WOWFRD – Ch 171

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Chapter 171


The huge fireball hit the rhino’s head. The impact of the fireball made the rhino dizzy as it stood still for a long while without a reaction.

The strength of the fireball thrown by a fourth-rank magician like Master Alma could destroy a phalanx of a heavy infantry in the battlefield. At worst case, it could kill half of those soldiers. The magician could continue to kill tens of thousands of soldiers if the mana was unlimited. This is what it meant to be a high-level wizard.

Master Alma’s fireball was the signal that the other mages to begin to attack rhino’s body. The damage wouldn’t be great if few students attacked. But there were lots of them an because of the quantity of the attacks the quality of the attacks changed too. Xiao Yu saw all kinds of magical attacks from lightning to fireball, from thunder to earth magic. The rhino didn’t have opportunity to raise its head.  Xiao Yu had divided the magicians into teams and they were attacking in turns without a stop.

A psychological pressure would be put on any enemy whether human or beast because of the continuous and uninterrupted magical attacks. The rhino didn’t know how many mages attacked itself. Even the students didn’t think that their magic attacks could reach such shocking strength if used together.

An ordinary person would think that the Armageddon was occurring if he or she saw the scene.

Moreover, it was one of the reasons why uninterrupted air bombing was used in the Earth. It could destroy the will of the enemy.

In addition to the mages, the riflemen weren’t idle either. They shot at will. The bullets didn’t do much to rhino’s body but they caused distress to the beast.

The grunts were using Glaive Throwers and Ballistas to attack the monster’s body. The strength of the spears shot from the ballista wasn’t enough to penetrate rhino’s body. However, Glaive Throwers made huge cuts and the blood sprayed out without a stop.

In the blink of an eye, the rhino was in a dare situation. It had never been in such a situation since birth. It roared as its huge body hit the rocky place. The ground and the hills shook. The mages standing on the steep rocks almost fell down.

“Don’t stop! Continue! ” Xiao Yu loudly shouted.

Boom~… A fireball thrown by Master Alma hit rhino’s head once again and made its body unstable. The rhino was powerful but it didn’t think that it would face such a situation from the start. This was the reason Xiao Yu focused on heavy fire in the shortest time frame to bombard it. He was planning to diminish its will to fight.

Previous adventurers weren’t successful because they focused on individual strength to attack the beast instead of team play. The rhino would focus on the adventurers one by one and counterattack them without receiving a damage.

However, now the mages went all out in a short period of time which caused huge blow to the beast. The rhino finally was able to ran out of the range of magicians after rambling to and back for few times. The rhino’s body didn’t have an inch of intact skin by then.

The students were excited to see a situation where they were able to make a fourth-rank rhinoceros to ran back. Xiao Yu nodded when he saw the effect of collective attacks. The rhino was seriously injured making its speed reduce.

Xiao Yu once again jumped into the cave and used the Ashbringer to provoke the rhino.

Rhino howled as it saw Xiao Yu enter the cave. It looked at Xiao Yu with furious eyes. The provocation made by Xiao Yu made it very angry. However, it didn’t attack. As a beast with certain amount of wisdom it knew that Xiao Yu was trying to attract it into another ambush. If it rushed out once again then its end would come.


Rhino roared but didn’t attack. Xiao Yu continued to provoke it by pointing Ashbringer at the beast and waving the sword. However, the rhino stayed still regardless of Xiao Yu’s provocations.

“It is a smart beast.” Xiao Yu whispered.

Rhino was one of the beasts in the upper part of the pyramid in terms of hierarchy within the Ankagen mountains. It acted fearless even if it met beasts powerful than itself. Rhino normally charged through relying on its physical advantages. But the wide range of magical attacks weren’t something that it could withstand. If it stayed there for long then it would be killed.

Xiao Yu saw that the cave wasn’t big. The magicians couldn’t be brought in as they would be injured if the rhino blindly attacked them.

“Anyway, there is no reason for fear as its seriously injured.”

Xiao Yu was planning another formation to take the initiative to attack and kill the rhino. The grunts were still the main force he was going to rely on to kill the rhino. Their bodies were tough and they had heavy armor. They wouldn’t be killed even if rhino hit them.

The grunts came in holding ballistas and Glaive Throwers. The Kodo beasts were in front of them. The Kodo Beasts wouldn’t be hurt even if rhino attacked them head on at this point so Xiao Yu was using them as shields.

The magicians were still divided into several teams but stayed far away under the protections of knights. They waited for Xiao Yu’s orders.

Rhino was angry when it saw that the enemy went into its nest. However, there was a trace of fear in its eyes. The law of the jungle was simply. The strong ruled in the Ankagen mountains. However, now the weak had the upper hand!


Rhino roared loudly but didn’t dare to take the initiative to attack.

“Kodo beasts move!” Xiao Yu commanded 10 kodo beasts to move in and surround the rhino. The others would attack from the gaps.

“Attack!” Xiao Yu shouted. The war drums on the kodo beasts began to be played. At the same time, Tyrande shot at rhino’s eye.

The eyes of any beast or monster would be weak. Elf archers didn’t play much of a role during the battle as their arrows couldn’t penetrate through the thick skin of rhino. However, their price shoots were irreplaceable. They could shoot at its eyes to disturb beast’s line of sight.

Rhino immediately closed its eyes. The arrow hit its eye but it couldn’t penetrate through its thick eyelids. The rhino opened its eyes but other elves began to shoot at it.

Rhino didn’t have choice but close its eyes.


Rhino roared as it moved right and left to cause damage to the enemy. However, the large bodies of the kodo beasts were able to withstand its attacks.

Rhino was affiliated with earth system so it could make ground shake or spikes appear from the ground. However, it couldn’t use the magic yet.


Master Alma’s fireball was shot once again and hit rhino’s head. Countless other attacks were launched at the same time. Rhino wanted to counterattack but it wasn’t successful. It was trapped in a corner.


This chapter was co-produced by Caleb Dunaway

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    1. Depends on what you mean by magicians. Each faction has their spellcasters, but most of them are support units, there’s not any type that has purely offensive spells.

      He’s already got the shamans for orcs, but they can only buff or dispel, witchdoctors are for healing and the spirit walkers are for… survivality I guess.

      The others factions have priests, druids, necromancers etc. , but they should all be support, except maybe druid of the wilds which can become heavy melee troops.

      Amongst the heroes, it’s the Archmage, Blood Elf Mage, Far Seer, Lich, Keeper of the Grove / Archdruid which could be considered magicians, but he’s got a hero limit for each tier, so he can only get new ones as he gets higher in tier.

        1. The humans have sorceresses, priests and blood elf spell breakers.

          Sorceress has slow, polymorph and invisibility
          Priest has heal, inner fire (buff) and dispel (200 dmg to summoned units) I think
          Blood Elves have buff steal (take positive buffs from enemies to allies and negative buffs from allies to enemies) and control magic (take control of summoned units).

          I’ll just link this here for any further questions.

  1. The Rhino was cornered, even the most timid animal will bite if push in the corner…it might amok and run berserk.

  2. If it’s such a smart beast why isn’t it running away? Not like they can chase it with so many magicians… Only kodo beasts would be able to give chase if it ran away full speed but they couldn’t do much to it…

  3. I always shake my head when I see a beast or something close its eyes to take an attack and it’s completely fine afterwards…

    I took a tennis ball to the eye once and closed my eyelids, but it still knocked me onto my arse and left me with a dizzy head for a few minutes. Granted, I’m not a magic beast, but eyes are just that sensitive that an eyelid won’t stop anything without allowing some shock through, even if it’s made of stone or metal.

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