WOWFRD – Ch 172

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Chapter 172

The rhino would do much damage if it could roam the way it wanted. However, Xiao Yu was able to disable its movement and vision. The correct tactics used by Xiao Yu minimized the casualties and brought the victory.

Boom~ Master Alma shot another fireball which crashed to the giant rhino’s body and killed it. The rhino’s huge body smashed down.

“We killed it! We actually killed a fourth-rank beast!” The students of the Magic and Knights Academies were in excitement. They would be showing off to others when they got back. The students were more interested and eager about the glory of killing such a beast rather than financial profits.

There was a smile on Master Alma’s face. He had killed a lot of powerful beasts and monsters in the past but it was first time to kill one such as the rhino.

Because of mana potions he was able to show his prowess the best he could. However, he was still aware that he wouldn’t be able to kill such a monster if it wasn’t for Xiao Yu’s strategy and help. A mage would always need a shield in front to protect him and get him time to cast the magic. Otherwise, the beast would kill him. Master Alma had many people protecting him but none of them could withstand the attacks of the rhino. Only the Kodo beasts used by Xiao Yu were able to limit rhino’s attacks.

“Master Alma, choose any part you want!” Xiao Yu didn’t get the corpse of the rhino but asked Master Alma to pick first.

The body of such a beast was priceless but Xiao Yu wasn’t in hurry. In comparison he wanted to have better relationship with Master Alma.

Master Alma said: “I want its horn to make a magic item. I know that horn is the most expensive material in this rhino’s body but I really need it. I would be ready to compensate with money for it.”

Alma knew that he had played a great role in beating the beast but the credit went to Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu should be the one to distribute the parts of the monster’s body.

Xiao Yu waved his hand: “Master Alma no need to be polite. We wouldn’t be able to kill this rhino if it wasn’t for you. You deserve the horn.”

Alma was comforted with Xiao Yu’s words.

Xiao Yu turned to look at the students from Magic and Knights academies: “All of you have worked hard to kill this rhino. However, its body is too small to be cut into so many parts. I will keep its body but I will give 1000 gold coins to each of you as compensation.”

The students were in joy when they heard Xiao Yu’s words. In fact, they didn’t play much of a role in today’s battle so they didn’t think that they even deserve anything. By giving the horn of the rhino Xiao Yu was already giving face to all the teachers and students. It was very benevolent of him to give additional 1000 gold coins per student.

They wouldn’t retort even if Xiao Yu decided not to give them anything. Moreover, they were relying on Xiao Yu’s protection as they roamed in the mountains.

In fact, Xiao Yu was giving out so many gold coins to sway the minds and recruit potential mages and knights to his territory. There would never ever be too many talents.

Xiao Yu put the corpse of the rhino into an interspatial ring and they continued to explore the place to find the location of the Dark City.

The students of the Magic and Knights academies had comfortable life following Xiao Yu. They didn’t face danger but enjoyed delicious food everyday. It was as if they were out in picnic. Many of those students were already pondering to join Xiao Yu after the graduation. The lord was mighty, rich and righteous. They would have a promising future if they followed him.

They should have reached the Dark City according to the instructions on the map. However, they still couldn’t find it. At some point Xiao Yu suspected the map was fake. However, Master Alma said that it was a true map because if it was made by an assassin from past. A great assassin nicknamed Skywalker who had lived about 100 years ago was the one to draw this map. The man didn’t like to assassinate others but enjoyed adventuring and exploring ruins. He had spent most of his life to explore the remains of ruins and leave maps for the future generations. However, all of those maps were hidden in many different places waiting for the ones who were destined to find them.

Actually, the map which everyone was used was already broken into half. The other half was bitten and eaten by a rat. In addition to Dark City, there might be other treasures in the Ankagen mountains which had driven crazy so many adventurers.

“What about the other half of the map?” Xiao Yu wondered. There were many legends that Ankagen mountains were full of treasures. However, no one dared to get into the depth as it was very dangerous. It was said that there were even orcs and elves living in them.

Xiao Yu didn’t let go of any large beast that they met along the way. They couldn’t find the entrance to Dark City but it didn’t mean that they had to go back empty-handed.

They were able to kill many monsters because of Xiao Yu’s tactics, powerful weapons, warriors and mages. The blood of the students were boiling as they saw one large monster after another fall in their hands. In addition, there was no casualties from their sides which was already a miracle.

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu made sure that they bypassed and walked around if they met any fifth or sixth-rank beast. He couldn’t take that risk on his own. Actually, if someone on Theodore’s level was with him then he would dare to kill those monsters too.

Few heroes had levelled up because of killing many beasts along the way.

Antonidas was the first to reach level 20. In addition, he had few more skills available to him.:

Ice Spear (up to level 5): Magician can condense and shoot an ice spear. The spear can penetrate through multiple target. The strength of the ice spears increase by 25% on each level.

Ice Armor (up to level 3): Magician can use an Ice Armor to enhance his/her defense. The attacker’s speed of movement can be reduced by the Ice Armor.

Spell Mastery (up to level 3): The mage can get more profound understanding of the magic which could enhance the release speed and power of spells. It is a long process where the strength of the magician gets more powerful by continuous research. The magician may even create their own new spells.

Xiao Yu was excited when he saw the new skills. The Ice Spear was perfect for killing huge beasts and monsters so he made sure than a skill point was added to it. The Ice Armor was able to enhance the armor of Antonidas which was another layer of protection for his safety. In addition, Xiao Yu was planning to use this skill himself too. It could increase the armor and slow down the enemy. If he used Wind Walk in addition to Ice Armor then he would be too cool in the battlefield. The most surprising skill was Spell Master. It could make Antonidas reach a new level. Antonidas was one of the greatest magicians of the ancient era so it was justifiable for him to have such skills.

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      1. name just tells you that he was someone who could walk around places unhindered like he was walking in the sky..

  1. Mc should get spell mastery for himself tbh… How far can he go with just skills? He needs the capacity to learn small spells too and all of his spell can become even more powerful and duration shortened.

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