WOWFRD – Ch 163

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Chapter 163

They were about 20 miles away from the Lion city by the evening. Xiao Yu met a lot of adventurers on the way. However, at this point he saw that a lot of adventurers had gathered in check point and there was a quarrel.

Xiao Yu saw that Captain Hui and Mu Lee were commanding the troops and there seemed to be a confrontation with the adventurers.

“Lord has come back!” The soldiers were relieved when they saw Xiao Yu. A lot of adventurers had come to the Lion territory in Xiao Yu’s absence and they were having quite a headache controlling them.

Xiao Yu took the lead as he rushed past to the checkpoint. He pulled out the Ashbringer and used the Omnislash skill to slash between the adventurers and the Lion territory soldiers.


A deep pit emerged in between the adventurers and the soldiers.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yu turned to look at the adventurers. The adventurers were stunned as they looked at the heavy sword in Xiao Yu’s hands. There were a lot of strong adventurers but they shrank back when they saw countless orcs, grunts, raiders stand behind xiao Yu.

A third-rank warrior came forward: “Are you lord of the lion territory?”

Xiao Yu raised to put the Ashbringer on his shoulder: “I am, so what?”

The adventurer looked at Xiao Yu’s hooligan like appearance. He knew that they shouldn’t mess with him. However, there were a lot of adventurers too so the man spoke in a confident tone: “Lord Xiao, we want just and fair resolution since you have come. All of us have come from different parts of the continent to get explore the Ankagen mountains for treasures. However, we were forced to pay tolls. Why should we? We aren’t merchants! It’s too much to collect taxes from us. Why do we have to pay tolls?”

“Yes! Why do we have to pay tolls? Why don’t they let us in?” The other adventurers shouted out.

Xiao Yu looked at the man as his face sank: “What did you say?”

The adventurer looked at Xiao Yu then at the orcs, ballistas, Glaive Throwers and so on. They could fight against an orc or two but they couldn’t fight or clash with an army. It wouldn’t be good for them.

“Duke Xiao, we have no intention of offending you. We just want to get into Ankagen mountains.” The adventurer took the risk to speak.

Xiao Yu replied: “Do you want to get into my backyard? Would you be sitting still if a group of people with swords went into your backyard just like this?”

The adventurer immediately said: “Lord Xiao, you have misunderstood us. We don’t want to offend the Lion territory. We jsut want to pass through to Ankagen mountains.”

Xiao Yu raised his chin: “The Sky Lion Dynasty has bestowed all the lands of the northwest to my father Xiao Zhan Tian because of his achievements! Angaken mountains are part of my territory! You are too bold to come to my domain to look for treasures. It’s all my private property!Do you know what type of crime are you committing? It’s called theft and robbery! Don’t act so righteous now.”

It was indeed true that Sky Lion Dynasty had bestowed all the lands in the northwest to Xiao Zhan Tian. Ankagen mountains were part of it too. Xiao Yu had come up with a good justification. In fact, back in those days the people in the capital thought that Ankagen mountains were full of beasts, trolls and it was a barren land. This way they were suppressing Xiao Zhan Tian by bestowing this land upon him. However, now all the treasures belonged to Xiao Yu. As the lord he had the power to restrict them from going to Ankagen mountains.

However, all of them have come here for the treasures. Would they want to go back empty handed?

The adventurers stood silent as they knew that Xiao Yu was right and as long as they were inside Sky Lion Dynasty they had to abide the laws. The dynasty was in decline and didn’t have real power. But Xiao Yu had the right to defend his territory by not letting them enter the Ankagen mountains. They would pass through by force if it was the former Lion territory. But now, Xiao Yu had tens of thousands of soldiers. No one wanted to provoke the Lion territory.

Cairne was standing in front. His three meter tall body was already a kind of threat. Moreover, he had two four meter long axes which was there to suppress the adventurers. Now, they stood in silence but they were thinking about sneaking past in the evening.

There were checkpoints and outposts but one or two could secretly past them without a problem.

Xiao Yu continued in a cold tone: “I know what you all are thinking about. You want to sneak past but I can promise you as the lord of the Lion territory that every thief, robber and bandit will be killed. I will make sure that my orcs will split them in half and eat them. If there is anyone who isn’t convinced then they can try their strength. I’ll make my army to patrol the territory for a month. The bandit will be killed if they are found!”

Xiao Yu said after a short silence: “But … I’m aware that you guys have come here for the adventure. I know that your blood is boiling so I will give you guys chance to enter the Ankagent mountains for free. I will even let you guys get the supplies from my territory.”

An adventurer asked: “Is there any conditions?

They knew that Xiao Yu would come up with some conditions.

Xiao Yu smiled: “I’ll give the opportunity but there has to be some constraints. I’m not going to ban all of you and I’ll show mercy to you. But there will be three conditions for you to freely enter the Ankagen mountains.”

“Which conditions?” They asked.

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “First of all, you can buy and sell in my territory and act freely but you must comply with the laws of the Lion territory. There would be severe punishments for the offenders.”

“It’s natural.”

“We can abide by that.” The adventurers responded.

Xiao Yu nodded: “The second condition. You all know that I have troops of orcs, elves, dwarves and other races. If you dare to hurt them or try to steal them as slaves then don’t blame me for getting your head.”

A lot of them didn’t agree in their hearts but nodded. Xiao Yu saw the expression on their faces. He knew that they will act otherwise but he had to solve the problem for now.

“The third conditions. In other to distinguish the adventurers from enemies I will give you all cards. You will be arrested if you don’t have it or killed on spot if you resist my troops.”

They nodded because they knew that as a lord xiao Yu had to keep his territory safe so it was a natural condition.

Xiao Yu continued: “However, to make sure that the card isn’t easily imitate I will put magic marks on them to distinguish from the fake ones. You all can see that students of the Magic Academy have come to visit my territory. I will ask for their help to make these cards and there will be a certain costs for the production. You will have to pay for those fees.”

They understood that Xiao Yu was going to charge them tolls in a roundabout way. In fact, if they didn’t pay to enter then they would be arrested or killed. Some of them felt dissatisfied but most of them accepted the terms. They were adventurers and it was normal for some costs to appear on the way.

Xiao Yu’s eyes lit up when he saw all the adventurers agree to his terms. He looked at Captain Hui: “Let them in. We will issue the cards tomorrow. Arrest the ones who don’t buy them and kill the ones who resist you.”

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