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Chapter 168

The number of warriors that could be summoned from the bases were restricted but their strength was much better than an average soldier. What did mean to be an elite warrior?

Tyrande and other elf archers were on top of trees and occupying the high terrain. They were ready to attack at any time. They were the kings of the forest. They could turn invisible in shadows and see farther than anyone.

Tyrande made a hand gesture after a little while. It meant that the wind wolves were about two hundred meters away from their current location and the wolves numbered at 240. Xiao Yu moved to the side when he saw the report. He believed that he didn’t even have to act. More than 200 wolves were rushing to their death.

The wails of wolves echoed not long after. A few second later, silver figures rushed towards the crowd. Ordinary humans would have fainted because of fear if they saw so many wolves. Lin Muxue and Mu Han turned pale white when they saw the sight even though they were protected by 10 footmen. They were like flowers grown in the greenhouses. As a result, they could react to even use the basic spells.

A feather arrows rushed out from the tree as if it was a meteor and pierced through the throat of a wolf. The wolf howled for one last time as its body knocked over several other wolves. It was Tyrande who had made the shot. Her arrows had the strength to penetrate through the thick skin of the wolves. Each arrow had buff from Rapid Fire, Aspect of the Hawk and Trueshot Aura which made her attacks no less powerful than the muskets of the riflemen. In addition, her attack was the signal for the rest of the archers to shoot. The arrows followed like rain as they targeted wolves.

The skin of demonic beasts and monsters was very hard. Ordinary archers couldn’t pierce through their skin. However, the elf archers had reached level 10 and the strength of the arrows shot by them was very strong.

Swoosh~ Swoosh~ Swoosh~

The sounds of the howls of the wind wolves echoed in the forest like a music. The riflemen shoot their muskets too. The bullets shot from the muskets of the riflemen were much better in strength than the arrows of the elf archers. Xiao Yu had taken them with himself so that he could use the riflemen in case they encountered a high-level beast. The muskets were still level 2 so their strength wasn’t much. Xiao Yu was looking forward to the day when he would upgrade the Human base. The muskets would rise a level in that case too.
Argh~ Aoo~

The speed of the wind wolves was very rapid because of their affinity to the wind. Rare humans could escape from the wind wolves. Grunts roared as they used their huge axes to rush towards the wind wolves. Cairne shot at them too. The shaman’s were using their Bloodthirsty skill to buff the grunts. The veins in the bodies of the grunts had bulged out as they were seeking the monsters to vent out their anger.


Beast One used his giant axe to hit the wind wolf. A second-rank wind wolf was killed on the spot. The speed of Grunts had increased because of the effects of the Bloodthirst used by the shamans. In addition they had heavy armor covering their bodies. Occasionarlly, the wind wolves would bite them but the injuries wouldn’t be heavy. The wind wolves were beaten without having chance or strength to parry with grunts.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

The speed of the wind wolves was too fast. However, the axes were too slow in comparison to the speed of the wolves. Sometimes, the grunts would just grab them and smash down to ground, punch them or directly whirl to hit at the trees.

Lin Muxue and Mu Han were dumbfounded as they watched the sight. What was happening? Aren’t these orcs no different than demonic beasts? The grunts were simply biting or punching the wind wolves… How strong those orc warriors were?

They believed that they could sweep through the continent if there were an army of 10,000 orcs like these. The riflemen weren’t much of a help when the combat turned into a melee battle. Their accuracy was low so they didn’t fire because they could injure friendly units.

Cairne and Grom shined in the battle. Cairne would rush into to rampage through the wolves. He didn’t care whether he was surrounded by few or many wolves. Cairne was like a mobile fortress. He trampled them and used two giant axes to kill them. Grom would use Wind Walk and Whirlwind to kill the wolves.

Wind wolves were low level creatures so their wisdom wasn’t high. Their companions continued to die but they continued to charge on. This behavior of the wolves led to their annihilation. It took less than a minute for all of them to die.

Lin Muxue and Mu Han were about to use magic to help the grunts but the battle was over..

“We will need them in the future.” Xiao Yu had more than enough interspatial rings so he could conveniently store the corpses of the wind wolves. Grunts were best at cleaning the battlefield. They would even get the underwear of the enemies let alone the wolves.

It took another minute to clean the battlefield. People would doubt that a battle happened in here if not for the traces of the violence left in scene.

More than 200 wolves were killed in less than a minute! They were known for their speed and viciousness!

Lin Muxue felt really lucky to have a fiancée who had an army such as this.

The crowd moved forward. They buried the corpses of the dead that were killed by the wind wolves. Xiao Yu treated the injured adventurers who were able to escape the wind wolves. However, he didn’t use the healing potions. He had a lot of them but they couldn’t be used casually.

He sprinkled the healing potions over the injuries of the grunts that were bitten by the wind wolves. The wounds disappeared in a speed visible to the eye.

The adventurers roaming close by were shocked when they heard that Xiao Yu’s team had killed more than 200 wind wolves. The lord of the Lion territory was too strong.

Xiao Yu and team continued to move into the depth of the mountains. They met students from the Magic and Knights Academies. Many were injured and there were quite a few dead students. The girls from the Magic Academy of the Shire city rushed into arms of Xiao Yu in tears when they met them. They didn’t imagine that the world would be so cruel. They were eager to adventure before but their nerves crushed when they saw the death of their schoolmates.

Xiao Yu was embarrassed when he faced such a situation. He put on gentleman’s appearance as he patted the shoulders of the girls and tried to comfort them.

Xiao Yu’s team found more students from the Magic Academy join them along the way. The students saw that Xiao Yu could deal with the beasts easily. The grunts would kill them. They vowed to never make a half a step away from Xiao Yu.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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