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Chapter 165

Xiao Yu solved another brawl when he heard that Mu Lingtian, Mu Han’s brother and Mu Lee’s son has come back. Old Xiao Yu was beaten by Mu Lingtian back in the Hui city when he had molested women. However, Xiao Yu hadn’t seen him since then as Mu Lingtian had gone to another Principality to study at Knights Academy. It seems the teachers and students of that Knights Academy had come over to Ankagen mountains for treasure hunt.

There was a shortage of intermediate and senior officers for the army so Xiao Yu was planning to use Mu Lingtian and Mu Han as part of Lion territory’s forces. Moreover, he didn’t have any hatred because of the beating old Xiao Yu had years ago. Xiao Yu went to personally meet Mu Lingtian because of this reason and out of respect for Mu Lee.

Nevertheless, there was a cold look on Mu Lingtian’s face when Xiao Yu saw him. It seemed that Mu Lingtian’s impression of Xiao Yu hadn’t changed over the years. Actually, Mu Han and Mu Lee had talked a lot to Mu Lingtian about Xiao Yu’s feats. They had told him that their family would be decimated if not for Xiao Yu. However, Mu Lingtian still looked down at Xiao Yu. He even blamed his father for choosing such a lord to seek refuge. Lingtian even told to his father than after graduation he would work for a big lord and take care of his family.

Mu Lingtian and the teachers, students from his academy were present when Xiao Yu came to greet him. Lingtian stood up to coldly look at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu knew that Lingtian was too young and arrogant at this point. The newborn calves would never be afraid of tigers. Lingtian hadn’t gone through hardships of the real world and was focused on noble knighthood code from the novels. Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes as he laughed: “Brother Lingtian, I haven’t seen you for years. It seems that you have become much powerful.”

Mu Lingtian coldly said: “Not much. I’m just used to beat playboys.”

Lingtian’s fellow schoolmates and teachers were forced to buy cards. So he was angry at Xiao Yu because of this too. His father was a general in this territory so he believed that he would have to be given face and his classmates exempt from paying. However, Xiao Yu wasn’t aware that Mu Lingtian would come as no prior notice was given. As a result, Cairne made sure that those teachers and students paid to the last penny when they came to the territory.

Xiao Yu smiled: “There was a misunderstanding between us back in the Hui city. But because of that incident I know that Brother Ling’s martial arts are amazing and I believe you will have big achievements in the future. Your father is a general in my territory so we are like family now. Let’s forget our previous grudges and not mention them anymore. However, I’ve trained in the recent years and learned few skills too. Today, it would be best if we have a duel with brother Ling.”

Xiao Yu knew that he had to beat Lingtian and teach him a lesson. Otherwise, this kid would never look at Lion territory or its forces. The only way to make sure that your enemies looked up to your was to show them strength.

Mu Lingtian whispered in his heart: “You actually came to knock my door on your own! I couldn’t beat you because you are the lord and my father is the general… However, this kid took the initiative to ask for a beating! You have played into my hand.”

Mu Lingtian quickly replied: “Alright, we will have a duel. Regardless of a winner or loser all the previous resentments would be forgotten.”

Mu Lee wanted to stop his son but he saw that his naive son had to be taught a lesson. He only sighed. Mu Lee was clear about Xiao Yu’s strength more than anyone. How could Lingtian be Xiao Yu’s opponent?

Xiao Yu would slash, teleport, use heroic leap or wind walk in the battlefield. Those scenes were deeply rooted in Mu Lee’s heart. Moreover, Mu Lee thought that it would be good if Xiao Yu beat Lingtian. It was a good thing as Lingtian would grow up a bit. He knew that Xiao Yu wouldn’t hurt him.

Both Xiao Yu and Lingtian came to a wide open field outside the residence for a duel. The students and teachers of the Knights Academy came forward to watch the duel. They wanted to see Lingtian beat Xiao Yu for revenge. They would have rushed to beat Xiao Yu but they were afraid of the forces of Lion territory to act against them. They all hated Xiao Yu because of the money they spent on cards.

They would even want to get Xiao Yu at night time but they were afraid that there were too many bodyguards protecting Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu raised his hand and the Ashbringer came out from the interspatial ring: “Brother Lingtian, this sword is the imitation of the Ashbringer. It’s not genuine but its very powerful magical weapon. Be careful.”

Mu Lingtian secretly said in his heart: “I will wash the floor with your body even empty-handed!”

Lingtian pulled out his sword and coldly looked at Xiao Yu. Few years ago Xiao Yu was an ordinary person. He had indulged in wine and debauchery for a long time so he was physically weaker than even an ordinary person. How strong could Xiao Yu get even if he practiced for a few years? Mu Lingtian practiced martial arts from childhood and attended Knights Academy for the last 10 years. Could he lose to a weak man like Xiao Yu?

As a result, Mu Lingtian believed that Xiao Yu’s sword for nothing but flashing his money.

“I’m not using to attack first so go on.” Xiao Yu laughed. He was pondering what kind of lesson to teach to Lingtian. Xiao Yu believed that Mu Lee wouldn’t say anything if he didn’t injure Mu Lingtian.

“I’ll see what kind of abilities you have to sway my father over to your side..” Mu Lingtian muttered as he rushed over and slashed his sword.

Mu Lingtian’s sword was a magical weapon too. It wasn’t a high end weapon but had wind arrays engraved on them to increase the speed of the sword. After all, high end magical weapons costed from hundreds of thousands to millions of gold coins. He couldn’t afford them.


Mu Lingtian moved rapidly as he used fast footwork. In the blink of an eye he was in front of Xiao Yu as the sword slashed down.

The sword slash looked ferocious. But Lingtian was using about 30% of his strength. He knew that it would be bad if he hurted Xiao Yu.

The teachers of the Knights Academy nodded as they looked at Lingtian’s movement and slash. Actually, Mu Lingtian was the best student in the academy. He had superb martial arts and fast footwork. It wouldn’t be long before Mu Lingtian could break to third-rank.

However, Xiao Yu stood still without a response. He smiled.

Mu Lingtian frowned as his sword was about 5 millimeters away from Xiao Yu’s forehead. He had practiced this for countless times. He knew that it would be more than enough to scare Xiao Yu. Mu Lingtian stopped the sword the same instant. There was a prideful look on his face. He was planning to humiliate Xiao Yu but Xiao Yu had disappeared.

YES! He was gone! There was no sign of Xiao Yu neither his sword. It was empty space!

Mu Lingtian was stunned. He knew that it was not a battle of life or death. Otherwise, it was a very dangerous signal.

Mu Lingtian didn’t react when he felt something hit his hips. He was caught off guard as his body fled forward. Fortunately, Mu Lingtian had practiced for a long time. His body was flexible. He moved on to turn and look at back. He saw Xiao Yu standing there. Xiao Yu had kicked his ass!

However, he ignored this humiliation. What rank was Xiao Yu at? How could he act so fast? It was an inhumane speed. Can sixth-rank warriors move so fast?

Xiao Yu gently stroked Ashbringer and smiled: “Oh! It seems I have forgotten to tell you but I’m a dual-cultivator. The skill I just used is called Teleport!”

Mu Lingtian, teachers and students of the Knights Academy were shocked when they heard Xiao Yu. The teachers of the academy were already doubting themselves when they saw Xiao Yu disappear and appear behind Mu Lingtian. How could a young lord at such age learn teleportation magic? They knew that space magic was the hardest even among magicians. Moreover, Xiao Yu had taken out a sword which meant that he was a warrior. How could a warrior could use teleportation magic?

A dual-cultivate! Everyone was clear what it meant after they heard Xiao Yu’s words.

Mu Lingtian looked at Xiao Yu as he muttered: “Dual-cultivator…teleport…” What would happen if Xiao Yu didn’t use his foot but his sword?

At the same time a teacher from the academy shouted: “Lingtian there is a time limit before he can use the teleportation once again. Don’t let him use it second time.”

The teacher from the Academy found the flaw of the teleportation at a glance. The teleportation was a high level magic but if Lingtian could force Xiao Yu down with his higher martial arts then there wouldn’t be a problem.

Mu Lingtian rushed out when he heard his teacher. He was going to pay for the humiliation that he suffered moments ago. He used his sword to slash at Xiao Yu once again.

The cooling time for teleportation was 10 seconds so Xiao Yu didn’t use it anymore. Instead he activated Wind Walk. Mu Lingtian’s sword slashed down but Xiao Yu’s body blurred as he disappeared once again.

Mu Lingtian was shocked. He didn’t know what was going on but he reacted quickly. Mu Lingtian turned to slash once again but stabbed an empty space.

Xiao Yu appeared at Lingtian’s back once again and kicked him in the ass.


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    1. i think he just let Lingtian too merciful, he a king and his subject look down on him especially the son of his General, atleast beating down him by make him can’t move atleast 3-5 days was the right thing

  1. Aaaaaaand i caught up with this. This novel is actually a good read if you ignore some details. The Novel Updates review almost made me not tl read this. Good thing i got addicted to Warcraft 3 campaign before.

  2. Wait how does he know that mc’s teleport has cooldown? Mc used it once in this fight how could he deduce that he has cooldown on using the teleport spell? o_O
    Does everyone have the same system as mc and magic spells have cooldown for all magicians? So everyone has a game like system then?

      1. But he specifically said ”there is a time limit” not ”get him before he can chant again” so he is clearly talking about the game like cooldown mc’s skills has and not the time it takes to rechant the spell.

  3. “Ding!”
    “You gained a title Ass Kicker!”
    “Ass Kicker: Increase kockback effect 300%, Increase Pain 300% and 50% Chance to Break the Enemy Bone! ”

    ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

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