WOWFRD – ch 176

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Chapter 176

Xiao Yu began to save the other tribes. In about two days all the orcs from the different tribes were saved. Xiao Yu had more than 3,000 new orcs by his side. One third of the new orcs were female, one third were adult and one third were children. Old orcs were mostly gone to exile except the ones who were witch doctors or shamans. Xiao Yu’s strength got much powerful after having so many orcs by his side. The adventurers weren’t a threat anymore. He could fight them if few more adventurer groups got together to fight him.

Xiao Yu tried to equip the orcs with weapons. If he didn’t have enough weapons then he made sure that they used large logs.

In the past 2 days, Xiao Yu had quite a lot of conflict with the adventurers. However, at the end the adventurers backed away and didn’t dare to fight Xiao Yu anymore. They knew that they would die if they challenged Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu started looking for elf tribes after he finished with orc tribes. Finally, he was aware what the other half of the map depicted by Skywalker had information about. The other half of the map had the location of orc and elf tribes. Moreover, it showed that the path they thought would take them to the Dark City was totally wrong. However, finding orcs and elves was more exciting rather than looking for treasures in the Dark City.

Tyrande was more excited than the rest as she rode her white tiger in search of the elves. But she wasn’t successful. The orcs had met elves but they had never interacted with them so they didn’t know about the location of elf tribes.

Thrall turned to look at Xiao Yu: “There is an elf settlement in front. It seems the adventurers were there before us as the settlement is in ruins.” Thrall was using the Far Sight skill to observe the horizon. Tyrande rushed out when she heard Thrall speak so.

Xiao Yu and Grom kept up with her while the others slowly came after them.

The settlement was completely destroyed when they reached the place. Tyrande searched around but couldn’t find an elf. She burst into tears. Xiao Yu looked around before turning to speak to Tyrande: “Tyrande don’t cry. They have been kidnapped but they are not in danger for now. Check it out. There is no blood around. Don’t forget a dead elf isn’t worth anything but a live one is priceless…”

Tyrande looked around to confirm Xiao Yu’s assertion.

“It seems they have used some kind of aphrodisiac to catch them. We have to find them first.” Xiao Yu’s was calm as he pondered about ways to find the kidnapped elves.

“There are more than enough traces. I’ll be able to track them.” Tyrande calmed down and checked the place to determine the direction the adventurers had taken the elves.

The adventurers were careful before catching the elves. However, they didn’t erase their traces after leaving the settlement as they believed there would be no danger to them.

Xiao Yu commanded: “Grom, Cairne, Tyrande, Leah, 50 grunts, 10 footment, 5 kodo beasts, 5 shamans and 50 elf archer will go with me. The other have to wait here and listen to Thrall’s commands. We will save the elves and bring them back.”

Xiao Yu knew that they had to act fast and be effective to get the elves. Their speed would be very slow if thousands of people went after the adventurers. Instead, he was going to take part of his forces to claim back those elves.

Master Alma spoke out: “Xiao Yu, rest assured. I’m in here too.” Master Alma had lots of benefits because of Xiao Yu so he was helping Xiao Yu in Xiao Yu’s dare moment.

There were more than 3,000 orcs and the students and teachers of the Magic and Knights Academy. He believed that no adventurer team would be able to do anything to them as Thrall would be commanding these forces.

They departed quickly. Lin Muxue came to whisper to Xiao Yu’s ear and told him to be careful which made his heart turn warm.

Matt was very happy. The reason for him being happy was that the adventurer group he led had caught a lot of elves. He had used dragon powder to make the elves sleep and they were able to catch them without getting an injury.

The dragon powder was a medicine which would even make a dragon sleep if it was sprinkled out. He just sprinkled the dragon powder and a mage used wind to spread it inside the elf settlement. His team successfully tied all the elves and left the place.

There were more than 400 elves in the settlement. Matt’s group was numbered a bit more than 200 but they were successful in catching all those elves. He knew that both male and female elves would reach the price of hundreds of thousands or even millions of gold coins if they were auctioned off. Those wealthy aristocrats would even go bankrupt for having an elf pet.

How much money 400 elves would make? Matt was dreaming of sleeping in a house made out of gold coins.

However, their speed was dragged down because they had to carry 400 elves. They made wood stretchers and tied elves onto them. This way they could save manpower.

None of the adventurers felt tired as they imagined the amount of money they would get for them.

“These female elves are fucking beautiful! They are much better than any woman I have ever met… Look at their waists… I can imagine what they can do in bed… It’s no wonder those nobles spend so much money to buy just one elf…I can’t wait to taste them.” An adventurer said as he carried the elves. He even grabbed the chest of a female elf.

“Haha … Levan don’t be in hurry.. We will keep few females for ourselves to enjoy after selling the rest.. Do you want a male or female one?” Another adventurer spoke out.

“Fuck you… Do you think that I sway the way you do ? I want that woman.. Look at her.. She is delicate and charming.. The frightened look on her face makes me burn.. I can’t wait to taste her.” Levan licked his lips.

“Levan, we will have millions of gold coins after we sell them. Do you know what does that mean? Many of those elves are still virgin so you can’t touch them.. But its alright to play with non-virgin ones.. The price of the virgin elves are at least twice as high as the price of the non-virgin ones..” Matt spoke out. His lower abdomen was up too but as a leader of the adventurers he did his best to think rationally.

The adventurers laughed at their leader’s words. They planned to find few non-virgin elves to cool themselves on the brake for rest.

However, an arrow in fire pierced the body of the adventurer in front and blew it into pieces.

“Enemy!” Matt shouted.

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