WOWFRD – Ch 179

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Chapter 179

Xiao Yu looked at Matt who was clenching his teeth: “This powder is transmitted by air. It plays a great role when its inhaled so I told them to cover their nose and mouth with wet towels. It’s a natural filter. Kind of a biochemical protection. Do you follow me?”

This method was often used in WW2 to deal with poisonous gases. A man with common sense from the modern earth knew about this method. Actually, it was the reason why Xiao Yu didn’t blatantly attack the adventurers at start. He guessed that they were using some kind of drug to capture all the elves from the settlement. But Xiao Yu didn’t know the strength and range of the drug so he didn’t rush down.

Nevertheless, Xiao yu knew that the range of the drug shouldn’t be big or very strong or it would be used in battlefields. The drug had to be effective within a certain range. The simplest method that he came up with was to use wet towels to protect from the powder. It wouldn’t completely protect them from the powder but would decrease the effect of the drug by a lot. Xiao Yu believed that inhaling a bit of the drug wouldn’t affect the physically strong orcs.

In addition, Xiao Yu tested the effect of the drug. He sent few archers to attack the adventurers. He wanted to force the adventurers to use this method. He knew that the adventurers wouldn’t be able to find the attacking elves and would retort to using the powder.

Actually, the elves protested and were disdainful towards the attack method which Xiao Yu had come up with. They believed that this trickery was humiliating their noble spirits. Xiao yu was perplexed by their mentality. If you aren’t dead and win the battle then screw those traditions of the elves.

That’s why he specifically ordered the elves not to be greedy. They had to escape back and hide after shooting an arrow. It would be very difficult for the adventurers to find them unless a very high level master was in the group.

Moreover, Xiao Yu divided everyone into several groups. Some of them stood at a location 500 meters away from the adventurer team. In the end, it was proved that Xiao Yu’s guess was right. The wet towels played as a filter and greatly reduced the effect of the powder. Moreover, after drinking the healing potion the effect of the powder was completely erased from their bodies. The healing potions were really magical. They didn’t just limit to treating injuries but could get rid of all the poisoning too.

Xiao Yu came up with a plan too. He made sure that the elf archers pretended to be asleep and were captured by the adventurers. This way they could lure the adventurers out and scatter them around to kill easily. At the end, Xiao Yu’s main force entered the main location and killed all the adventurers using Glaive Throwers and a magic scroll made by Theodore. Xiao Yu didn’t know about the strength of the magic scrolls made by Theodore. However, he was shocked after using one. It was an unforgettable experience. The adventurers were too late to respond as their bodies were cut in two halves. The speed of the magic scroll was much faster than the Glaive Throwers.

Matt glanced at Xiao Yu then at the corpses around the place. His brothers who he had experienced countless wars with had died. He was mad but he knew that fighting Xiao Yu right now meant courting death. He was a fourth-rank warrior but the Glaive Throwers at the hands of the several orcs were scary too. He knew that he would be cut in half by the blade of the Glaive Throwers even if he blocked it with his sword.

He saw the corpses that were cut in half so he knew about the terrifying strength of the Glaive Throwers. It was a legendary equipment used by the elves that could even cut through the walls. However, he didn’t know that the vast majority of the adventurers were killed by the Theodore’s magic scroll.

“Xiao Yu! Very well! You wait as I’ll come back later on!” Matt sprayed powder and quickly rushed away. However, he didn’t notice that his body was marked!

Marked for Death!

Tyrande didn’t just add damage by this skill but interrupted the invisibility of the assassin to track them. Anyone could be tracked down with the Beast Tracker skill as long as they were within the ten miles radius.

Xiao Yu and rest were prepared for this occasion. They covered their mouth and nose with wet towels and drank healing potions afterwards.

Xiao Yu looked at Tyrande and Grom: “We will chase him while Cairne will stay to take care of the others.”

Xiao Yu used the Wind Walk to chase after Matt. Three of them were more than enough to kill Matt. Both Grom and Tyrande were at level 20 and equal to any third-rank warrior. Matt was a fourth-rank warrior but if the trio acted together then they would be able to kill him.

Matt ran for a while and saw that no one was behind him. He clenched his fists because of anger.


He smashed the tree nearby to vent his anger.

“Xiao Yu, you will pay the price for everything.” Matt said in a bitter tone.

“Unfortunately, you won’t have a chance.” A voice echoed.

Matt was frightened because of sudden sound. He turned around but a strong battle energy burst out towards him. He raised his magic sword to block it.

Enhanced Omnislash!

Xiao Yu’s skill was at 3rd level so he made 6 consecutive omnislashes. Even a fourth-rank warrior would have problems to block his attack.

Moreover, it wasn’t the only problem Matt faced. It wasn’t just Xiao Yu but battle energy burst out from his behind. Grom had used the Enhanced Omnislash too.

Matt was protecting himself from Xiao Yu and knew that he wouldn’t be able to block Grom’s attack. He resorted to a life-saving skill called Instantaneous Move. This skill wasn’t like the Teleportation used by Xiao Yu. Instead the battle energy would flow inside Matt’s body and make him escape the fatal attacks. Matt had practiced this skill for long time. He knew that it would come to save him at a critical time.

The moment he moved out of the range of Xiao Yu and Grom’s attacks an arrow were shot at him. He subconsciously used his magic sword to block the arrow but he took a step back because of the impact. Xiao Yu and Grom rushed out to use Omnislash once again.

“Who the heck is this lord? How come he can use such strong skills? How come that elf and the orc are so powerful? Who the hell they are? How did they track me without me knowing about it?”

Matt couldn’t understand anything. It was obvious that Xiao Yu was only a second-rank warrior but the kid could come up with explosive force equal to his. Normally, Matt wouldn’t be worried or afraid if four or five third-rank warrior fought with him. But today he was suppressed.

Bang! Bang~ Bang

Xiao Yu and Grom used Omnislash because of the cooling time for the Enhance Omnislash.


Tyrande didn’t use Searing Arrows anymore but ordinary arrows. She shot several arrows at Matt’s body.

Matt knew that he was at the end of the road. He brought up all the battle energy in his body to his magic sword and a blue light covered the sword. He was going to do a last suicide attack. He stabbed forward. However, in the blink of an eye Xiao Yu’s body disappeared and his sword pierced the tree.

“What?” Matt was surprised. Afterwards he felt coldness in his neck.


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