WOWFRD – Ch 164

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Chapter 164

The cards began to be issued from the next day on. At the same time, Xiao Yu used peons and craftsmen from the Lion city to build accommodation and pubs for the adventurers. There was a month until the gates for the treasure hunt would be opened so the adventurers wouldn’t go to Ankagen mountains at this point but would stay here. Xiao Yu was planning to make big profits from their stay.

He had gathered a lot of food and other materials from the Eagle Camp so he wasn’t afraid to host so many people in the city. In addition, Xiao Yu was charging 500 gold coins for the cards which most of the adventurers found surprising. As an adventurers they expected to spend so much money during their trip. But they knew that it wasn’t a small amount for such a card. Some adventurers tried to protest but Grom, Thrall and Cairne helped the calm the situation.

The adventurers didn’t want to resist more when they saw the grunts and orcs use hand axes to attack the ones who tried to resist them. Even a fourth-rank warrior couldn’t do anything against this tactic. They could use their battle energy to withstand the shock if the hand axes were thrown by humans. However, the impact of the hand axes was too much as most of the grunts who threw them had reached level 9 and 10. Moreover, the orcs used ballistas and Glaive Throwers which made those adventurers numb. Several small groups were killed before the others began to obediently buy the cards. Afterwards, the adventurers who wanted to enter the Lion territory had to buy the cards from the check points before they came to Lion city.

There were countless ballistas on the checkpoints and no sane adventurer wanted to check their strength against those machines. The adventurers were brave but they weren’t fools. No one wanted to content with an army. The cards were actually simply cards. However, Xiao Yu had asked the students of the Shire’s Magic Academy to engrave those magic marks on them. Master Alma had made a specific magic array which was very hard to be imitated unless the person was a very high level magician. Such a magician wouldn’t care for 500 gold coins anyway.

Xiao Yu paid the students who helped him so they made a small fortune too. Xiao Yu arranged residence for the students of the Shire’s Magic and Knights academy in the Lion city. He was courteous towards them. Xiao Yu was aware that there were contradictions but he wanted to make sure that those magicians would chose him in the future. It was cost-effective if he could sway few mages and knights after a few years.

The magicians and knights were pillars of any army. Xiao Yu lacked intermediate and senior level officers in the army. The students from the Knight’s Academy were the seeds that he needed. The students weren’t fools either. They knew about the strength of the Lion territory. They would consider to join the territory if it developed much better in the future.

Lin Muxue spent her days in the Lion city with all five sisters-in-law. They were gifting her expensive jewelry and so on. Lin Muxue never lacked such things because of her background but it was still made so to make her sure that Lion territory wasn’t poor.

Lin Muxue was given a heap of interspatial rings to choose from so giving her jewels, cloths or valuables weren’t a problem.

The territory wasn’t short of money so Xiao Yu wasn’t planning to sell the valuables he had grabbed over from the bandits. In fact, he wasn’t in favor for selling these valuable even when they were short on money. He believed that the family owed a lot of all the sisters-in-law so they should be compensated well. A man had to provide good life to his family even if he got tired from heaps of work. Lin Muxue got familiar with the life in the Lion city in short time.

More and more adventurers roamed into the Lion territory in recent times. Xiao Yu was busy as he solved the problems that arose with their arrival so he couldn’t spare time for Lin Muxue. Lin Muxue didn’t care much as she understood that as the lord of the territory Xiao Yu had to get accommodation for adventurers, mediate problems and so on. Housekeeper Hong was smiling from ear to ear because of Lin Muxue.

Students from Magic and Knights Academies of other studies came to Lion city because of the Dark City. Those academies relied on their own strength and refused to pay for the card fees. However, Xiao Yu was merciless as he mobilized his troops, orcs, elves, raiders and others to teach them a lesson. The mages were strong but they had to cooperate with army to show their power. Moreover, in addition to assassins the archers were their nemesis too. Elite elf archers could restrain the magicians before they could even chant the spell. Moreover, Xiao Yu had purchased extra ballistas from the Warhammer company.

Xiao Yu wanted and needed to attract magicians to his territory but he couldn’t blindly welcome them all. He was courteous to the teachers and students of the Magic and Knights Academy from the Shire city. He was giving them face because of Lin Muxue. Moreover, they had traveled together and xiao Yu got close to most of them. The students knew that Xiao Yu was giving them face too. However, Xiao Yu was afraid that if he treated this way the students and teachers from other academies then the situation would be insatiable.

That was the reason why Xiao Yu showed his strength first before trying to find ways to attract them. Otherwise, those students and teachers wouldn’t even bother to meet him.

Teachers from some magic Academies got angry and even threatened Xiao Yu. However, Master Alma came in to mediate. He explained them about the relationship between Xiao Yu and Theodore and told them to be careful with their actions. At the end, the teachers obediently paid the fees for the cards. Xiao Yu met some teacher from other academies as Master Alma introduced them to him. He was used carrot and stick method but vice-versa.

If he was too courteous to those teachers at the start then they wouldn’t respect him and look down at Xiao Yu as if he was a small lord. However, know they knew that Xiao Yu wouldn’t act kindly if they dared to act haughty.

Xiao Yu established the idea that Lion territory was his turf. He would respect others if they showed courtesy. However, he would punish if they dared to act unruly.

Because of this the people were in awe of Lion territory. No one dared to look at the Lion territory with disgust or contempt. The argument that Lion territory was in decline was from past and no one mentioned it anymore.

Xiao Yu would deal with fights and brawls everyday so the rumors spread easily.

In addition, Xiao Yu had warned others that orcs, elves and other creatures couldn’t be touched but some were driven by their greed and didn’t listen to him. Xiao yu ordered his troops to directly kill those without any toleration or point for an argument. He hung heads of more than thousand people in the Lion city. He had even killed a grandson of a Grand Duke.

Lord of a small territory dared to kill the grandson of a Grand Duke! Isn’t he afraid of revenge?

Actually, Xiao Yu wasn’t afraid of anyone as Lion territory was thousands of miles away and separated by countless principalities and territories from other forces. Who would send troops from such distance? In case, if the enemies came then Xiao Yu would go for a battle. Battles meant experience points for him. He wasn’t afraid on city defense.

Afterwards, no one dared to touch orcs or elves. First, they knew that their strength wasn’t enough. There were heads of several famous fourth-rank warriors in the Lion city. Those men were very strong individually and had tried to secretly capture several elves. However, Ancient Protectors bombarded them and riflemen shot them to death. Secondly, they knew that Xiao Yu dared to kill grandson of a Grand Duke. Would he care for anyone else if he didn’t give face to a noble?

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