WOWFRD – Ch 178

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Chapter 178

The adventurers continued to move forward in a rapid manner as if they wanted to leave the mountains as soon as possible. However, you could see that they were preparing for something massive if you carefully checked each of them.


A scream echoed as an adventurer’s heart was penetrated by an arrow.

Matt suddenly shouted: “Go on!”

The adventurers began to sprinkle yellowish brown powder the moment Matt ordered. The powder began to spray in the air while the remaining magician casted a wind magic to spread the powder. It was the method they had used to capture the tribal elves. Anyone who inhaled the dragon powder would fall into a coma. The wind magic spread the dragon powder to several hundred meters.

This enemy archers had to be close within a certain range to attack the adventurers. So they thought that those enemy archers would be caught in the dragon powder. It was the trick that Matt had come up with.


The adventurers heard a sound from afar after the dragon powder was spread. It seems someone fell down.

“HaHa~ Can those backward elves be threat to me if I use the dragon powder?” Matt sent people to search for the archers. It didn’t take long before the adventurers found bodies of elf archers.

“They are elves! I have to get them too since they have come to knock the doors on their own.” Matt was happy as he captured few more elf archers.

Bang~ Bang~

Matt called out to the adventurers to continue to search as the sounds of people falling down echoed continuously.

“The elves are pretty resistant to this drug as they have ran so far.” Matt pondered. He knew that the manpower used for the search had to be increased as it seem that the elves were able to run to a distance.

Nevertheless, few moments after the sounds of miserable howls and roars echoed from the forest. It seemed as dozens of individuals were calling out at the same time.

“What’s happening?” Matt was surprised. He chose a direction and rushed out to check the situation. This time he was able to see the faces of the attackers. These were the orcs who were using ballistas.

“Orcs? Ballistas? Lion territory?” Matt thought through. The orcs that used the ballistas in the Lion city had left a deep impression in him back at time.


Countless spears were fired from the ballista towards him. It was an ambush by ugly orcs! It was difficult for anyone to cope with a situation where a dozens of orcs attacked with ballistas. The speed of the spear thrown from the ballista was very fast. It would be very hard to hide or avoid if you were caught unprepared.

Matt was indeed a fourth-rank warrior as he quickly responded and rushed towards the back of a tree to avoid those spears.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The spears thrown from the ballistas smashed into the tree.

“damned bastard of a lord! He wants to get my elves by attacking me! I will pass out the news when I get out of this place and call the union to trouble this bastard!” Matt was angry and he was thinking about ways to retort back at Xiao Yu.

Matt had brought so many people and was able to catch more than 400 elves! He was going to be rich but this lord tried to rob everything from him.

Matt roared as he rushed out to attack the orcs. He pulled out his magic sword as he attack them. He was a fourth-rank warrior and wasn’t afraid of mere orcs. Actually, he was eager to fight and kill them for the glory.

But as he rushed out he saw a huge Tauren standing in front of the orcs. The Tauren was holding two huge axes.

“Damned beast.” Matt didn’t stop. He had never fought against a tauren but he knew that the beast wasn’t easy to mess with. Nevertheless, Matt was fearless as he waved his magic sword and used a skill to throw out battle energy towards Cairne.


Cairne roared back and sent a Shockwave to counterattack Matt’s skill. Both energy waves collided.


Shockwave burst out because of collusion and the brances of tree close by flied out.


Cairne’s body was huge but he was at a disadvantage as Matt was stronger than him. However, he was a hero who relied on brute strength. The more he got injured the more Cairne got bloodier and furious.

Cairne rushed out to violently smash his huge axe.


Matt used his sword to block. He was stronger but the smash of Cairne had taken its toll on Matt’s arm. Although Cairne’s level wasn’t very high but his physical strength was more powerful than Grom. Cairne was a master fighter when it came to reckless fights. It had to be mentioned that the huge axes he used suppressed the enemy too.

Ah~ Ah~

Matt was surprised when he heard voices echoe from the distance.

“Damned Xiao Yu! I will stab him thousands of times.”

Matt refused to continue to battle with Cairne. He used his speed to run over to check his own forces. However, it was very late when he came back. Matt found out that all the adventurers were dead. All of them were killed by Xiao Yu’s forces in this short period of time.

Matt’s eyes were blood red as he clenched his teeth when he saw Xiao Yu gnaw a piece of meat.

“The taste of the meat is really good. Gotta bake a lot of them. Brother, are you called Matt?” Xiao Yu smiled as he looked at Matt.

“You! You!” Matt had gone berserk. He was a fourth-rank warrior but he felt insecure. He felt danger exuding from Xiao Yu’s and Grom’s body. Grom was just a third-rank warrior and Xiao Yu was only an 18 kid. However, they gave a vibe which made Matt feel insecure.

“How did you do it? Why the dragon powder didn’t work?” Matt asked. He believed that all of the enemies should have fainted by now but Xiao Yu and the rest were alright. It was obvious that the elf archers they brought back were just bait to make the adventurers to scatter around to search and get killed while at it.

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  1. If dragon powder was so effective people would just sprinkle it over tens of thousands strong armies and defeat them in mere minutes lol… Yeah that shit can’t happen so it must have a weakness…

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