WOWFRD – Ch 177

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Chapter 177

Countless arrows flashed down and kill several of the adventurers. Some of them were able to avoid the attack but suffered heavy injuries instead of death. The strength of the arrows was great. It was twice as strong as an arrow show by a human archer. The arrows were able to pierce through hard leather armors as if they were cutting through tofu. However, it wasn’t the most important thing the adventurers faced. The most problematic question was that the adventurers didn’t see even shadow of an enemy. Nothing!

Assassins? But how could there be so many assassins with such powerful archery?

If the enemies weren’t assassins then how could they disappear without a trace?

The adventurers have been through many life and death battles but their abilities were limited in the dark forestry. There was a trace of fear in their hearts.

“Archers! Elf archers! We can’t see them because they hide in the shadows!” Matt shouted out. He was a fourth-rank warrior and his eyesight was much better than average person. It was for a blink but Matt was sure that he had seen shadow of an elf archer.

Matt wasn’t afraid of anyone. He could rely on his strength as a fourth-rank warrior to kill more than a dozen of archers. But these ones choose to stay invisible after the first attack. It was a headache for anyone to look for invisible units. Moreover, there could be dozen or even hundreds of elves aiming at them!

“What do we do now?” The adventurers were staring at each other. An arrow could take their lives away at any moment. The fear of unknown made them nervous. They wouldn’t afraid if it was a face-to-face battle.

It was one of the reasons why assassins were feared and respected in this world.

“The archery of the elves was powerful but their close-combat abilities were weak. Even a second-rank mage wouldn’t be afraid of them! We will be easily able to get rid of them if we can find them!” Matt shouted in a cold tone. He was a true leader who could adapt to situation and come up with resolution.

The minds of adventurers calmed after Matt’s words. They divided into several teams to search around the forest. Nevertheless, they couldn’t find traces of the elves after a while of search. The mountains were full of trees, bushes and weeds. There were lots of places where individuals could hide but it would be very hard for the others to look for them let alone the elves who could hide in shadows.


A scream echoed from the forest. Afterwards, several echoed drifted back and forth. The hairs of all of adventurers erected up as they rushed towards the source of the sounds. They found a team of adventurers who were killed. Most of them had their hearts penetrated by an arrow.

“Did you see anyone?” They asked the few who were left alive.

“I saw a shadow move but they turned invisible the next moment. They were very fast.” Several of them replied.

The adventurers felt weak as their comrades were killed in front of their eyes but they couldn’t do anything.


A miserable cry echoed from another place. The adventurers rushed towards the source but found out that another team was shot dead. They saw a figure rush past who they ran after. But they couldn’t find anyone.

Ah~ Ahh~ Ah~~

The tragic cries began to echo from several directions. The adventurers rushed over to find that some adventurers were killed by arrows while others were slashed by swords. The ones killed by swords were split into two and the blood had covered the ground.

“How could they kill so many third-rank warriors just like that?”

It was normal for the archers to kill them but who could instantly kill 5 third-rank warriors just by hacking them and splitting the bodies into two?


Another scream echoed out. The adventurers rushed to find a single man lying on the ground. An arrow had pierced through his heart. Moreover, this person was the only assassin they had on their side.

“How come our assassin was killed? How can it be? How come we can’t find them but they can?” The fear had taken a place in the hearts of the adventurers.

“Everyone! Fall back and join together!” Matt issued an order. More than 20 individuals were killed in a few minutes. His strategy had failed this time.

The elf archers could casually find a place to hide in the forest which was very hard for them to detect those archers. Fighting against elves in the forest meant that they were fighting against sharks in water.

If the elves continued with the guerrilla warfare then they wouldn’t be able to find even one. The adventurers gathered back. At the same time they heard two screams echo from close by. They had two third-rank magicians in their team. Both of them were beheaded!

All the adventurers saw two shadows turn invisible the next moment.

“Assassins? Who were they? How could they kill two mages and turn invisible the next instant?”

Matt’s eyes widened as he looked at the sight. He knew that the assassin had to go out and find a suitable place to turn invisible before sneaking in again. However, the two that had attacked their mages were too fast! Moreover, it seemed that the assassins weren’t using daggers but two heavy swords! The swords were faster than the magical items on the bodies of the third-rank magicians that protected them. Even a third-rank warrior wouldn’t be able to withstand those attacks. Everything happened within three seconds. However, they weren’t able to help those mages. Both attack and escape speed of the enemy was too fast.

“Are they archers? Hence when the elves are so strong? But it seems that they weren’t elves. One was thin but shorter than an average elf. The other was tall and burly and seemed even a head taller than average orcs… I couldn’t see their faces because of the black cloaks…” Matt was surprised. It was a provocation. A naked threat! It was great humiliation for Matt as he was powerful to act when the killers could act freely. He hadn’t been in such a situation for many years since he became a fourth-rank warrior.

Matt clenched his teeth. He couldn’t vent out his anger.

“Captain, what should we do?” The other adventurers looked at Matt.

Matt replied: “We will leave quickly! Use shields and be attentive of the surroundings. We will rest after a while. I don’t believe they can kill all of us if we stick together.”

Matt was speaking one thing while calculating the methods to attack in his heart. He looked down as his eyes lit up.

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  1. This novel would be a lot better if there was more dialogue between the MC and the heroes. Not to mention that there was absolutely no mention of Leah ever since they left Shire.
    The grammar could be cleaned up too.

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