WOWFRD – Ch 162

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Chapter 162

They finally got close to Lion city after a month of travel. They were almost a day away from the city. The sun rose up in the morning. The sky was cloudless. Everyone packed their things to hurry into the Lion city.

However, it didn’t take long when they met a neatly arranged army in front of them. The army was armed with shields and swords and had an oppressive moment.

Some of the students got very scared. They had never been in a battlefield so they felt timid the moment they encountered such an army.

Nevertheless, they saw that the army wasn’t there to fight them. There was a large banner in front of the army. It was ten meters wide and hundred meters long.

A message was written on it: We welcome Lord’s wife Miss Lin Muxue to Lion territory.”

The teachers of the Magic Academy and Knights Academy heard the noise outside the carriages so they got off. Lin Muxue went out of the carriage too. She was stunned when she saw the banner in front of the army.

“Firing Ceremony! Ready! Shoot!” A sound echoed and the rifles began to shoot afterwards whose sound reverberated in the field.

Second row of rifles fired when the echoed of the first shoots dissipated.

The army was following the etiquette used in the ancient times to welcome triumphant heroes or VIP guests. However, the rifles were lost in the ancient times and no one used them anymore. However, today this kind of welcome reception was just just for a girl.

The rifles were shot for 12 times which was the highest number according to the etiquette. This number of shots were made only when an ancient emperor was crowned or a commander with great meritorious service came back to the land.

Xiao Yu had more than enough dwarf riflemen so he didn’t care much about this.

“Line up.” Raiders rushed to the front of the students after the rifles were shot.

The students exclaimed when they saw that Raiders weren’t humans but orcs. Moreover, front of the army that greeted them had 1000 orcs neatly arranged in a row. There were hunters and elf archers in the middle. In addition, there were Kodo beasts and dwarf riflemen holding their muskets.

What kind of line up was it? Orcs, Elves and dwarves!

Everyone was in a daze while 100 Raiders rushed to stop in front of them. They divided into two columns and neatly stood there. The orcs who ride the wolves roared and pulled out their swords. A wide corridor was made for Lin Muxue and Xiao Yu to pass through.

“A welcome ceremony?” Everyone came to understand the purpose of neatly arranged Raiders. In ancient times a corridor like this would be made for distinguished guests to pass. It showed the appreciation to the guests by the owners of the house. This ritual was still used during marriage of royal children. However, it would be either human cavalry or infantry that would be standing in columns. It was first time they had seen Raiders to stand in such a manner.

Lin Muxue was stunned too. Xiao Yu took her hand and they walked through the corridor. At the same time countless maids ran over to splash countless petals of flowers to pave the road for them. It was the ritual used when royal family married. However, even the royal family couldn’t get married in such a style. It was one of the most luxurious welcome ceremonies they would ever see.

Xiao Yu and Lin Muxue walked under the swords and over the flower petals. All the students and teachers of the Magic and Knights Academy looked at the ceremony with full envy. The girls were jealous and dreamed to have such a ceremony for themselves. The boys were ashamed and jealous. Which one of them could have such a ceremony when they got married? This scene would be left in their minds for eternity. The students who thought that they were noble magicians or noble knights withered down one by one.

Lin Muxue was full of shock. She felt as if she was the happiest woman in the world. Xiao Yu was doing everything for her sake. This showed that her position in Xiao Yu’s mind was very high. At the end of the corridor, Housekeeper Hong and five sister-in-laws met them.

They pushed Xiao Yu aside and began to chat with Lin Muxue. They praised her beauty and asked her to stay in Lion city for a few days. In addition, all of them gave her gifts. In a matter of seconds, Lin Muxue’s arms were full of them.

“We will ride the carriage. You are big boy now so ride a horse.” Suesha looked at Xiao Yu and pointed towards a horse. Xiao Yu was perplexed but he thought that women would talk a lot so it was better for him to avoid this chatter. He got on a horse and waved the rest to move.

The grunts and orcs began to move while Kodo beasts followed them with the drums playing all the time. It was an extremely blood-boiling momentum. The Raiders stood behind the carriage as the convoy went towards the Lion city.

The students of the Magic and Knights Academy followed after the tail of the army. They looked like orphans.

“Did they say that Lion territory is in decline?”

“This momentum! Even the kings couldn’t have it. So many troops made of different races! How did he got them? Only the ancient nobles had such troops!”

“I thought that I had returned back to ancient times if I didn’t know what was happening from the start.”

“Elves! The nobles elves are willing to follow him. Who the heck is this guy?”

“I heard that he got elves and orcs from the Ankagen mountains. We have come here so we can’t go back empty handed. We must get some elves and orcs as guards too. We will be noble magicians too!”

“Yes, having a human squire is too boring after this. A real magician has to be protected by orcs and elves!”

The students chatted as they moved on.

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    1. Well, mostly for her sake, as he’s actually grown rather fond of her so quickly.

      A bit of it might be narcissism, but that’s barely noticeable.

      1. I’d say it’s more like 50/50.

        Part of it is for her, the other part is to show off his power so that the students don’t screw around and take liberties in his territory.

  1. I am not sure what the author was thinking when writting this story. It feels like its written by
    12 year old. 200k bandits fights war for 6 months.(where did you get the supplies from?) MC goes touring instead of leveling his army. Then walks around with orcs and elfs and dragon so the whole world can know. Despite MC having all the out of the era stuff no one scouts his territory for clues. Or try to kidnap some of his orc/elf soldier for interrogation? Mc sells ancient armours like nothing instead of selling the expensive stuff he got from bandits? Gives space rings like giving candies and shows off guns/rifles which does not exist in the current era. I bet therr will be enemy kindoms/duchies with rank 6 and highet people. But right now they are just chillin at home drinking coffee and partying LOL. This theodore guy will be cannon fodder later on.

    1. yea there are a lot of inconsistencies in the story but im just reading it to relax not really gonna think about it too much.

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