WOWFRD – Ch 157

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Chapter 157

Everyone enjoyed the dinner. Theodore didn’t look like a master and he didn’t act like one either. He seemed like a witty old man who seemed to be a neighborhood grandfather. People praised Theodore for this kind of attitude. However, Theodore didn’t care about their praises. He received them from his left ear and took out from right one. Theodore had heard so many praises during his lifetime that he couldn’t enjoy them anymore. The people who admired Theodore chose their words very carefully as they didn’t dare to disrespect him. At the end of the dinner, Theodore announced that he received Lin Muxue and Mu Han as nominal apprentices. He promised to teach them a few lessons and guide them.

Countless magicians in the dinner envied both of them. It was an honor to be an apprentice of Theodore. However, all of them knew that Theodore never accepted apprentices. Moreover, Theodore clearly said that he accepted them as nominal apprentices because of personal friendship with Xiao Yu and a lot of interspatial rings gifted to him by Xiao Yu. Xiao Yu gave the rest of 50 plus interspatial rings after Theodore announced the news.

“What? Did he gave them all to Theodore?” A middle-aged man shouted as he stood in a dark hall.

“Yes. He knew that he won’t be able to keep so many interspatial rings so he gifted them to Theodore. The Lord of the Lion territory is very treacherous.”

“Theodore… He gave them to Theodore… How am I going to get them back? So many lives were paid to get that treasure…and it was taken away casually.. Shadows… Shadows are worthless.” The middle-aged man couldn’t help but blame Shadows for the inconvenience,

“I’m a step late! Ah! A step! I should have gone to find him earlier if I knew that he was going to give those rings to Theodore.. It’s too late now.” A thin old man was walking back and forth in a dark room as regret was expressed on his face.

He had sent few waves of assassins against Xiao Yu but all of them couldn’t get the treasure back. As a result, they had sent request to the headquarters of the Shadows for a fourth-rank assassin. However, now it was too late as Shadows had little to nothing chance to get back those rings from Theodore.

No one dared to assassinate Theodore. Originally, assassins were the nemesis of magicians. However, if the assassination failed then the wrath of the magician couldn’t be stopped.

There would be at least 4 or 5 life-saving magic items or equipments on Theodore’s body which could resist four or five sixth-rank assassins attacks. Where would they get so many sixth-rank assassins? Moreover, there would be at least ten or so sixth-rank warriors and assassins as a guard by Theodore’s side.

Shadows was in a bind.

They didn’t even want to find Xiao Yu to trouble him as the cloudy weather was above their heads.

Xiao Yu wasn’t aware of the specifics but he guessed what was going on. The mysterious power that commissioned Shadows to transfer the interspatial rings would learn that Shadows had lost the treasure. As a result, Shadows had to take the responsibility and that force wouldn’t be kind to them.

Even if Shadows knew that Xiao Yu had saved few interspatial rings they wouldn’t bother to get them from Xiao Yu. Actually, no one dared to think that Xiao Yu would deceive Theodore and deduct about 400 interspatial rings from the total.

Everyone knew that Theodore’s temperament was bad. Deceiving him was like courting death. However, they didn’t know that after so many years Theodore had changed a bit. Moreover, he cared about Xiao Yu so he wouldn’t act rashly. Nevertheless, Xiao Yu had done a big bargain.

After the dinner, Theodore stayed in Shire city for a few more days. He guided Lin Muxue and Mu Han and visited Magician Academy of the Shire city. Dean of the academy had been guided by Theodore long time ago so they were acquaintances. After these Theodore left away.

No one knew where Theodore went but according to the Dean Master Theodore was doing something major related to the continent. Responsibility came with the great power. Theodore was one of the top figures in the continent so he was obliged to maintain the security of the continent. It was an unwritten rule.

Few high level magician’s moved around and many people guessed that chaos was about to occur.

In comparison, Xiao Yu was living a comfortable life. He had moved to Lin mansion and no member of the Lin family could look at him with contempt. Lin Muxue was accepted as a nominal disciple of Theodore. Who could do that? The Lion territory was in decline but Theodore was equal to a might army. Moreover, Xiao Yu’s words and deeds showed that Lion territory wasn’t in decline. Eight Pegasus horses, orc and elf bodyguards was only used by ancient nobles. If they were in decline then there was no real nobles in this continent!

Nevertheless, Xiao Yu was bored. Theodore guided Lin Muxue and Mu Han so both of them went to digest and cultivate to improve their strength. Xiao Yu was left alone in the Lin mansion. He would stroll out in the city and look for famous craftsmen to get a suitable sword for himself.

Xiao Yu found the most famous blacksmith in the Shire city and explained the weapon he wanted. He even showed Grom’s sword.

The blacksmith replied: “This weapon is very similar in style to legendary Ashbringer. That sword is lost but there are many imitations sold in the continent. I don’t have that good materials to make one but if you want a good copy then you should check the auction house. I heard that Trust Auction House will auction a copy of Ashbringer made by Master Lagos.”

Xiao Yu went to auction house to inquire about the news. It was true that a copy of Ashbringer was going to be sold. This copy of the Ashbringer was build from very rare gold. Wind and light magic arrays were engraved on the sword so that it could kill undead creatures.

In order, to make it look more like the real Ashbringer few more arrays were added so that when the sword slashed it would give a bleeding effect. Xiao Yu decided to participate in the auction two days later to buy the Ashbringer.

Lin Aotian learned that Xiao Yu wanted to buy the sword. He went to auction together with Xiao Yu. In the auction house whether the auctioneers or bidders had to courtesy and respect to Lin family. At the end of the day Lin Aotian was only a step below the Grand Duke of the Lancaster.

Xiao Yu was very excited when they came to auction house. Although he knew that the Ashbringer was a fake but he looked forward to the sword.

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  1. you know maybe you can go and ask uther where ashbringer is ? cause you know .. there is pretty good chance that he knows??? HMM?

    1. The heroes are currently slowly regaining some of their strength, but they don’t have all the memories or knowledge they used to have yet. It’s sort of locked behind mental barriers which’ll unlock when some prerequisite has been met, eg. a certain level etc

      Basically, partial amnesia after a long coma, and it’s slowly becoming undone as they regain their strength.

    2. And even if he had his memories, it is not like Xiao Yu has the time or resources to be going away in an adventure. He has to stay near his territory in case something happens. Plus, how many years has it been since Uther lost it? He can’t be sure the sword will still be where he left it. It would be too risky to leave his territory for something he isn’t even sure is there.

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