WOWFRD – Ch 167

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Chapter 167

This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu


One month passed…

Adventurers began to enter the Ankagen Mountians to look for the ruins of the legendary Dark City. Xiao Yu made millions of gold coins through the sales of cards, food, drink and accommodation during this time-frame.

Xiao Yu organized his own group as he saw the adventurers leave to the mountains. He chose Grom, Thrall, Cairne, Tyrande and Antonidas as core of the group. He left Uther to help Captain Hui to defend the Lion city. Uther’s blessings were effective to all human soldiers so he could double their combat effectiveness if a war occurred in his absence.

Xiao Yu took 100 grunts, 50 riflemen, 50 elf archers, 10 footmen, 10 kodo beasts and 10 shamans with him. He believed that he could cope with any problem unless a very big risk arose. Xiao Yu didn’t let Lin Muxue and Mu Han leave with their academy as he wasn’t sure that they could keep them safe. He was clear about the strength of the academy so he believed that they were safest by his side.

Suesha wanted to go with them too but Xiao Yu persuaded her that it wasn’t a play. He explained that Ankagen Mountains were untouched and all kinds of danger lurked inside. He couldn’t protect so many people if something dangerous happened.

Xiao Yu didn’t encounter beasts or monsters along the way. The wave of adventurers had killed almost all of them. There were more than ten thousand adventurers who roamed inside so they cleaned up them. The adventurers were like the men who saw the naked woman when they met those demonic beasts and monsters. They killed them before beasts knew what was happening.

Xiao Yu was silent as this solved one of the problems he faced. The most problematic part of the development for the Lion territory was the invasion of the beasts and monsters. Previously, Xiao Yu was sending grunts to clean the area and practice. However, the range was too big so there were lots of beasts that came to scourge the corps and hurt the population. Xiao Yu believed that beasts wouldn’t be a threat to Lion territory for a long while after this event.

The map identified the location of the Dark City. However, trees that were taller than ten meters appeared as they walked to the depth of the Ankagen mountains. They covered the sun light too. It was like they were walking in the labyrinth without direction. The adventurers began to spread out to explore the areas.

Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of getting lost as he had elves with him. It would be very strange for an elf to get lost in the forest.

Xiao Yu leisurely traveled. He believed that they would reach the Dark City in two days.

Generally, the bodies of the magicians were weak. It was difficult for them to hike for a long time. Xiao Yu had two chairs made out of bamboos which were carried by four grunts. Mu Han and Lin Muxue would use them to travel.The grunts were strong and Lin Muxue and Mu Han’s bodies were light. It was easy for the grunts to carry them.

Antonidas protested and wanted the same treatment too but Xiao Yu ignored him. Antonidas was a mage too but he wasn’t weak. Moreover, he wasn’t from this world so he could handle long journeys very easily because of his build. However, Antonidas was very lazy. He would never stand if he had chance to sit.

Lin Muxue and Mu Han were too kind-hearted. They would see Antonidas to walk and they would give their seats to him because of his age. Antonidas would have an expression of a grandpa from neighborhood when they did so. He would praise Lin Muxue and Mu Han because they honored the elders. Xiao Yu looked at the treacherous look on Antonidas’s face. He wanted to kick him down.

The level of beasts increased as they went into the depth of the mountains. The adventurers began to have casualties. Xiao Yu would often make sure that the wounded or injured adventurers they met on the way were bandaged. He couldn’t bear to see those adventurers in that state. On face it seemed that they had beautiful jobs but in reality they were facing death. Moreover, there was no mercy or mourning when they died. They were like ash drifting in between heaven and earth.

Xiao Yu would order grunts to burry the corpses of dead adventurers that they met along the way. Some adventurers who saw this informed others about the situation. He was winning the hearts of normal adventurers.

Most of those adventurers had no relatives or family with them. As a result, they were touched to see someone at least bury their corpses. Xiao Yu wasn’t doing this to earn their respect.

They met beasts and monsters too. However, Xiao Yu didn’t even have to act as his army was enough to solve the problem.

This day Xiao Yu and the group was moving forward when they heard noises ahead. Countless adventurers ran past by them.

Xiao Yu frowned as he pulled an adventurer: “What’s happening?”

“Wolves …wolves … … Wind wolves! Hundreds of them! Run! Run for your lives! ” The adventurer rapidly escaped.

“Wolves?” Xiao Yu frowned. All kinds of wolves were very tough, violent and bloodthirsty. Moreover, they were troublesome because they lived in packs. Even high level beasts avoided them because they would be torn to pieces when wolves swarmed over.

“Get ready to fight!” Xiao Yu commanded. He knew that they couldn’t escape with so many people. The only way out was to battle. The grunts roared when they heard Xiao Yu’s orders. They were born to fight.

Moreover, there were no large-scale wars and they were crazy to fight. Now, a chance had arisen. Thrall began to insert totems around the place to buff the grunts. Kodo beasts began to hit their drums to enhance the morale of grunts. Shamans began to enhance the strength of the grunts with their ability.

Cairne issued a Battle Roar which enhance their strength too.

A level 10 grunt could deal with a second-rank human warrior. Now, he had 100s of them with him.

The strength of Grom and Cairne was more terrifying. In this state, they could kill third-rank human warriors.

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