WOWFRD – Ch 170

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Chapter 170

Master Alma was stunned when he saw the rhino from afar. This kind of a monster had brute strength like most fifth-rank beasts. It was a bold move by Xiao Yu to try to kill it. Master Alma knew that his weak body could be trampled over by this beast if he wasn’t careful. However, he had already agreed so there is no option to back away.

At the same time, Xiao Yu was arranging the formations to kill the rhino. He had Master Alma so the condition of using the fire power was solved out.

All the mages including Antonidas, Lin Muxue and Mu Han were divided into two fronts. They were standing on top of two steep rocks. It was made so that they could be protected from the attacks of the rhino and attack the rhino at the same time. Moreover, the knights were set to protect them. The legs of the students from the Knights Academies had gone soft long ago when they saw the rhino. Fortunately for them Xiao Yu had commanded them to protect the mages. However, all of them wondered how Xiao Yu was going to kill the rhino.

There was a mysterious smile on Xiao Yu’s face as he faced the mages. He gave a bottle of mana potion to all the mages. “Your mana reserves would be full after drinking them.” Xiao Yu knew that there would be lots of casualties if he focused on close combat against rhino. So he was going to rely on magic attacks. In addition, he had given 10 bottles of mana potions to Master Alma.

The eyes of all the students almost popped out of their eye sockets when they saw the mana potions. They had heard about mana potions but they had never seen them. How the hell did this lord get so many bottles of mana potions?

Master Alma was upset at first when Xiao Yu had come up with the idea. The magicians had two weaknesses. First was weak bodies and the other was the limited mana capacity. The magician would be no different than an ordinary person if his mana was depleted. Generally, the mages would use the spells in moderation as a mage with no mana was in a completely dangerous situation. Now, Master Alma felt comfortable as he didn’t have to worry about his mana reserve. At first, he was planning to use several magic attacks and save strength for worst case. However, now he was going to use the most powerful fireballs he knew.

Master Alma was going to show the students what a fourth-rank magician was capable of.

Everyone was looking at Xiao Yu to see how he was going to deal with the rhino.

What kind of strategy was he going to come up with?

It didn’t take long when they understood Xiao Yu’s tactic. Xiao Yu wasn’t going to use neither orcs nor Cairne but Kodo beasts.

Usually, Kodo beasts were used to increase the morale of the grunts and orcs. Their strength wasn’t much. At level 3 Kodo beasts had Trample Skill, at level 6 Sprint and at level 10 they had Swallow skill activated. The Swallow skill was very cool but it had restrictions.

Now, these 10 Kodo beasts that he had could only use the Trample. They could deal with human soldiers very easily but the effect wasn’t much against the demonic beasts or monsters.

Their attack strength was low but their skins were thick. Generally, sword cuts wouldn’t even left a mark on their skin. Moreover, they were tall. They weren’t as tall as the rhino but when 10 ten of them stood together they had strong momentum. It would be difficult even for the rhino to kill them all.

Xiao Yu believed that they could block rhino for enough time frame so that the team of mages could attack to give serious injuries to it.

“Cairne, Battle Roar,” Xiao Yu said as he looked at Cairne.

Bloodhoof stood in front of the cave and issued a roar. The roar reverberated within the cave and the cliffs around the place.

Xiao Yu had covered in ears in advance but the others weren’t prepared. The buzzing sound echoed in the ears of everyone. Cairne’s roar was multiplied because of the surrounding too.


Another roar echoed after Cairne stopped.

The rhino didn’t care about the few adventurers who had lurked into its cave. It killed few and injured others and continued to sleep. However, it felt a threat from Cairne’s roar. Right now, Cairne’s level was low and he couldn’t compete with the rhino. But he was an ancient hero and the chief of Tauren tribes. The beast was sensitive towards Cairne.

Rumble~ … The earth shook as the rhino opened its eyes to rush out from the cave. It’s eyes lit up when it got out off the cave.

Fourth-rank beast had certain level of wisdom which was reflected in its eyes. Normally, no beast or monster dared to enter its territory. However, there were many humans and strange beasts in front of it. It didn’t rush to attack but stopped still to check the tall Kodo beasts.

In this time-frame a human rushed out to stop in front of it. Human began to wave the heavy sword in his hand to provoke it.

A human? A mere human dares to provoke it?! The rhino couldn’t bear anymore. IT roared in fury as it rushed towards the person. However, the person disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Naturally, that person was Xiao Yu. He had gone to the front to provoke and attract the rhino so that magicians could attack it. He had Teleport, Sprint, Heroic Leap and other powerful skills which could be used to save his life so he didn’t care about the threat that rhino was.

The rhino was a very strong beast. It could even trample through a fourth-rank warrior without getting injured. But Xiao Yu’s timely teleportation helped him to avoid this danger.

Xiao Yu teleported to a distance and raised his sword to provoke rhino once again. Rhino was furious as it rushed towards him.

A huge fireball flew down towards rhino when it reached the side of the cliffs and hit its head.

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