WOWFRD – ch 161

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Chapter 161

“Master Alma, what is the city that’s shown in the map?” Xiao Yu chatted with teachers from the Magic Academy during the daytime to establish connection and network with them. He believed that it would be good for the future. He knew that the magicians were indispensable in this era. Xiao Yu was disgusted and annoyed at them because all of them looked down at others. But he knew that the magicians were like artillery. Would China be as hopeless as it was if it had enough artillery power to resist the Japanese back then? The war in European battlefields had already proved that infantry couldn’t resist artillery. In that case, China’s tenacious war against the Japanese was already a great feat.

Xiao Yu’s wars and battles were mostly against bandits. But he had never had a large-scale war where magicians were involved in it. He would face many magicians once he would go against large principalities and forces. That’s why he tried his best to keep Lin Muxue’s teachers and classmates a good company. He gave them an interspatial ring each for taking ‘care’ of Lin Muxue for all these years. The teachers were flattered and wanted to refuse the gift as it was very expensive. Master Alma had an interspatial ring but he had paid a lot of money for it and its capacity was limited. There were rare cases where a large capacity interspatial rings were sold in the continent. All of the teachers accepted the interspatial rings at the end and promised Xiao Yu that they would visit Lion town when Xiao Yu invited them over as guests.

Xiao Yu was clear about this problem. It was impossible to pull them under his command in a one move but he could use these magicians in the future. The students were envious of Lin Muxue. Especially the girl students who couldn’t wait to have such a fiancee as Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was caring for Lin Muxue in every possible way. In the evening he was making barbecue specially for her. This kind of barbecue method was taken from Xiao Yu’s old world. He and the students from the dorm would go to food stalls to eat grilled meals before watching football matches. He was copying those food stalls. Moreover, the people from this world didn’t eat open-air barbecue or skewers. Leah wouldn’t go to sleep unless she ate 50 strings of skewers. The baby dragon was a greedy monster who slept during the day and drooled by Xiao Yu’s side at nights. He would do mischief all the time.

There wasn’t a single girl who didn’t like the baby dragon. Lin Muxue fell in love with it from the first time. She would even put a red tie around baby dragon’s neck and dress it up. She believed that the baby dragon was a female. Xiao Yu secretly glanced at the baby dragon when Lin Muxue dressed it up.

Is baby dragon really a female?

It was a pleasant scene where a group of people surrounded large fire while they ate, drank wine and chatted. Xiao Yu had taken out good wine from his collection and gave to all the magicians that had come to join him.

Most of the boys were sitting on another place while they drooled. No one wanted to come over to join Xiao Yu except the girls. Magicians didn’t come because they were too noble while knights were full of arrogance. No one wanted to lose face.

The boys stood aside as they stared at Xiao Yu with jealousy. The students from the Knights Academy wanted to duel Xiao Yu. However, all of them knew that Xiao Yu had defeated Cameron easily so they didn’t rush for a duel.

Nevertheless, one student challenged him. As a result, Xiao Yu dealt with the guys as he used Wind Walk, Omnislash, Whirlind, Heroic Leap and Teleportation. He made a combination of all these moves as he used the Ashbringer. The guy couldn’t even have a chance to fight back. The students from the Knights Academy were convinced at Xiao Yu’s strength.

“Didn’t rumors says that he was a prodigal son? It doesn’t look like that!”

“A person with such strength is worthy of peerless beauty like Lin Muxue!”

Lin Muxue got along with Xiao Yu much better during this time. She found that Xiao Yu was an unpredictable man with lots of talents. Moreover, he was worried about her at all times.

What did a woman seek in man? Wouldn’t a woman be satisfied with a man who was willing to do anything for her?

Xiao Yu wasn’t aware but he had become a Prince Charming in the minds of all the girls.

However, the main reason he acted good with the magicians was to win them over to his side. He would think of different fun games for every night to make sure that the students were entertained. He would play word games an so on. He even taught them chess. Most of the time the girl magicians would try to play it when they were free. Xiao Yu got more close to them and they took him as an omnipotent big brother.

Xiao Yu would take the free time during the day to ask questions to their teachers. All the teachers were at least third-rank or above so they were knowledgeable about the ways of the world and magic.

Master Alma had reached fourth-rank and was the teacher with the highest strength in the academy.

“If I’m not mistaken then its the legendary ‘Dark City’ from the ancient Lordaeron kingdom. It was abandoned later on and was occupied by the undead” Master Alma replied after he pondered for a moment. However, the name that was told shocked Xiao Yu.

“The Dark City?” Xiao Yu was stunned.

Dark City was the former capital of Lordaeron Kingdom. The last king was killed by his own son Arthas and the scourge had massacred all the people. The city was turned into an undead place afterwards. Arthas’s forces were weakened afterwards and Sylvanas Windrunner got the city. After she became the master of the city it was called Dark City.

The heroes from the WoW and the Lordaeron had direct relationship. Uther, Antonidas and Arthas had been pillars of the Lordaeron. It could be said that the plot of the WoW was made because of the occurrences in the Lordaeron.

So how did the Dark City end up in Ankagen mountains? Does it mean that the world had changed? Are the Tirisfal Glades of the past current Ankagen Mountains?

Xiao Yu knew that no one knew the answers to these questions. Maybe he could get some answers by going to the hidden underground city in the map.

He was looking forward to the sight when they would enter the ruins of long lost city.

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      1. The heroes are the 4 classes of heroes you can train in Warcraft III : Frozen Throne, so e.g. Orcs have Blademaster, Vision Seer , Tauren Chieftain & Shadow Priest, Humans have Paladin, Archmage, Mountain King & Blood Elf Mage.

        I’m not familiar with those two names, but I don’t think they would fit any class, and the MC already must get ‘the most famous’ class representatives.

        1. i know man i know… Falric and Marwynn were two captains of eleventh legion which followed arthas into frozen waists of northrend, where they were killed by their own liege and turned undead, and they followed their prince in their death as they did in their lives

    1. There’s been a few … events and roughly 10 000 years have passed since ‘warcraft’ times, so any warcraft-age map wouldn’t necessarily be helpful, other than to roughly position specific areas in position to eachother, but distances are a nogo.

      1. 10k years is not that much of a change regarding continent movement. Of course the landscape changed, but the continent will stay more less the same.
        I’m surprises that the mc haven’t checked any maps yet

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