, as a young man he loved entertainment and debauchery so most of the time the soldiers faced food shortages and so on. However, none of the soldiers of the Western Han Dynasty complained about him as he always delivered the victories. An army’s morale always relied on victories.

The students of the Magic and Knights Academies were mesmerized when they saw Xiao Yu bring back so many elves. They had heard about the mysterious elves but never seen them. The only female elf Xiao Yu had was Tyrande as the rest of the summoned elves were males. Moreover, Tyrande covered her face with veil so none of them had seen her. But the female elves accounted for the 2/3s of the elf tribe. All the male students of both academies looked at them without blinking an eye.

“Wow! That elf is so beautiful.. No the other one is more beautiful.”

“Look at the one behind her!”

They would stare at one female elf and think that she is the most beautiful one. However, they would change they minds when they saw another one behind her. The same thing would go on and on.

Tyrande took off the veil to stand in front of the elves. She wanted to prove her identity.

The female and male students of both academies were dumbfounded when they saw Tyrande’s face. She was a beauty that could bring a calamity to any nation. People would launch wars to get her! It was no wonder that Tyrande was covering her face with a veil since the start. They understood that a huge riot would happen if Tyrande was taken to any city without a veil.

Tyrande’s face was expressionless. She began to loudly speak in Elven language: “I’m Tyrande and I was summoned back some time ago. You will never be threatened by anyone and you will live a life of prosperity from now on! I guarantee that the elves will rise and claim the throne they had in ancient times!” The elves began to cheer when they heard Tyrande talk. They had gone through many hardships in the last 10,000 years and now their goddess had returned back.

Leah whispered to Xiao Yu: “Is it just a coincidence that her name is the same as the Tyrande from the ancient times? I think she is the ancient elven hero!”

Xiao Yu whispered back: “These elves are more stupid than you think. They just heard her name and think that she is their hero.”

Leah continued: “Orcs are stupid too?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes, Leah. Not everyone is as smart as you.”

Leah clenched her teeth when she saw Xiao Yu ridiculing hero.

“How did you summoned them?” Leah glanced at Thrall, Antonidas and others.

It was no wonder that this people were so powerful. They turned out to be the legendary heroes. The heroes who Leah had read countless time in books and dreamed about them.

Xiao Yu looked at her: “What summoning? Don’t you see that they came on their own to join me. Don’t you know that I’m the greatest king of the kings? They naturally choose to join me.”

Master Alma and others didn’t understood the elven language so they thought that Tyrande was just a tribal leader and this was the reason why the others followed her. It was only Leah who had been with Xiao Yu for long and had befriended Tyrande who understood what was going on. Moreover, Theodore had told her that she would meet the legendary heroes if she followed Xiao Yu.

It seems the calculations and prophecy of Theodore was right. However, she was surprised. She couldn’t understand how a hooligan like Xiao Yu could summon all those legendary heroes. She believed that Xiao Yu had a secret and knew an ancient magic array or something like that to summon them. It was said that some ancient magic arrays could let people pass through time and space to any given coordinate. Perhaps, those heroes were made to be summoned into the Lion territory and Xiao Yu was lucky to get them.

“I never imagined to be able to fight in the same row as legendary heroes like Antonidas, Tyrande and others.” Leah was excited.

However, one person was very upset.

Lin Muxue looked at Xiao Yu: “I didn’t know that you have such a beauty by your side as a slave.”

Lin Muxue had seen Tyrande but Tyrande was always using a veil. Lin Muxue was conceited when it came to her own looks. She  believed that she was as beautiful as an elf. However, she felt inferior for the first time in her life. In fact, Muxue was extremely beautiful but Tyrande had a very noble temperament. It seemed as if she was a deity or a goddess but not a mortal.

This kind of a temperament could be replaced by a beauty like Lin Muxue. Muxue was refined too but wasn’t on the same scale with Tyrande.

Xiao Yu blabbered: “She.. She is just my bodyguard.. Don’t you see the proud and arrogant look on her face? Do you think she would even look at me?”

“Do you mean that it was the reason why you came after me?” Lin Muxue asked.

“No! No! I mean she is the patriarch of the elven tribes. We just cooperate and nothing else. No relationship.” Xiao Yu explained.

“What kind of relationship?” Lin Muxue asked.

“Uh … nothing.” Xiao Yu didn’t know how to reply.

“You are doing good as you have such a beautiful slave.” Lin Muxue glanced at Leah.

“She is just an accident.. I didn’t even want her by my side.” Xiao Yu came up with an excuse.

“Accidental..ha…” Lin Muxue pouted her mouth.

“This …” Xiao Yu was perplexed.

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    1. yep remeber he think of them no like slaves but all the think like that . Put example in our history in the time of moises : A egipcio have to his side a judio the same way the world going to think of the judis his slave

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