WOWFRD – Ch 18

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Chapter 18

Housekeeper Hong and ladies of the Xiao family believed Suesha’s words when they saw archers wearing black cloaks and orc warriors.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was commanding orc soldiers to take the corpses of the killed orc warriors. He ordered the people of the town to clean out the battlefield and get the weapons and armors of the dead soldiers from Carrie’s side.

The corpses were dragged and cremated in a large pit to avoid any plague.

“I will be able to forge another 100 sets of armor for the orc warriors with this old armor and weapons. The number of orc warriors is small so I must equip them and implement a good strategy to win.”

Xiao Yu was pondering on future development as he ordered around. He had to buy equipment and replace bows and arrows for elves too. He was going to need a lot of money but his territory was broke right now.

In reality, the results of the war were excellent. It wasn’t just about the defeat of Carrie’s army. Both orc warriors and elf archers had improved and leveled up.

All of the orc soldiers had reached level 2. There were more than 50 of them who had reached level 3 and had berserker skill.

The archers had reached level 2 and there were about dozen of them who upgraded to level 3 with precision shooting skill mastered by them. The archers got more experience points because of the way Xiao Yu handled the battle.

Both Grom and Tyrande had reached level 8. Xiao Yu added extra skill points to Wind Walk and Grom’s speed of movement was increased by 100%. Xiao Yu thought that blademaster may face many powerful warriors in the near future so having more flexible and agile body would be more useful than having powerful Omnislash or Critical Strike skill.

Tyrande’s Searing Arrow skill reached full level. The arrow that she shot using the Searing Arrow skill could make a large hole in a hard wall.

Xiao Yu himself reached level 5 and gained a lot of meritorious service points.

He quickly distributed the attribute points. He added 8, 8 and 6 points accordingly to strength, agility, and endurance.

As a result, Xiao Yu was almost on part in terms of physical strength with an average warrior. In the past, he was like a weak scholar.

He had more than 4 skill points to distribute. He made sure that Critical Strike reached level 3 while his Omnislash skill reached level 3. His level of Omnislash skill was even higher than Grom’s at this point.

However, his strength was much weaker than Grom’s so his attack strength couldn’t be compared to Grom’s attack strength.

He had a fruitful harvest but there were casualties too. 8 orc warriors were killed, while 7 of them were seriously injured. The other ones had minor injuries.

It was the result of the mage that got involved in the battle. The mages were like artillery or heavy firepower in this era. Fortunately, Tyrande was able to send off the magician from the battle in time. Otherwise, Xiao Yu’s Spartan strategy wouldn’t work.

This situation made Xiao Yu to pay more attention to the mages of this world. Blademaster could cope with warriors but it was very difficult for Grom to attack a mage that specialized in long-range attacks.

He had lost an archer too. An enemy soldier was able to kill elf archer during the chaotic time when the mage attacked.

Xiao Yu felt a headache because of the extremely low defensive attributes and fragile close-combat abilities of the elf archers.

He had to find nests of bandits, get some money and buy armor to archers as soon as possible.

Xiao Yu lacked gold coins but not meritorious service points. Because of the successful defense of the town and killing 3500 soldiers he had got 5000 merit service points. He had reached the rank of sergeant.

It meant that he had a chance to summon another base.

Xiao Yu was planning to choose a human base as his third one. Xiao Yu was looking to have his own magician when he saw the performance of the enemy mage in the battle.

The game system can summon four bases. However, it is very difficult if one of his bases raises to level 2 or 3.

Xiao Yu had pondered about the issue in advance. If he had risen the base to level 2, then he could summon Mountain Giant of the elves. However, he would need to raise his rank to be able to raise the level of his base. In other words, Xiao Yu had to establish four bases before being able to raise their levels.

“Xiao Yu, did you really do it? Did you really defeat Carrie’s army and held onto the territory?” Eldest sister-in-law Qiyin came over.

She had seen Xiao Yu grow up since childhood. She was excited to see Xiao Yu accomplish this feat in such a crisis.

“Rest assured Sister. I have grown up and become a real man. I will protect you! I will inherit my dad’s legacy and make Lion town one of the strongest territories!” Xiao Yu’s heart moved when he saw the pitiful look on Qiyin’s face. He knew that he had to become strong.

“Xiao Yu, sister-in-law is happy to see you grow up strong.” Qiyin rushed up and embraced Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to refuse her embrace. Actually, he pretended to burst into tears as he rubbed his head into Qiyin’s breasts. He felt as if his head was touching the soft clouds.

Qiyin was 17 years old when she married into Xiao family. At the time, Xiao Yu was just 6 years old. Qiyin had taken a liking to lively and sweet Xiao Yu back then. She let Xiao Yu sleep in her room even after her husband died.

Xiao Yu’s mother had died prematurely. As a result, Xiao Yu had grown dependent on Qiyin.

Xiao Yu began to understand the feelings between women and men as he grew up. As a result, he began to enjoy the blissful life. However, when the fire inside him burst out he would find other women to solve out the situation. However, he would always think about eldest sister-in-law.

In addition to Qiyin and second sister-in-law, Xiao Yu had molested the others. Second sister-in-law had married into Xiao family early on too so Xiao Yu was more close to her too. But Third, fourth and fifth sisters-in-law were young in comparison to first and second sisters-in-law. As a result, he would often try to peek at them when they took bath.

Xiao Yu’s status had grown in the eyes of sisters-in-law.

Only fourth sister-in-law Suesha was standing on the sidelines. Xiao Yu was excited as he held onto first and second sisters-in-law. His hands by mistake would touch their buttocks or thighs.

Xiao Yu’s sister-in-law was quiet and virtuous woman who was a small celebrity in the capital. He didn’t know how his brother fooled her over to marry him. Her body was slender and soft as a willow. She was like Li Qinqzhao from the previous world of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu’s relationship with second sister-in-law was fine too. However, she grew angry towards Xiao Yu as he grew up. That’s why she had alienated him as time passed. Her name was Suehan. She slightly resisted Xiao Yu. But she turned crazy when she saw Xiao Yu grab her buttocks. However, she couldn’t just kick him in front of so many people and soldiers.

Xiao Yu clang to his third sister-in-law afterward. Her name was Camilla and she was a blonde girl of European descent. She was extremely tall and had an open character. There always was a charming smile on her face. Xiao Yu thought that she looked like Madonna.

Camilla was a head taller than Xiao Yu. As a result, his head fiercely ravaged the giant peaks. He saw that no one was paying attention so he even took a bite. Camilla’s face turned stiff. Her slender leg gently lifted and hit Xiao Yu’s lower abdomen.

Xiao Yu felt a bit of pain. Fortunately, his physical strength had increased a lot of the upgrades. Otherwise, he would lie down in pain. It seems that he couldn’t mess around with his sisters-in-law.

Xiao Yu was about to embrace his fifth sister-in-law when Suesha appeared in front of him. Xiao Yu stopped at smiled.

“I have nothing but time… Do you think that I won’t get an opportunity?” Xiao Yu whispered to himself.


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    1. Honestly, I’ve always thought Madonna looks a bit like a ghoul, so Camilla is certainly fetish… Too heavy for my tastes though.

  1. “added 8,8 and 6” each level up is supposed to grant 10 attribute points. But somehow last two granted him by 11 (Eleven) attribute points. Is that correct or is author is just bad at math?

  2. Mr translator, why did you hide and didn’t translate properly that he gained 20 attribute points but somehow spent 22. Are you trying to hide author’s shortcomings?

    1. If you look at the raw and just run it through mtl/google translate, it seems author just wasn’t paying attention, it says Xiao Yu distributed 20 stat points in a 8,8,6 style which is 22 points rather than 20. Nothing to “run away” or “hide” lol. Just a mistake by the author. Why are you taking such a negative spin to it? 😛

      1. thanks for the clarification ;)… I wasn’t paying attention to comments so I just so goo21’s comment when I approved yours.

    2. I’m not hiding as I do “as is” translations. I’m not making up stuff or removing them deliberately. It is what it says. At best, I can change the translated version of terms in the future but I never try to make up for mistakes or shortcomings of any author.

  3. “Blademaster could cope with warriors but it was very difficult for Grom to attack a mage that specialized in long-range attacks.”

    But… Doesn’t he have freaking super-fast-INVISIBILITY!? He should be the PERFECT unit for taking out a mage o.0

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