WOWFRD – Ch 169

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Chapter 169

Xiao Yu’s aim was to have good impression on students of Magic and Knights Academies even though he didn’t know whether they would join Lion territory in the future. Actually, if his strength raised a lot then they would join him in the future on their own. Lots of beasts tried to attack them along the way but they didn’t cause any threat. In reverse, it was Xiao Yu’s interspatial rings that were getting full of beasts and monsters. He knew that those could be sold for good price or magic weapons or equipment could be made.

The strength of the magic item would increase when an advanced material was used for making it.

According to the map they had to be close to the Dark City. However, it seemed that the map wasn’t accurate. The terrain seemed to be changed after so many years. They faced more advanced beasts and monsters as they went into the depths of the mountains. As time passed, a lot of adventurers came to seek refuge with Xiao Yu’s group. He didn’t want them to become burden to his group so Xiao Yu ordered them to make groups and stay in the rear. But he would always welcome any magician who came to find help with them.

Xiao Yu asked the magicians for the affiliation and afterwards put them in formations. These magicians would be effective in case they encountered a high-level beast or monster. Normally, those mages were weak on their own but the strength of their attacks increased a lot if they attacked in groups. Most of these magicians were students from the academies so they listened to Xiao Yu’s words without a question. Xiao Yu accepted students from Knights Academies too but he commanded them to protect the mages instead of fighting in the front. The students from the Knights Academies weren’t convinced at first but they backed down and didn’t dare to question Xiao Yu after they saw the strength of grunts in action.

Most of those students dreamed of killing orcs to prove their courage. Actually, some of them had plans about acting so after they left the Lion city into the Ankagen Mountains. However, they felt fortunate that they haven’t acted against orcs after entering because they saw the grunts fight monsters. It seemed that an orc could kill several of them with ease.

Level 10 grunts weren’t too strong but all of them had buffs from totems and Bloodthirst skill of the shamans. Their strength increased by several times after this. They were like humanoid killing machines.

“Don’t go that way! There is a large beast over there! It’s as tall as a hill and it feels an earthquake is occurring when it moves!” Several adventurers ran back from front and spoke in panic.

Xiao Yu commanded grunts to bring those adventurers to get details about the monster from them.

These adventurers were the people who were scouts. They walked in front to explore the area before others moved in. Xiao Yu learned the details from them. He wanted to go check for himself the beast. If it was too strong then they would move around but otherwise he wasn’t planning to miss the opportunity.

Xiao Yu and Grom went ahead to the direction shown by those escaping adventurers. It didn’t take long before they reached a cave. A monster was lying inside as it sneezed once in a while.

“Such a large rhinoceros!” Xiao Yu’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. The body of the rhino was ten meters long and its body was covered in thick leather.

It could kill others just by charging forward. It was no wonder that the scouts had escaped in panic.

“This rhino should be fourth-rank beast. There would be a layer of magic halo covering its body if it was fifth-rank beast. Most probably it tramples over people… It would be very difficult to kill this rhino as its skin is too thick!” Xiao Yu pondered about ways to kill the rhino. He believed that they would be able to kill it easily if they had a powerful magician by their side. The grunts were strong but they couldn’t compete with this beast.

Cairne could kill it if he had reached level 30 and had T3 armor set. However, Cairne’s level was too low now. He had reached level 16 when they finished the Eagle camp. But there were no large-scale wars since then and Cairne hadn’t leveled up.

Xiao Yu had planned to get rid of Carrie and his father before coming to Ankagen mountains to improve the level of his warriors. However, he couldn’t because of many reasons. As a result, he ordered Arthas to harass the territory with ghouls and he had sent Raiders to plunder the villages to decrease the morale of the population.

Now, Xiao Yu had Carrie’s father were in hostile situation. He couldn’t let them get better even if he didn’t go to attack them now. Moreover, Carrie’s father wouldn’t attack the Lion city as he must have heard about the bandits and their demise.

Subaru couldn’t breakthrough to Lion city with hundreds of thousands of bandits. Would they be successful with ten thousand or so soldiers?

Xiao Yu returned back after the investigation. He wanted to kill the rhino as it would be much better than killing dozens of third-rank beasts. He found out that students and teachers from Magic Academy that Lin Muxue attended had come to join their group when they came back. Master Alma had taken care of many students along the way but there were dead and injured ones. The dangers lurking in the Ankagen Mountains was beyond their expectations.

The students were jealous when they saw Lin Muxue and Mu Han sat in bamboo chairs and leisurely eat and drink. It was as if they were sight-seeing!

“Master Alma! How’s the adventure? Have you caught many beasts?” Xiao Yu was happy to see master Alma. It would be very easy to kill the rhino with the help of a fire magician like master Alma. The fireballs shot by Master Alma wouldn’t be worse than a small missile from modern Earth.

“There are way too many beasts.. It hard to cope with all of them.” Master Alma replied. He was here to protect students from dangers but not to kill beasts for his own. The situation would be much better if he had come here himself with his guards.

Xiao Yu took out plenty of foods, drinks, tables and chairs for Alma and others to feed on. The students clenched their teeth in anger when they saw that Xiao Yu and others were living comfortably in the Ankagen mountains. They had gone through so much suffering and hell! In addition, Xiao Yu had tents, beds and even bath tubs! Lin Muxue and Mu Han would take bath every day!

There were few who had interspatial rings out of ten thousands who had come to Ankagen mountains. Those few at beast would bring daily necessities and equipment for hunt in their interspatial rings.

Master Alma made his mind to follow Xiao Yu for a while after seeing the situation. At least, he would have a pleasant time during the trip. He would let the students kill few beasts along the way for experience. Moreover, there were some students who died during the trip. It would be very difficult for Master Alma and other teachers to explain when more died.

Xiao Yu said after Alma ate a bit: “Master Alma, there is a fourth-rank beast ahead. Should we kill it? You can take all its parts. ”

Master Alma looked at Xiao Yu when he heard Xiao Yu’s words. He knew about the importance of a fourth-rank beast and all kinds of magical items that could be refined from its body. He replied: “Alright.”

Master Alma wouldn’t dare to fight against a fourth-rank beast if he was with the students of the Magic Academy. He knew that fourth-rank beasts were much stronger than fourth-rank humans. However, there was Xiao Yu with him now and the situation was differen.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as a treacherous light flashed past his eyes.

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  1. Good novel… But it make me wonder about the undead a little… He is leaving them alone too much and it make me worry. I suppose that is because the author don’t like them too much.

    1. It’s realistic .. He cant uppear with undead anywhere or he will become public enemy number 1! Everyone will detest him and his warrior’s loyalty will drop drastically

    2. Undead don’t really need much attention to take care of them. Just make sure they’re not discovered by anyone harmful to them and they’ll be able to manage for pretty long.

      1. Not only that… He only need that they can’t be related to him and his Kingdom… He could create another persona just like with the bandits and very well use them

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