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Chapter 166

This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu


Mu Lingtian turned around. The expression on his face was extremely ugly. He was humiliated two consecutive times. Xiao Yu was bluntly saying that if it not was for his mercy then he would be killed long ago. Lingtian roared as he waved the sword in his hand and rushed at Xiao Yu once again.

Xiao Yu used the Wind Walk to move as he didn’t confront Lingtian. Mu Lingtian used different footwork and skills to catch up with Xiao Yu but couldn’t. He saw shadows of Xiao Yu in his vision but he couldn’t catch up with Xiao Yu in any possible way. In addition, Xiao Yu seemed like he was leisurely strolling around. Lingtian’s eyes had turned red as if he had turned mad.

“Lingtian! Do you remember what I have taught you? Patience! Don’t be impatient.” Lingtian’s teacher shouted out. He controlled himself when he heard teacher’s reminder and stopped to look at Xiao Yu. Lingtian took a deep breath and said in a cold manner: “What kind of duel this is if you keep escaping? Throw the towel if you don’t want to fight and dodge! It’s a cowardly behavior not to dare to confront me!”

Xiao Yu secretly praised Mu Lingtian when he heard Lingtian speak. Clearly, Lingtian knew how to use words to stimulate the enemy.

Xiao Yu nodded slowly: “True! You won’t be convinced if I don’t defeat you. I’ll show you the reason why your father has chosen to join me. I’m going to attack now!”

Xiao Yu knew that it was time to teach a lesson to Lingtian by completely beating him. In this case, the kid will be completely convinced about Xiao Yu’s strength. Mu Lingtian turned happy when he heard that Xiao Yu was going to attack. He believed that he can easily beat Xiao Yu with his superior martial arts.

Nevertheless, he didn’t know how but Xiao Yu rushed at him like a wind and slashed his sword.

It was Sprint with Omnislash skill used at once.


The sound of clash echoed in the courtyard. Mu Lingtian slided back for ten meters because of impact.

Ashbringer was already a very heavy sword. It had wind magic arrays engraved on it too. The explosive force from the Omnislash skill played its role when Xiao Yu attacked. The attack could have split Mu Lingtian’s sword if it wasn’t a magical sword made out of good material. Nevertheless, Mu Lingtian’s hands trembled and his arms turned numb.

Xiao Yu didn’t stop but used Heroic Leap to jump and slashed the Ashbringer mid-air. The sword was facing Mu Lingtian’s head. Lingtian was dumb as he saw that Xiao Yu reacted very quickly for his next attack. He raised his sword over his head to defend and block the upcoming attack.


It was another hard attack. Xiao Yu didn’t use Omnislash but the power was extremely fierce. It was an attack from air plus the strength of attack was doubled because of Critical Strike.


Mu Lingtian saw that he needed a breath of time to get the chance to attack. He would be finished sooner or later if Xiao Yu continued to attack him in this manner.

Mu Lingtian roared as the battle energy rushed out of his body. Dozens of after-images of his sword were formed as he attack Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu knew that Mu Lingtian was displayed a strong skill. Xiao Yu used Whirlwind to block instead of avoiding the attack. The Whirlwind wasn’t only limited to  attacking but had the defense effect too. Xiao Yu’s body was surrounded by blades because of the rapid rotation. Anything that touched them bounced back automatically.

The skill Mu Lingtian had used and was proud of was deflected by Xiao Yu. Originally, Mu Lingtian had used this skill to break off Xiao Yu’s momentum to get a chance to attack.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Mu Lingtian couldn’t do anything but resist the Whirlwind. However, the Critical Strike was doubling the effect of the attack in addition to the weight of Ashbringer. In short, Mu Lingtian didn’t have strength to pierce through the Whirlwind.

As a result, Mu Lingtian couldn’t display any skills even though Mu Lingtian knew more skills. Xiao Yu was simply not giving him an opportunity. The fight continued but Mu Lingtian couldn’t breakthrough. Xiao Yu was using Wind Walk to catch up with Mu Lingtian in case he tried to avoid and escape Xiao Yu.

In short, Xiao Yu was suppressing Mu Lingtian with basic slashes.

Bang~ Bang~ Bang~

Xiao Yu flashed a few dozen times and forced Mu Lingtian into a corner. There was no place to retreat anymore. Mu Lingtian was at a complete disadvantage without any space to retreat.


Finally, Xiao Yu split off Mu Lingtian’s sword as a silver light flashed off. Half of the sword jumped of to land in a flower bed. The Ashbringer landed a centimeter away from Mu Lingtian’s head.

All the observers were trilled because of the duel. Xiao Yu used blunt way to win the duel. He was like a bombardier who didn’t slow down to give chance to the enemy.

Heavy sword without a blade! It was the teaching that Xiao Yu had taught to orcs. He used the same philosophy now. His martial arts was inferior to the others so Xiao Yu used absolute strength and speed to wind. The enemy might have skills but he would dodge and slash!

You would be finished if you can’t catch with Xiao Yu’s speed and strength.

Xiao Yu put Ashbringer on his shoulder. He talked to Mu Lingtian as if an old man was talking to a youth: “Well, boy don’t be discouraged. I won because I got expensive weapon and powerful magic skills. However, your martial arts are superb. Your future is limitless.” It looked as if a master was teaching a disciple.

Mu Han ran over to help Lingtian up. Then she began to comfort him. She told that Xiao Yu had even beaten Cameron.

Mu Lingtian sat quietly. He didn’t have the haughty atmosphere around him anymore.

The students and teachers of the Knights Academy looked with respect at Xiao Yu. They were told by Mu Lingtian that Xiao Yu was a prodigal son so they had looked at Xiao Yu with contempt. However, Xiao Yu had proved that he was a strong warrior.

The teachers at the Knights Academy were fourth-rank warriors. However, they knew that they wouldn’t be able to keep up with Xiao Yu if they fighted. They could win because of absolute strength if they confronted but who does that in real fights? The skills used by Xiao Yu were strange and his speed was fast. In addition, he could teleport!

They weren’t aware that Xiao Yu hadn’t show many skills he possessed.

Xiao Yu gifted Mu Lingtian a better magic sword after this event. Lingtian was defeated but he was an honest man so Xiao Yu wasn’t going to back away with the gifts. He added a Battlegear armor set for Mu Lingtian. Lingtian wanted to initially refuse the gift but he swallowed back his words when he saw the ancient armor set.

He could find a magic sword but where he would get an ancient armor set? Which knight in his right mind would decline such a gift? It wasn’t just about the increase in strength. It was a symbol of glory!

Actually, Lingtian never imagined that he would wear such an armor in his life. In addition to these two gifts Xiao Yu gave him an interspatial ring. This was a luxury for even magicians! There were 500,000 gold coins inside the interspatial ring which stunned Mu Lingtian.

Xiao Yu acted like an elder: “Boy don’t save money but spend any way you want. The Lion city is your home.”

The students and teachers of the Knights Academy were jealous at the sight. Their envied the armor, interspatial ring and other gifts. Actually, there were some who already wanted to join Lion territory after the graduation. The lord was throwing out money while giving the son of general such high-end gifts. They knew that Mu Lingtian was only a second-rank knight.

In addition to Mu Lingtian, Xiao Yu gave back the money for the cards to students and teachers of the Knights Academy that Mu Lingtian attended. He said that they weren’t aware that Mu Lingtian was part of the academy or else they would never take money from them.

The money wasn’t much for those teachers but they saw that Xiao Yu was courteous towards them and was paying great attention. Moreover, he was giving face to Mu Lingtian. Everyone knew that they were getting such a treatment because of him. Xiao Yu was winning over Mu Lingtian with such a move too. At the end, Mu Lingtian’s thoughts about Xiao Yu had completely changed. He no longer associated current Xiao Yu with the old Xiao Yu. Mu Lee and Mu Han liked Xiao Yu more because of this situation too.

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  1. I love this story but there is just so darn much hateful within it.
    i hope this “boy” gets robbed and killed becouse of the trasures he just got…

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