WOWFRD – ch 158

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Chapter 158

Xiao Yu was given a special box inside to the auction house as soon as he came to the place. Power brought special treatment. There were variety of furnishings to relax and all kinds of foods and drinks to eat and drink. It was like a luxury hotel. Xiao Yu sipped from the red wine as he looked out from the box to the podium. The venue was full of people and in the middle there was a huge table. Xiao Yu suddenly thought that he had a lot of good things so maybe he should exchange them for few gold coins. He wasn’t worried about gold coins but there was never too much money.

“Can I sell anything in here?” Xiao Yu asked the waiter.

Waiter replied: “Of course, What does Grand Duke wants to sell?”

Xiao Yu pondered for a moment: “Battlegear for warriors, Arcane set for mages and Nightslayer set for assassins. Can you sell them?”

Waiter’s listened to Xiao Yu: “Of course. These are the most famous ancient armor sets. They should be valuable.”

Xiao Yu secretly said in his heart: “Of course.”

“Can you sell them today?” Xiao Yu wanted to see how much money t1 armor sets would cost. He was going to get T2 and T3 sets as the heroes leveled up so he wasn’t worried about these anymore.

“I will ask an appraiser to identify the items.” The waiter quickly replied. He knew that the ancient armor sets were way too valuable. They could be part of collection or practical on daily use. These kind of armors or armor sets were the most valuable in the auction houses.

An old man with white beard came to see Xiao Yu not long after: “Duke, may I see the armors?”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Yes.

“Which career these armor sets are meant for?”

Xiao Yu said: “Tell me the ones that would get me the most money. I got all types.”

Old man’s eyebrows jumped up when he heard Xiao Yu, he secretly whispered in his heart: “Did this Duke robbed a dragon?”

Old man smiled: “The most expensive would be the armor sets for magicians. Arcane armor sets are well paid by the mages. They are the most wealthy ones of our customers.”

Xiao Yu nodded. However, he had given a set of Arcane armor to Lin Muxue, Theodore and Mu Han. So he didn’t have much with him.

“I just got one Arcane armor set. In addition, I will add a Battlegear for warriors and nightslayer suit for assassins. How much they could be sold for?”

Xiao Yu moved up his finger and all three sets appeared from the interspatial ring.

It was convenient to use interspatial ring in places like this.

Old man whispered in his heart: “He is talking about fake suits. Why else would he have so much. I got excited for a moment.”

If Xiao Yu had taken one set of armor then he would have thought that it was a real. However, he believed that the armors were fake when Xiao Yu took out a bunch of them. How could he get so many ancient armor? There wasn’t so many even in the whole continent!

However, the next moment old man’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

“It is a real Arcane armor…” Old man wasn’t a mage but he could see distinguish the armor set just by a look.

“Why would I bring it out if it was a fake? How much I can get for these?” Xiao Yu asked.

“This… You can get at least 1,000,000 gold coins for the Arcane armor. It will be the most expensive one.” Old man replied. In this era there were quite many equipment made for mages that were replicas of the ancient armors.

Old man’s hands trembled as he looked at genuine armor sets. Where did this duke got so many ancient armors? Did he really rob a dragon?

“How much for all three?” Xiao Yu tapped his fingers on the table.

Old man replied: “At least 2 million for both. The other two sets would sell a bit lower.”

Xiao Yu nodded: “Can you help me to get them on today’s auction?”

Old man nodded as he held all three armors.

“Unfortunately, I have to spend meritorious value points to buy armor sets. Otherwise, I would be the richest man in this world! Is there any limits for purchasing armor sets?” Xiao Yu asked the system.

The result was that he could buy maximum 50 sets of T1 armor for each base.

“There is always a limit.” Xiao Yu was already accustomed that system would never give him anything just like that. Because chaos a war would break out sooner or later. So he couldn’t sell all the T1 sets. Gold coins were important now but in war it was swords that spoke. He would have a lot of ways to make money in the future so he decided not to sell any more armor sets.

Moreover, Xiao Yu saw that magicians were the most expensive people to cultivate. Their strength was much better than others too. He had asked about amount of money Theodore had spent until he reached sixth rank. The answer was that in terms of gold coins the amount was equal to 2 years of tax for the continent if all the counties, principalities were included. It was an astronomical number.

Lion territory was very rich on surface but there was too much of a difference from a Grand Duchy. Lancaster Principality’s yearly tax income was more than tens of millions of gold coins. It was more than all the assets owned by Xiao Yu. Lancaster Principality spent more money on Magic Academy every year than Lion territory spend on its functions.

Xiao Yu knew that solving out Carrie wouldn’t be a problem. However, it would be hard to occupy Wei Principality in short period of time. Wei Principality had a number of magicians which Carrie’s father didn’t have. Training magicians meant spending money. It was said that Wei principality had few third-rank magicians. They were equal to modern firepower in battles. Xiao Yu had only Antonidas for now. Overall, his strength was too weak for now.

However, he could nurture a group of magicians if he had money. Fortunately, he had a wife who was magician and the little loli was a magus too. Xiao Yu knew that Mu Han and Lin Muxue were both second-rank magicians. They would be able to break through to third-rank within ten years with the guidance of Theodore. A third-rank magician was a terrifying existence in the battlefields.

Xiao Yu was pondering about issue when the auction started.

A beautiful woman came to stand by the huge table and knocked the hammer. Everyone’s attention was attracted: “Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for visiting our auction house. We have few unexpected things that would be auction today. I won’t waste your time anymore. First to be auctioned is a magic sword which is engraved with wind magic arrays. Reserve price is 50,000 gold coins.”

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      1. he isnt talking about heroes! there are many magicians humans have, sorceress,spellbreaker,priest.. and there are some unites which would be one of the best but i guess he doesnt have it for example flying machine,Mortar team and Siege engine. tho i guess he cant summon any of the unites i have said because he doesnt have appropriate buildings built and i dont know if he has Frozen throne like menu if he does then he can summon blood mage.. op stuff, he can summon phoenixes,banish people from plane,Flame strike (op AOE) and drain mana, tho he will have some stuff added cus op heroes are best heroes

        1. None of those are fully ‘offensive’ mages, they’re all support types. Sorceress has slow, polymorph and so on, spellbreaker has some things, and priest is meant to heal.

          And in Warcraft, you needed to upgrade the main base before being able to build some of the other troop buildings. Let’s just call the Barracks Tier 1, the mages and the likes would be Tier 2, whereas the workshop with Mortars, Tanks etc is Tier 3. Gryphons should be Tier 2 I believe.

          Same for heroes, he can only have a limited amount of bases & heroes per level, so every ‘rank’ he goes up, he can get another base / higher tier of existing base and X new heroes (depending on which rank)

  1. Why is he even selling T1 armor while he could sell the shit ton of treasures he got from the bandits? Those treasures are just sitting in his territory…

    1. Agreed, those T1s are precious, especially where there can only be 50 of them. Might as well use it for the grunts that will level up

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