WOWFRD – ch 156

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Chapter 156

Every member of Lin family was present to participate in the event. Even the Grand Duke of the Lancaster had come over because of Theodore’s visit. Students of Magician Academy and Knights Academy were crowded outside the Lin family mansion just to peek at Theodore. Sixth-rank magician was a character who stood at the peak of the pyramid in terms of hierarchy so countless people worshipped them in the continent. Especially, young adventurers were excited to see him. At least dozens of brawls happened for people to get a better position to look at Theodore.

Lin Aotian still couldn’t believe that Master Theodore will come to his house as a guest. What kind of glory was this? Even the Grand Duke of Lancaster Pancev couldn’t achieve this. Actually, Pancev had immediately visited the hotel to meet Theodore when he learned that Theodore was in Shire city. However, Theodore declined to meet him. Nevertheless, Pancev didn’t get angry. He only had to wait to meet the master at Lin family house.

Who would dare to stay at home when such a big time magician came over?

Xiao Yu’s luxury carriage parked in front of Lin mansion in the evening. There were fifty grunts and fifty hunters on both sides of the carriage as guards. 100 cavalry men were at the back as honor guards. This was to highlight Master Theodore’s identity and status.

Everyone would recede to sides when they saw such a convoy move.

Xiao Yu was the first to got off the carriage. Leah went out second holding the baby dragon and Antonidas went off after them. Theodore was the last to got off the carriage. The crowd began to shout out when they saw Antonidas: “Master Theodore! Master Theodore!…”

Xiao Yu and others were stunned at this. Actually, Antonidas had white hair and beard. He was wearing an Arcane Armor, typical magician’s robe and held a wand. The people misunderstood his identity. In comparison, Theodore was dressed in common robe so that most of the people thought that he was Xiao Yu’s steward or servant. In addition, Theodore’s face was dark, his hair was messy and his smile was a bit wretched. How could he be the master? Master Theodore was at the peak of sixth-rank so he could easily make his appearance look better.

It was a good welcome ceremony but most hadn’t seen the face of Theodore so a lot of mix up happened.

“Look at Master Theodore! Check the temperament! He is a real master!”

“YES! My life ain’t worthless as I have seen Master Theodore! I will tell stories to my grandchildren about how I saw master Theodore!”

“You can see how great a person master Theodore is just by his looks!”

“Look at the man after him! It has to be master’s servant!”

“He certainly is master’s servant! Or maybe Lion lord’s servant! It is said that the lord of the lion territory is fiancee os Magician Academy’s first beauty!”

“Stop!” Xiao Yu shouted looking at the crowd when he saw the situation.

The people stopped the moment Xiao Yu shouted. They saw Xiao Yu come with Theodore so they believed that he was related to Theodore. However, they got more excited as they looked at Antonidas.

Xiao Yu coughed twice and pointed to the real Theodore: “He is… Master Theodore!”

Everyone stood there in shock as their mouthes were hang open. The whole street turned silent as no one could speak. Actually, they didn’t know what to say.

Even Pancev who was coming over to greet Theodore was stunned. He was glad that he hadn’t acted fast or he would be in an embarrassing situation. Lin Aotian knew that Antonidas wasn’t Theodore as Antonidas had come to visit his home with Xiao Yu before.

“Hey everyone! Thanks for greeting me in such a manner. Thanks for coming down but its time for us to have a meeting.” Theodore laughed and waved at the crowd then slowly went towards the door. Everyone in the crowd began to react after this.

Pancev and Aotian came over to greet Theodore. The others in the crowd began to shout: “Master Theodore! Please don’t go! Give us a chance to glance at you!”

“I knew that he was master Theodore!”

“Look at that man pretending to be master Theodore! A fake!”

Antonidas was the innocent one but everyone began to diss him. Those people had to blame themselves for not seeing mount Tai and tried to blame Antonidas for confusion. Xiao Yu quickly went towards Antonidas to comfort him: “Old man. Don’t mind them. They would be worshipping you if they knew your true identity!”

Actually, Xiao Yu wasn’t lying as if people really knew that Antonidas was resurrected after ten thousand years then they would really would be worshipping him. Antonidas wasn’t just a mage but a god in a sense.

Antonidas stroked his bread: “I don’t mind… It’s just a name…”

An egg smashed over the moment Antonidas finished. Xiao Yu quickly seized the egg on air and threw it back. However, Antonidas’s face had changed. It seemed he wasn’t as open-minded as Antonidas pretended to be. Theodore was talking to Pancev and Lin Aotian but he glanced at Antonidas for a moment.

Xiao Yu had introduced Antonidas to him as a hired magician whose name was Antonidas. Theodore had doubts about this. He had made a prophecy and said that those legendary characters would return but he didn’t know when and in what form. Nevertheless, he couldn’t believe that Antonidas was the real Antonidas as Xiao Yu’s magician was just a peak second-rank magician. How could real Antonidas would be at second-rank?

Did it mean that Antonidas’s strength had dropped after ten thousand years?

Theodore had observed Tyrande and Grom too. There were many orcs and elves in the history who were called Grom and Tyrande because of the originals. So if those 3 legendary characters returned back then how come all of them appeared in Xiao Yu’s territory? Then does it mean that they had to practice from scratch?

Theodore had asked Leah about this matter. However, Leah told him that Xiao Yu had named Grom and Tyrande so that he could control the orcs and elves in his territory.

Everything looked reasonable and unreasonable at the same time. He didn’t know what the truth was. Moreover, he knew that he shouldn’t point out these matters as it would bring disaster to Xiao Yu. He didn’t want to speculate too.

As a result, he deliberately let Leah to follow Xiao Yu. If he was the one then Leah would participate in the events to come.

“Anyway.. I’m too old. Why should I care about such matters? It’s destiny and let the ones who have to worry about it get worried.” Theodore narrowed his eyes as he smiled. He entered the Lin mansion with Pancev and Lin Aotian.

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  1. is egg so easy to get for commoner in that age and world ? and why they bring it in the first place ? ahahahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

  2. I’m a little confused when see(or read) people throw eggs when they angry. Why they bring eggs with them in the first place?

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