WOWFRD – Ch 155

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Chapter 155

“Baby dragon don’t be afraid. There will be pain but you will become a real dragon.” Leah comforted the baby dragon that was shivering in fear. The little dragon looked at the huge magic array with deep fear in its eyes.

Fortunately, Theodore was here or Xiao Yu wouldn’t be able to inject the blood of the dragon heart to baby dragon. The effect of the blood would be much less if Xiao Yu made it drink it. After the magic array was made Theodore asked Leah to put the baby dragon in the center of the array and lock it with chains. He wanted to prevent the baby dragon from tampering.

The baby dragon looked at Leah and Xiao Yu with pitiful eyes after it was locked up. Leah continued to comfort and relax the baby dragon.

“Why are you both so nervous? It won’t kill him.” Theodore asked both Xiao Yu and Leah to leave the array. Afterwards, he began to chant the a spell and waves of light began to pour out from the magic array and wrap up the place. The baby dragon’s body began to be pressured by the mysterious sounds that began to echo from the array.

Theodore took a out a box from the interspatial ring. He threw it over the magic array and the box opened. A heart as big as a human’s head popped out. It was thumping in a rhythm.

“Wow! It’s a real dragon’s heart. It’s even beating even though the dragon died so long ago.” Xiao Yu was shocked. However, he didn’t know that theodore had used special materials to create the box that could save the dragon’s heart for so many years. Otherwise it would have gotten rotten long ago.

The dragon’s heart stood over the baby dragon and began to beat more intense. After a while it began to pump out blood. The magic light pour the blood over the baby dragon in an evenly manner. These blood drops fell onto baby dragon’s skin and inject into its body. The baby dragon seemed to suffer a pain as it cried out. It’s cries got louder as the blood of the real dragon got injected into its body. Moreover, after some time its cries turned into roars of a beast. It was very difficult to imagine a baby dragon with such a small body to be able to issue such strong roars.

The shockwave of roars would even be able to crack a solid wooden table if not for the magic array wrapping the space inside it.

Was this the strength of a dragon?

The baby dragon issued crazy roars as the blood penetrated into its body through its skin. The process continued for more than 10 minutes until the last drop of blood injected into baby dragon’s body. At the same time the heart of the dragon got deflated and looked like an animal fur.

The baby dragon’s body began to get bigger. The chains that locked it cracked. It turned into a big dragon. It’s eyes were deep red as it looked at Xiao Yu.


It seemed as if baby dragon had lost consciousness and sanity. It roared and rushed over at Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was surprised and shocked. If the dragon was able to hit him then he would be dead. However, half the way a light appeared and slammed down the dragon. It’s head hit the ground and it lost consciousness. Xiao Yu relaxed as he looked at Theodore. An archmage like him could easily solve out a problem such as this.

The baby dragon fainted. After some time its body got smaller little by little until it turned into its previous size.

“That’s it. Do you see it? I helped you get a real dragon and you are being stingy about ten interspatial rings.” Theodore said in a proud manner.

“Alright, just give me 800 taboo magic scrolls and I will forget those rings.” Xiao Yu picked up the baby dragon.

“Do you even know what they are? All the magicians in the world would join in a crusade against me if you used one of those! Your puny Lion territory would be destroyed in an instant if you are dumb enough to use a cursed magic!” Theodore scolded Xiao Yu.

“Ok.Ok 500 normal scrolls.” Xiao Yu didn’t know much about magic so he just reduced the number.

“I don’t have 500 magic scrolls.” Theodore got a small bag from his interspatial ring and threw at Xiao Yu: “There are more than 80 magic scrolls here. They are intermediate level scrolls and don’t use them easily. You will know what I mean after you use them.”

“Only eighty?” Xiao Yu said in a dissatisfied tone.

“Give it back.” Theodore reached out to get the bag.

Xiao Yu got the bag into his interspatial ring: “You are a sixth-rank magician! You can make thousands of magic scrolls. How can you call yourself a sixth-rank magician by just giving me 80 scrolls?”

Theodore looked into Xiao Yu’s eyes: “Do you think that I make magic scrolls day and night? When do you think I meditate or enhance my strength?”

Xiao Yu didn’t want to continue on this topic: “Alright, old man. Give me some face. My fiancee’s house wants to invite you as a guest.”

Theodore raised both his hands and showed his fingers: “10 interspatial rings.”

“What the hell? Why are you so focused on money?” Xiao Yu almost jumped up.

Theodore replied: “Nonsense! I don’t visit others when they offer me an interspatial ring.”

Xiao Yu clenched his teeth: “Old man, be careful or else…”

Theodore snorted: “Or else, I will burn down Lion territory.”

“You are ruthless…” Xiao Yu continued: “Five interspatial rings… Plus you will accept my fiancee and my little sister as apprentices.”

Theodore shook his head: “I don’t accept apprentices.. At best I can guide them.”

Xiao Yu sneered: “I don’t want you to take them as apprentices.. Just in name.. I don’t want others try to bully them.”

Theodore nodded: “I can do that. 8 interspatial rings.”

Xiao Yu grunted: “You are using your status as a sixth-rank magician to rob others!”

“How could a magician practice magic if he doesn’t know how to save?” Theodore replied.


This chapter was co-produced by Van Tu

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