WOWFRD – Ch 16

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Chapter 16


Grom roared as he waved his sword. He rushed towards the side and waved his sword right and left while he constantly killed enemy soldiers.

At the same time, Grom reached level 7. Xiao Yu immediately used the skill point to increase Omnislash to level 3. Each time Grom would slash his sword an energy wave of up to two meters would follow it.

“Kill them! Kill!” The commander’s eyes were red as he saw soldiers die. The gates were open but they couldn’t penetrate through.

He mobilized two captains who were both first-rank warriors to help the soldier to break through.

Unfortunately for them, Grom had reached level 7. His Critical Strike skill was giving 45% extra damage to his attacks. In addition, he had Omnislash which greatly enhanced his attacking strength. As a result, one or two first-rank warriors weren’t Grom’s opponents.

Some of the orc warriors who fought behind Grom had reached level 3. Their muscles bulged up as their eyes turned blood red. The orc warriors roared in fury as the ‘berserker’ skill got into play. They combined with Grom to kill both first-rank warriors.

The enemy soldiers were afraid of the brave orc warriors. However, they kept charging forward because of the orders. Moreover, they were thinking that there were only forty or fifty orc warriors and they wouldn’t be able to protect the gate for long.

However, the corpses of enemy soldiers increased every minute while not even a single orc warriors were killed.

This was the tactics that Xiao Yu had come up with. He was using the strength of orc warriors to his advantage. He had accidentally remembered watching a famous movie in his old life. The movie was called 300 and it was about 300 Spartan warriors using a narrow canyon to hold back the enemies.

The gates were wide but they weren’t as wide as a canyon. The combat capabilities of the orc warriors weren’t worse than Spartans. In addition, there was support given by archers from the walls. As a result, Xiao Yu used the orc warriors to fight at the gates and get experience points at a fast rate.

The length of the town gate was limited. As a result, only a number of enemies could attack at a given time. So the enemy lost the advantage of the number.

However, a big fireball passed over the heads of the enemy soldiers and smashed into the formation of orc warriors.


It smashed down on several orc warriors and bombed them.


The enemy soldiers cheered up. They thought that they can break through the formation of orc warriors with the help of the magician.

Orc warriors were powerful but like ordinary human soldiers, they didn’t have resistance against magic attacks.

Xiao Yu’s eyes turned cold as he saw the mage attack from distance. He turned to face Tyrande: “Kill the magician! 50 orc warriors and 50 archers, go down as support!”

Many soldiers tried to attack through the gates so the number of enemy soldiers trying to climb the ladder had decreased a lot. Xiao Yu sent orc warriors and archers down to support the ground troops. 100 orc warriors, 150 archers, and 400 soldiers were enough to protect the walls.


The magician sent another fireball which smashed over the orc warriors. The formation was broken up and many enemy soldiers took the opportunity to rush in.

Since the start of the war, it was the first time that a gap appeared in defense line of the gates.

Orc warriors were brave but other side had the advantage of numbers. In fact, the most important thing that broke the formation of orc warriors was the emergence of the mage.

This was why the role of magicians was influential during a battle.

A purple light flashed past Tyrande’s eyes when she received Xiao Yu’s order. She used the Searing Arrow skill to shoot an arrow mixed with mana towards the magician.

The arrow made a perfect arc and fell down like a meteor. The arrow wrapped in mana wasn’t as powerful as a magic attack but it was able to pierce through the shield that soldier raised to protect the magician.

Tyrande wanted to use another normal arrow to shoot the magician but then another guard filled the gap and raised a heavy shield to block Tyrande’s arrow.

The mage was shocked when he saw that the Xiao Yu had a master archer on his side. The mage was most afraid of powerful archers who could shoot them from far away. Moreover, the enemy was able to wrap their arrows with mana and kill a soldier who used a heavy shield.

Nevertheless, the Mage didn’t retreat. He began to chant the spell then fired another fireball towards the orc soldiers.

He believed that there weren’t many master archers on the enemy side. Moreover, he had a magic shield protect himself so mage believed that he was in safety.

But the mage had underestimated Tyrande’s strength.

She didn’t have just Searing Arrow skill but Eagle Eye too.

Tyrande frowned slightly when the first attack was downplayed. She pondered for a moment and took out another arrow.

The shields used by mage’s guards were very strong. So an ordinary arrow couldn’t bypass them. The cooling time for the Searing Arrow skill was 10 seconds and she had to wait for the next attack.

The arrow whistled past and took the life of a guard using the heavy shield. Tyrande didn’t wait for a second as she sent the second arrow.


Another guard brought up a shield to fill the gap. But the arrow was able to get through the gap in time and hit the mage’s arm.


The mage screamed and stopped chanting the spell. He was protected by a mana shield but Tyrande’s arrow was able to penetrate through it.

“Quickly! Withdraw, withdraw!” The mage clutched his arm and ordered the guards to retreat.

The life of a magician was very precious. It was not worth it to die in here. The mage was hired by Carrie’s father so he wasn’t a loyal vassal.

In addition, the mage didn’t expect that the other side would have an archer with such a long range of attack.

Xiao Yu shook his head as he looked the mage retreat back. If he had enough money and merit service points he could have given a better bow to Tyrande.

The magician would be dead if Tyrande had a better bow.

The orc warriors began to overpower the enemy soldiers without the threat of the mage. The reinforcements send by Xiao Yu replaced the original orc warriors. The fifty archers began to shoot from distance and support the orc warriors on the ground.

The tide of the battle changed once more. Carrie’s army began to suffer heavy losses. The city gate had more than 1000 corpses of enemy soldiers scattered around.

By now, Carrie’s army had lost almost 3000 soldiers.


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