WOWFRD – Ch 160

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Chapter 160

The three armor sets were sold for 3,500,000 gold coins but because of fees of the auction house Xiao Yu was left with 3,300,000 gold coins. He added another 1,700,000 gold coins to buy the Ashbringer. Xiao Yu wasn’t short of money so he didn’t care much. Moreover, the weapon was way too important for him. The waiter brought the Ashbringer within a box. Xiao Yu picked up the weapon in excitement. This imitation was resembling the original weapon a lot. Moreover, it was a heavy sword which Xiao Yu could use to chop and split a heavy infrantry unit into two. It was worth every penny.

Xiao Yu went back to Lin mansion to practice and test the strength of the Ashbringer. He split a 20 centimeter thick practice stone into two halves with a slash. Everyone was stunned at the strength of the Ashbringer. Master Lagos was really a good craftsman. Xiao Yu practiced every day for few days to get familiar with the weapon so that he could use it easily in the battlefields.

However, two news rocked the Shire city within those few days. One of them was directly related to Xiao Yu.

The first news was related to Shadows guild. The assassin guild called Shadows was decimated overnight by a mysterious group. The second news was regarding a map which said that there was a huge treasure in the Ankagen mountains in the Lion territory. Ruins of an ancient city was inside the mountains with numerous treasures in it.

Firstly, Xiao Yu thought that there was a force with ulterior motives that tried to lead people into Lion territory so that they could cause trouble there. However, he changed his mind when he got the copy of the map in his hands. The location was far away from the Lion town.

“Is there really treasures in the Ankagen Mountains?” The Sky Lion Dynasty had given Ankagen mountains to him so in short those ruins were part of his domain too. Xiao Yu touched his nose as he wondered about the reliability of the map.

On surface it seemed that there was no relationship between those two news but Xiao Yu knew that there was some kind of special link which put two together.

What kind of strength could decimate all the branches of Shadows overnight?

Xiao Yu knew that these mysterious force was extremely terrifying in terms of strength. They didn’t just kill and plunder branch of a Shadows like Xiao Yu but all the branches. Xiao Yu knew that he couldn’t stay in Shire city and had to go back to Lion territory as soon as possible. There would inevitably be a lot of conflicts within his territory because of many adventurers. He had to think about orcs, elves and three bases.

In addition, if people want to go into his territory to look for treasures then doesn’t it mean that they had to pay tolls? Wasn’t it his right to ask for taxes if adventurers wanted to roam in his domain?

Xiao Yu explained the details to Lin Aotian and told him that he had to go back. Lin Aotian did understand him so he didn’t retain Xiao Yu. They discussed the wedding and decided to wait for an appropriate time. Neither Xiao Yu nor Lin Muxue were small but Lin Muxue was a student in the academy and there was another year before she could graduate. If she married now then her schooling would be affect. It was not a scenario which Xiao Yu wanted to see.

As a result, Xiao Yu and Lin Aotian decided to have the marriage after Lin Muxue graduate.

Xiao Yu was packing his luggages when Lin Muxue and Mu Han came back home. They were sad when they heard that Xiao Yu was going back. Lin Muxue had feelings towards Xiao Yu so she didn’t want to be separated with him. In addition, Xiao Yu was trying almost everything to get whatever Lin Muxue wanted which she had found it good. Mu Han was liking Xiao Yu too and she didn’t want him to leave either. However, both of them knew that Xiao Yu had to go back after the news were spread.

Xiao Yu was ready to leave after two days. In fact, he was reluctant to leave his beautiful wife. Nevertheless, on the day of his travel Lin Muxue and Mu Han ran back from the academy in excitement. Xiao Yu couldn’t understand why they were so happy.

“Brother Yu, guess which good news we have brought to you!” Mu Han grabbed from Xiao Yu’s sleeves and asked.

Xiao Yu shook his head: “I do not know.”

Mu Han smiled: “Brother Yu, we can go back to Lion territory with you.”

“Really?” Xiao Yu rejoiced when he heard her answer. Now he could see Lin Muxue on his way back.

“Is it really the truth? Don’t you have to study in the Academy? Why are you going back with me? Wouldn’t your studies be delayed?” Xiao Yu asked once more.

Mu Han responded: “The Academy wants our real life combat capabilities to improve. They say that we can’t grow like greenhouse flowers. We will be going to adventure in the Ankagen mountains.”

Xiao Yu was overjoyed when he heard her reply. This way Lin Muxue and Mu han could go back with him and stay with him for longer. Xiao Yu turned to look at Lin Muxue. She looked happy too.

Xiao Yu decided to temporarily stay while they got ready.

Both Magic Academy and Knights Academy decided their students to have real life experiences. That’s why all of them would be going to Ankagen mountains for an adventure. Otherwise, even if they graduate they wouldn’t have real life experiences. They could become magicians or knights after they were baptized in real life and death battles. The teachers would be leading the students to the Ankagen mountains but they could roam freely after they reached the place.

Xiao Yu joined them too.

Normally, the magicians or the students of the Magic Academy wouldn’t care for Duke like Xiao Yu. The Magicians were arrogant on their own and wouldn’t follow a small lord like that. They believed that large territories and principalities would compete to hire them after the graduation. They believed that small territory such as Lion wouldn’t be even in their consideration list.

They knew that the relationship between Xiao Yu and Theodore was good so they didn’t show too much contempt for him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t allow Xiao Yu’s carriage join their convoy.

Xiao Yu got annoyed by the arrogant magicians. However, he didn’t overreact. Nevertheless, the mages were in awe of Xiao Yu’s luxury carriage and his orc and elf bodyguards. These kind of things couldn’t be owned by an average person. Many of them thought that there would be orcs and elves in the Ankagen mountains and they could catch them too.

These kind of students were very arrogant and unrealistic as they hadn’t adventured on their own. Their understanding of the real world was very shallow and they hadn’t seen the cruelty of it. It was one of the reasons why the academies had decided to train the students.

Xiao Yu had made sure that Lin Muxue and Mu Han enjoyed red wine and food in the luxury carriage. The biggest advantage of the interspatial rings was to keep fresh food inside them without deterioration. In addition to this specific task the interspatial rings had the advantage of space. Xiao Yu could save large machinery easily inside them. Glaive Throwers, Demolishers and ballistas were excellent for large combat but they were inconvenient to carry.

Xiao Yu let Lin Muxue sleep in the second compartment when she felt tired and play chess with him in the first compartment. Lin Muxue felt happy because of Xiao Yu’s arrangements.

The other students got very envious of Xiao Yu’s carriage after a long travel. They didn’t have comfort along the way. They were on carriages too but they felt each bumps on the road. They couldn’t eat well or sleep well along the way. Traveling was very costly.

Who the heck is he? Isn’t he just Lord of the Lion territory? How could he have such a carriage? Why does he have eight pegasus horses pulling his carriage? Nowadays, even the emperor of the Sky Lion Dynasty didn’t have such horses.

What’s with their food and water? Lin Muxue and Mu Had had bath every day which made them angry. The weather was very hot and they sweated a lot.

Many people began to envy even the students who had good relationship with Lin Muxue and Mu Han who could get Xiao Yu’s help. Moreover, the people who got invited to the carriage felt like they were falling into hell from heaven after they departed the carriage.

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