WOWFRD – Ch 159

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Chapter 159

A magic sword was worth the value of fifty thousand gold coins. For a magician it wasn’t worth the price but for a warrior it could increase his strength in the battlefield. Xiao Yu looked at the sword. Actually, he had seized a lot of similar magical swords and items from the Eagle camp. Moreover, he had plundered some which were more valuable than this sword. Nevertheless, Lion territory’s situation was much worse in comparison to big principalities because of their long-term accumulation of wealth. The trend was slowly changing and improving so Lion territory was going to flourish.

Xiao Yu looked at the auction with great interest as he sat in the box. He encountered some jewelry and things for girls which he bought as he was going to gift them to Lin Muxue. He had a fiancee now and he had to think about her too.

After about an hour the auctioneer excitedly said: “Today we will be auctioning very precious items. All of you know that ancient era was very prosperous. Countless talented people were born and they left countless treasures. It’s very difficult for us to even imitate those precious armors and weapons today. What is the most important thing for a warrior? Weapons and armor. Today, we are honored to auction three sets of armor suits from the ancient era. Yes! You didn’t hear it wrong! Three completely sets of ancient armor sets!”

The girls chest bulged up and down few times because of excitement: “Battlegear for warriors, Nightslayer set for Assassins and Arcane armor set for Magicians!” An uproar happened in the auction house when the host named three armor sets. Everyone present knew about the importance of such armor sets.

There are many who had collected parts of armor sets as part of their family collection. However, a complete set of armor suit was too rare. Today, three complete sets could be bought. Everyone was excited and waited the auction house to display those armors.

It didn’t take long as all three armor sets were brought one by one to. Xiao Yu sat in the box as he looked the way auctioneer presented the armor sets.

They began to auction the Battlegear for the warriors. Auctioneer gave the reserve price: “500,000 gold coins.” The price of 500,000 gold coins was a lot and there were few who could afford to wear such an expensive armor.

“550,000.” Someone shouted out.



The bids continued to rise and slowed down at 800,000 gold coins.

A person shouted: “900,000 gold coins.”

Many turned to look at the face of the man who made the bid.

“900,000. One, two.” Auctioneer smiled and made the countdown.

“1,000,000 gold coins.” Another man shouted.

Everyone turned back to look at the one to make the bid. It was a burly old man. Some people knew about the identity of the person as they whispered: “He is General Tang Hu.”

“It would be worthy for him to wear this armor.”

People whispered but no one made another bid. The Battlegear was bought by the old general. The auction continued and the nightslayer armor suit was bought by a man wearing a black cloak for 1,000,000 gold coins. The Arcane Armor set was bought for 1,500,000 gold coins by a young man who looked to be from a wealthy family.

At the end, all three armor sets were sold for 3,500,000 gold coins. Xiao Yu was at ease as he didn’t have to worry about gold coins. The auction continued but Xiao Yu didn’t bid. He either didn’t understood what the items were or the items weren’t within his interest.

The Ashbringer was the last item to be auction. It was a copy but it was the item that most waited for. Master Lagos was a great craftsman so even though the weapon wasn’t authentic but it was still a very powerful weapon. Xiao Yu looked at the Ashbringer when it was brought to the podium. It looked domineering and majestic as he had seen in the game. It was the most suitable heavy weapon for his Omnislash skill. The power that could be poured out from the Omnislash could be doubled with the Ashbringer.

“This is the copy of the legendary Ashbringer made by Master Lagos. IT is an imitation but the quality is almost the same as the real weapon. Moreover, there are some additional buffs. I hope potential customers won’t miss this golden opportunity. The reserve price is 2,000,000 gold coins” Auctioneer said.

The fame of this weapon had spread wide and far so many began to bid.



The bids raised as people were interested in getting such a powerful weapon. In this world there were no artillery. However, powerful magic weapons such as this were equal to bazookas and rockets. Ashbringer could easily tear any armor or even breakthrough the gates. So it was worth to pay millions of gold coins for such a weapon.

Xiao Yu didn’t bid at the early stage as he was waiting for the bidders to decrease so that he could go for a kill.

The price tag of the Ashbringer rose to 4,000,000 gold coins after a while. Most of the bidders began to hesitate. 4,000,000 gold coins was an astronomical figure even for a powerful weapon such as Ashbringer. It could be used to nurture few thousand heavy infantry. People began to considers pros and cons before making a bid.

Xiao Yu shouted out at this time: “5,000,000 gold coins.”

Everyone was stunned when he added a million gold coins to the last bid. Who was so rich to spend so much on a weapon? Moreover, the bidder was in a VIP box. The auctioneer began to countdown when she saw the sight.

No one dared to bid after Xiao Yu. First of all, 5,000,000 gold coins was already a limit for a weapon which was comparable to expensive magic equipment. Secondly, everyone saw the banner by the box which showed that the person belonged to Lin family. In Shire city, everyone gave face to Lin family.

Xiao Yu got the weapon of his dreams in such a manner.


Hopefully, I’ll try to translate and publish chap 160 within few hours. But I can’t make any promises. BTW, I’ll be away for 36 hours 😉

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  1. If he can forge such a good quality imitation, why imitate in the first place? It can pass as his own original work, not very craftsman-like, eh?

    1. Also mc apparently got even ‘better’ magic swords from bandits so if this costs 5 million gold why even sell T1 armors while he could just sell his unused magic swords which must cost even more! Also he has like tons of jewelry he could sell and the girls probably have enough to last them a lifetime even if they didn’t wear the same jewelry ever again after wearing it a day but he still talks about buying them more jewelry… Dafuq right?

      1. mate you got it all wrong… 1 magic sword costs 50,000 so he must sell 100 of it to get 5 million with those 100 swords he can arm his soldiers so it isnt worth it, as for jewelry, nobelman cant just sell them whenever they want, they can only do that when they are at brink of bankrupcy,there are two reasons for it first: they have it like reserve and more jewelry nobleman has more prestige he has, and lets not talk about when that nobleman is Duke! duke without jewelry is a plain joke

    2. Why do some artists try to reproduce famous art works? Why do some novelists write fan-fiction?

      Because they feel like it.

      It’s a legendary sword, naturally many people would want to have a replica just for the lols of it, so why shouldn’t he make and sell it? Maybe he worships such a legendary sword and decided to make a replica to try out his skills? Maybe he simply needs money to spend on original works and knows this would sell well? Who knows, the point is it doesn’t actually matter.

      The world is built on top of the ideas of the past, nothing is new under the sun.

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