WOWFRD – Ch 174

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Chapter 174

The adventurer frowned when he heard Xiao Yu’s answer: “Duke Xiao, what do you mean?”

Xiao Yu snapped his finger and the grunts raised the ballistas towards the adventurers. Their faces immediately changed.

Xiao Yu continued in a cold tone: “I said let go of the orc!”

The leader of the adventurers went towards Xiao Yu and said in a proud tone: “Duke Xiao Yu, you told us that we just have to pay for the cards to enter the Ankagen mountains. Now, we have caught the orc and it should be ours! Why do you want to take it away?”

Xiao Yu looked at the orc then at the man: “What why? This is my turf and I’m the leader of all the orcs and elves! What do you mean why?”

The adventurer replied: “Duke Xiao, the orcs that are with you are yours. But this one was caught in here.. Not all the orcs of the Ankagen mountains are yours!”

Xiao Yu raised his chin: “Yes! All the orcs and elves in the Ankagen mountains are mine! Look at these two! They are the tribal chiefs of the orcs. Let them talk to the orcs and you will know that they belong to their tribes. As the master of them all the orcs are mine. All of them are under my protection and anyone who wants to touch those orcs and elves will be offending me!”

Xiao Yu didn’t expect to find orcs in the depth of the Ankagen mountains. If he had known he would have told to these adventurers in advance. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was going to take the orc even it was at the expense of provoking more enemies. It was his commitment and it was the responsibility he had taken in front of Grom and Thrall.

The adventurers pulled out their weapon but Grom jumped over as he took out his heavy sword. He stared at them in a fierce manner. Grom had reached level 20 and was equal to a third-rank warrior of this world. Because of his extraordinary skills he could easily fight against 10 or more individuals who were at the third-rank. Grom was already angry when he saw fellow orcs being bullied. He would have gone to kill all of these adventurers long ago if not for Xiao Yu.

“Its … too much.” The leader of the adventurers saw that Xiao Yu was going to use force. He glanced at the grunts and saw that there were looking at them as if dead men. He knew that their end would be death if they dared to resist.

Moreover, they had already killed a few small adventurer teams along the way and plundered their treasures. In the Ankagen Mountains the law of the jungle was dominant. There were no legal constraints binding anyone. You could kill anyone if you had the strength.

The adventurers could do nothing but swallow their anger. They had to wait to get out of Ankagen mountains and go to Adventurers Union so that the union could sanction Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu winked at Thrall. Thrall stepped forward to tear up the rope of the orc. He looked at the orc: “My child.. You have suffered much. I’m Thrall and I’ve returned. I will lead you to glory.”

“Thrall? Are you the real Thrall?” The orc was in desperate situation. He wasn’t afraid of death but feared that the adventurers would attack his entire tribe. However, at the time of despair a bunch of orcs appeared out of nowhere. He knew that these orcs didn’t belong to Ankagen Mountains. Nevertheless, he could see that these orcs were very strong. Especially two which led them. In addition, those two had the temperament of the leaders. Moreover, the orc could see that Thrall was resembling the statue they were praying for.

Thrall summoned an orc totem. A light wrapped around the body of the orc and the scars and injuries on his body began to slowly heal.

“Totem! You are really the Thrall! We have been looking forward for your coming for too long. The ancient prophecy told us that the other leaders would return too! We have been waiting for you for too long…”

The orc had no doubts after seeing the totem. He knelt down to cry.

The orcs have been enduring too many grievances over the years. They were waiting for their leaders to return to take them to glory.

The orc was excited and happy to see Thrall return. Xiao Yu was surprised too. He was surprised to see Thrall to summon such a totem. Did Thrall have such a Totem? What was happening? Was Thrall self-comprehending the totems?

In fact, this totem was made by Thrall. It was the totem of Healing which could help the treatment of the orc warriors.

Thrall was under Xiao Yu and it seemed that the orc was subordinate of Thrall. So it was fair for Xiao Yu to come up at this point. The adventurers didn’t do anything but planned to take a revenge at a later time.

“Pass my message to other adventurers. If anyone dares to touch an orc or elf in the Ankagen mountains then I’ll go after him for the ends of this world to kill him!” Xiao Yu said in a cold tone.

The adventurers grunted as they left one by one. They knew that there was no way for them to take the orc from Xiao Yu.

It was like they found the treasure first but because of his strength Xiao Yu grabbed it from them. As old time adventurers they were used to such occurrences.

Xiao Yu looked at Thrall after the adventurers left: “Thrall tell him to take us to his tribe. There would be many adventurers there. Their tribe may be attacked if we are late. ”

Thrall nodded and bowed: “Thanks master.”

Thrall told to the orc that his tribe may be threatened and they left towards the location.

However, there was still hate in the eyes of the orc as he looked at Xiao Yu and other humans. Thrall explained to him that Xiao Yu was a great kind and would lead the orcs to glory. The orc didn’t object after Thrall’s words. Thrall was their god and he didn’t doubt him.

They reached the tribe within half an hour. However, they saw a gang of adventurers encircle the tribe when they reached the place.

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