WOWFRD – Ch 175

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Chapter 175

“We are a step little late.” Xiao Yu looked at Thrall: “Go.”

All the grunts were already furious. Grom, Cairne and Thrall rushed up in front while the grunts used the ballistas.


The roars of orcs echoed out and the adventurers who were encircling the orc tribe got alerted. They were reluctant to attack at this point because their strength wasn’t on par with the local orc tribe. They had few ballistas and magical weapons so they were planning to make an attack after taking everything into consideration. However, more than fifty orcs were added to the equation. However, they soon recognized that the grunts and Kodo beasts belonged to Lord of the Lion territory.

They turned to look back to see Xiao Yu, elves and human mages staring at them.

“Stop! Retreat! Retreat!” The leader of the adventurers shouted out. He understood that Xiao Yu was intervening with their plan and it wouldn’t be easy to battle against the lord of the lion territory. The adventurers withdrew to the side as they confronted the orcs.

An adventurer loudly shouted: “Lord, what are you doing?”

Xiao Yu pulled out Ashbringer and walked over towards the orc tribe. He turned to look at adventurers: “I had warned that if anyone dares to touch my orc and elves then I will punish them!”

“But these orcs live in mountains. They aren’t in Lion city!” The adventurer argued back.

Xiao Yu pointed at Grom and Thrall: “Do you see them? Do you see that these orc bow to both of them? They are my subordinates and I’m their master. Both of them are the chiefs of all the orcs within the Ankagen mountains. Do you understand me now? If anyone dares to catch the subordinates of my subordinates then I believe they have eaten the heart of a lion!”

Thrall had plugged in totem by this time. Shamans and Kodo beasts had joined them too. The tribal orcs thought that these had come from heavens to save them.

Xiao Yu was using the ‘subordinate’ argument which put the adventurers into a bind. They saw that the other tribal orcs were kneeling and bowing in front of Grom and Thrall. It seemed that catching these tribal orcs was violating the interest of Xiao Yu. However, they knew that it wasn’t about violation but who had the bigger fist. They were group of elite mercenaries but they were quite poor in comparison to Xiao Yu. How could they fight against Xiao Yu when he had orcs, elf archers and bunch of magicians?

The key point was that Xiao Yu was much stronger than them. They had to let it go even if it was blunt robbery. The adventurers were very angry but they didn’t dare to make a move. There were two fourth-rank warriors in their team but they didn’t have the grasp of the strength Xiao Yu held. Who wasn’t afraid of orcs in addition to magicians? A master like Alma was besides Xiao Yu too.
“I will look for ten thousand miles to kill the person who dares to touch my orcs and elves!” Xiao Yu loudly said.

The tribal orcs were at ease after they met Thrall and Grom. They loudly roared to vent the suppression and anger in their hearts. Thrall had finally returned after 10,000 years. The injured orcs were treated because of the Healing totem used by Thrall and healing potions.

The adventurers discussed with themselves and chose to leave out. They didn’t dare to fight now but it didn’t mean that they gave up. Their strength was low for now but they could join with other mercenary groups to fight Xiao Yu. They would be making a fortune if they could get the orcs and elves under Xiao Yu’s rule. Moreover, they have heard that Xiao Yu had bunch of interspatial rings and other treasures on himself.

They left but few assassins were hidden in the jungle to check the movement of Xiao Yu. Because of Tyrande and Thrall skills Xiao Yu was aware of the existence of the few assassins. But he didn’t chose to kill them now. He wanted to see the strength of the orc tribe before making any decision.

The orc tribe was a backward one. They only had a witch doctor. Moreover, they had no way to heal or treat sick orcs. Food was their biggest problem. Elder orc who lost their strength because of age chose to go to exile. They fend for themselves as they didn’t want to drag behind the whole tribe. This was a tradition that had arisen because of helplessness.

However, the orcs will leave with Xiao Yu today. Their days of grief and despair would end. The orcs who were rescued Bengal city were having great time now. They had food and clothes. The elderly didn’t have to fend for themselves. The children could grow healthy.

“Fellow orcs! I promise that you will never be hungry or bullied from now on! You will see the glory of our tribe! We will regain what is ours by right!” Thrall loudly said as he stood in front of the orcs. The tribal orcs cheered in excitement.

Thrall told them that Xiao Yu was the one to summon them from the ancient times. He praised Xiao Yu’s sincerity, courage, modesty, kindness and wisdom. He told how Xiao Yu took them from one victory to another. Thrall was like a God to the orcs. Now, Xiao Yu was turning into one too. Normally, the orcs were forced into the depth of the mountains because of humans. However, it seemed that xiao Yu wasn’t like one of those despicable humans.

Xiao Yu gave them food, healing potions and treated them as his brothers.

There were about 300 orcs in the tribe. They didn’t have sophisticated weapons and they were weak because of malnutrition. However, it was because of the hardships that they had gone through. They would become elite warriors after they trained for a while.

Grunts gave their axes to the orcs while they used Glaive Throwers and ballistas. In the worst case, the grunts would use their fists to battle. Xiao Yu ordered the orcs to cut tree and make large logs. Last time the orcs had used logs to fight in the Bengal city so it would make sense for them to use this time too.

Xiao Yu didn’t stay in here for long but rushed to the next orc tribe after talking to these newly joined orcs. According to them several orc tribes lived in the Ankagen mountains.

The orcs preferred to live in several small tribes instead of living in one large tribe because of the hardships they faced. Xiao Yu had to rush now to save the other tribes from the plunder of the adventurers.

According to these orcs, Elves and Dwarves lived in the Ankagen mountains in addition to orcs. Tyrande was excited to hear this news.

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