WOWFRD – Ch 173

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Chapter 173

Tyrande was the second hero to reach level 20. She played huge role in killing rhino and other high-level monsters. She caused much greater damage to the low-level monsters as she would use multiple-arrows to kill few in one go. Her experience points increased much more than the other heroes and she upgraded rapidly.

Tyrande had 4 new skills after the upgrade:

Marked for Death (up to level 3): The archer can make a death mark on a target. The shot will have a chance of 10% injury and would cause 5% damage and the archer can track the unit even it goes invisible. The chance of shooting the target would increase by 10% and the damage given would increase by 5% on each upgraded level.

Ice Trap: (up to level 3): The archer places a trap in certain area. Ice would cover the enemy if it touches the trap and the enemy would be briefly frozen while the speed of the movement will be reduced too.

Beast Tracker (up to level 1): The archer can track beasts within the radius of 10 miles.

Serpent Sting (up to level 3): The arrows will have poins which would deal 258 damage per second to the enemy.

All four skills were very practical. The most useful ones in the Ankagen mountains were Beast Tracker and Marked for Death. Was there any more powerful skill than Beast Tracker in Ankagen mountains? They could find the beasts within the mountains or avoid them if their levels were too high.

Xiao Yu was worried about assassins that would come for him. Tyrande could use this skill to mark all those assassins. The ones who dared to come wouldn’t be able to run away from them. After pondering for a while Xiao Yu added points to Marked for Death and Beast Tracker.

Blademaster had 3 skills after reaching level 20:

Enhanced Omnislash (up to level 3): The blademaster can quickly move behind the target and make two rapid Omnislashes. The number of Omnislash would increase by 2 with each upgrade.

Bloody Berserker (up to level 3): Blademaster will enter a berserker state where his attack speed would increase by 10%. In addition, the injuries caused by his attacks would have a bleeding effect. The attack speed will increase by 10% on each upgrade.

Sword Mastery (up to 5): Blademaster comprehend the use of sword. The sword skills of the Blademaster and his attack strength increases with each upgrade. (TL: The literal translation is Unity of Sword and Man)

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw the 3 skills. Enhanced Omnislash was just too cool. Grom could appear behind the enemy in a flash and chop two continuous Omnislashes. The number of Omnislashes would reach 6 when that skills reached level 3. Who would resist 6 consecutive Omnislashes?

Bloody Berserker which increased the speed of attacks was good too. The Sword Master was similar to Antonidas’s Magic Mastery skill. They would be self-comprehending their attacks which was good to enhance the overall strength of Grom. Xiao Yu added two points to Enhanced Omnislash.

Cairne had reached level 18 after days of slaughter. Xiao Yu added two skill points to Weapon Specialization skill to enhance Cairne’s close combat ability. Thrall had reached level 18 too. Xiao Yu added 2 skill points to Far Sight skill and 1 point to Earth Shield skill. The Far Sight skill was very strange. It seemed like an auxiliary skill but no one knew what kind of role it would play at 5th level. Xiao Yu believed that system wouldn’t ask for so many skill points for no reason. It had to have a great use.

Xiao Yu reached level 18 after commanding the battles to kill countless high-level beasts and monsters. He was surprised as it seemed that killing high-level (lvl 3 and 4) monsters would bring experience points much better than fighting in battlefields. He didn’t know that the team’s experience points would be much more if they fought high-level beasts that were comparable to bosses from the game.

Xiao Yu had 4 skill points to use when he reached level 18. He added 3 skill points to Enhanced Omnislash and 1 skill point to Ice Armor.

“Motherfucker! I have the Shield of the Templars, Ice Barrier and Ice Armor! Who can break through those?” Xiao yu was too proud of his accomplishments.

They couldn’t find the Dark City but Xiao Yu wasn’t anxious. Rather than that they were roaming inside the Ankagen mountains and killing beasts right and left. The number of adventurers were less and less as they strolling into the depth of the mountains. Only group of powerful adventurers were able to roam so deep into the place. The others would get eaten by monsters or quit before they died.

Master Alma was using a strange magical item to bring together teachers and students of the Magic and Knights Academies of the Shire city. At the end of the day the dangers lurking in the Ankagen Mountains were far beyond their expectations.

Xiao Yu tried his best to help these students. It was a very big opportunity to sway their opinion towards the Lion territory. The students felt in awe when they saw Xiao Yu’s tactics, the way he killed so many beasts without casualties. Their hearts trembled as they watched grunts kill those beasts and monsters. The visual impact of grunts using the Glaive Throwers were much more effective. They couldn’t think of a mage or warrior who could encounter the Glaive Throwers and stay alive. They believed that they were like 10 year old children in comparison to elite grunts and elf archers.

The students matured as they fought alongside Xiao Yu and his team. They saw the tactics used by Xiao Yu were much different than the strategies told to them in academy. Their impression of Xiao Yu changed once more. The lord wasn’t only powerful but smart too. He was indeed worthy of being Xiao Zhan Tian’s son.

They didn’t know that Xiao Yu’s thinking was totally different and had no relationship to Xiao Zhan Tian.

It was already 7 days that Xiao Yu had entered the Ankagen Mountains but they hadn’t reached the gates of the Dark City. Finding Dark City within the Ankagen Mountains was like searching for a needle in the middle of haystack.

They were planning to go back after a few more days. The purpose of getting the students to have real life experience had reached.

This day Xiao Yu met a group of adventurers. There were more than 30 individuals and their average strength was third-rank or more. It was a very strong team or they wouldn’t be able to roam in this part of the mountains.

The adventurers raised their chins when they saw Xiao Yu come over. They wanted to show off in front of him.

“Duke Xiao, its not just you who has orc slaves! We have found an orc and got the trace of the rest of them.. There is an orc tribe close by and we will be catching them.. hahaha…. ”

Xiao Yu had extorted all these adventurers back in the Lion city. They didn’t dare to resist Xiao Yu back then when a group of grunts looked at them holding ballistas. Now, they wanted to show off as they had captured an orc slave.

Xiao Yu saw the tied up orc. He looked at the orc as he spoke in an ice cold tone: “Let him GO!”

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    1. I dont think the orc is from his town but part of his territory because that part is from him too . The same way going to died XD

  1. Isn’t Marked for Death broken skill? So even if the target is way more powerful he still has a %10 chance of getting injured? For example using it on Theodore. Even if Tyrande fired 10000 arrows she wouldn’t be able to do anything to Theodore, but this skill has %10 chance of injuring Theodore even if he is beyond the level of Tyrande? That’s just broken af!

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