WOWFRD – Ch 17

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Chapter 17

“Master we have to retreat. The orc soldiers are too strong and we simply can’t send our soldiers into the gates of the town. It’s just sending them to death.” The guard standing by Carrie whispered.

Carrie’s face was gloomy as he hadn’t expected to face such an outcome.

The number of soldiers on the other side was obviously several times less than theirs. However, with the help of strong orc soldiers and as well as those excellent archers, Xiao Yu was able to overturn the outcome of the battle. It made Carrie angry.

Where did Xiao Yu get those orc soldiers from?

Orcs have never been compatible with humans. How could they fight for a human? Does it mean that Orcs and Xiao Yu have made an alliance? It must the only reasonable answer. Otherwise, orcs would never help humans.

The orcs were almost extinct. But they were intelligent beasts. It must be that they have migrated to the periphery of the Ankagen Mountains and want to develop a colony by the Lion town. As a result, Xiao Yu and Orcs have made an unusual alliance.

Carrie hesitated for some time. However, during that time another 200 soldiers died. The archers were excellent and soldiers didn’t have a place to hide from arrows.

Soldiers had shields and armors but it could not protect them forever. They could avoid one arrow but the second or third arrow would take them to the afterlife.

“Retreat.” Carrie looked at the sturdy town walls. He understood that he had to get back. The terrain at the town gates was narrow and was blocked by the orcs. His troops couldn’t bypass the place.

They had a magician and could have broken through the gates with the mage’s help. However, Magician Kumar told them that Xiao Yu had an extremely powerful archer. Master Kumar was wounded and he wouldn’t easily go forward.

“I will step into that town the next time!” Coldness flashed past in Carrie’s eyes as he looked at the battlefield.

Soldiers were relieved to hear the order to retreat. The arrows were like endless rain that fell upon them. Moreover, they didn’t have the courage to face orc soldiers face to face.

Xiao Yu stood up and narrowed his eyes when he saw the enemy soldiers retreat. He was pondering about the pursuit.

He hesitated for a while but decided not to pursue the enemy soldiers. They had already achieved great results but they had relied on solid walls of the town, the strength of orc warriors and accuracy of the elite archers.

However, Xiao Yu believed that he would lose all the advantage once they began to fight on the plains.

There was no problem with the assault of the orcs. But elf archers were too fragile. The casualties would be great if they continued on.

Elf archers were extremely powerful in long-range attacks but their shortcoming was that they were very weak in melee combat. Even an ordinary bandit could easily kill them as long as the distance problem was solved.

Xiao Yu had seen this shortcoming in previous fights against the bandits. That’s why he was very careful in his usage of the archers.

Xiao Yu had asked the problem he was facing to the system. The answer given by the system had perplexed him. In short, there could be some improvement to the melee combat abilities of the elves but it couldn’t be overcome. It was also the shortcoming of the game. Actually, the advantages of the game system were prominent, but the shortcomings were prominent too. The game system wasn’t like the real life where you could train the soldiers in all aspects of combat.

The soldiers of the town began to cheer up as they watched Carrie’s troops retreat. Some of them even cried in excitement.

All of them thought that they would be killed and the town would fall. They expected their parents, children, and spouses to be hurt in the process. However, they didn’t expect that under the leadership of the prodigal son they would defeat Carrie’s troops.

They were able to beat an army of 5000 soldiers with less than 1000 people. In the process at least 3500 soldiers from the enemy side were massacred. It was already a great victory.

The elf archers and orc warriors stood still like trees as they couldn’t express their excitements.

“We won, we won!” Soldiers began to shout in unison.

Xiao Yu’s fourth sister-in-law Suesha wiped her blood-stained sword. She had thought like the others that the town would be broken through and no one would be able to escape death.

Suesha wondered where this prodigal son got those elite soldiers. It was simply a miracle. She looked at Xiao Yu who was standing on the wall and holding a glass of red wine in his hand. Xiao Yu was looking like a mighty commander.

“Is he really that prodigal son? It is as if he is a different person.” Suesha was thinking about the change Xiao Yu had gone through. It seemed as if he was a hero who has taken the responsibility to save the town. But the next moment, she found out that Xiao Yu’s eyes were secretly aimed at the thighs of the female archer next to him.

The wind was blowing hard on top of the wall. As a result, side of the huge cloak was blown up and Tyrande’s thighs were exposed.

Xiao Yu’s saliva was flowing down the glass of wine.

“A dog can’t help but eat shit.” Suesha cussed in anger. She went down quickly through the stairs to inform her sisters about the good news.

Suesha slammed open the door of the hall. The four sisters were sitting around a simple round table. There was a honey juice on top of the table. They were waiting for the results of the battle.

They were going to drink it when the town was broken into.

Housekeeper Hong was standing next to ladies. The hall was filled with a gloomy aura.

“First sister, Second sister, Third sister, Fifth sister…” Suesha rushed in. Her clothing was covered in blood after the battle.

“Fourth-sister, did they broke into the town? We heard their cheers and we are going to die together today. Come, join us.” Xiao Yu’s eldest sister in law Yin sighed and picked up the pot of the honey juice. She began to pour it into bowls in front of everyone.

“No! Sister we won! We have defeated Carrie’s army!” Suesha blocked Yin when she saw her pour the poison.

“What?” All four ladies and Housekeeper Hong were shocked as they looked at Suesha.

“Fourth-sister, are you confused? We don’t have a proper army. How could we defeat Carrie’s army?” Sister Yin asked.

She couldn’t believe Suesha’s words.

“Yes, sister! That prodigal son has hired a group of mercenaries which have orc soldiers. We defeated Carrie’s troops and they retreated back.” Suesha quickly explained.

“What? Xiao Yu has hired orc mercenaries…” Qiyin and other ladies turned to look at Suesha.

They could understand him hiring mercenaries. But orcs?! Haven’t orcs gone extinct?

Suesha quickly came to the table and threw out the pot full of poison: “I don’t know how that prodigal son hired the orcs but we defeated Carrie’s troops. Check outside! We are all are celebrating the victory.”


The full proverb used by Suesha (Xue Sha) is “A dog can’t help but eat shit; a leopard can’t change its spots.” <- I believe there is no need to explain what it means… 😉


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  1. That is just sad as the Orcs and Elves have no emotion. They only respond when they’re shitty master need them to be.

  2. An Easy Win 😀 , if i him, i will attack them again at night with hit and run tactic, decrease their number bit by bit ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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